Re/Guest Post: “Self renewal: 10 hard facts 🙌”

This from a fellow blogger on the interwebs, Dr. J was kind enough to allow me to repost and share more good.

Dr. J writes of herself thus,

“I am Dr. Juri Sharma. I am a professionally qualified doctor with masters in health management. I have worked for many years in different sectors relating to health. I have been very passionate to share ever-evolving knowledge and research in the health field.”

Great detail on the realities of the human body –

We all have only one, after all! –

Worth a read, and heeding the particular wisdom at the end – the essence of #goodstuff ~ enjoy, and be well!

Hello everyone 🖖 1. The human body in which each of us lives is made up of around 37 trillion cells, to be precise. And every day, about 1-2 percent…

Self renewal: 10 hard facts 🙌

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