Be Like Mom

Be like mom, bump along bump along. On this day along while ago, my momma came into the world, don’t you know. She’s still around, I’m happy to say, today today is her, birth-day.

I think about my life, I think about hers, I think about all, the lessons I’ve learned. She taught me a lot, still teaching me today, so I want to celebrate her, in every little way.

She’s had some challenges throughout her days, a lot like other folks, one quite severe, but it’s taught her quite a lot, how to persevere.

Through it all, my mom has rolled along. Not able to stroll any more all the same, she finds her way, passive so, every day. Seems she’s always willing to smile, though it might take a while, she finds the bright side, the good there is, wants to share it with others, share it with my kids.

So thankful, so thankful for my momma that’s true, so I say in grand voice, Happy Birthday to you!

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