Two older ladies speaking Russian to my left, Sino dialect with a young family to my right, cool breeze drifting through the park, sun setting behind me,

My kids here and there on the playground in front of me,

A couple teen-age boys playing catch with a football off to the side, working on their moves, gentle touch with the ball,

Peaceful Saturday winding down,

This is the environ I want to live in, multi everything, mished and mashed and perfect, life underway,

Let them swing and play and run and jump and climb until it’s too dark to see, the night fully entrenched, another summer day fully exhausted,

This dialect I prefer,

That’s what the situation calls for, summer fully rung out, dripping, done,


Bathroom Yoga

Yoga to start the day, just a little stretching, easing body into life, into the light of the day,

Small, quiet space, away from the others in this quiet house, before the morning shower, easing into the day,

Stretch this way, hold,

Stretch that way, hold,

Easing into the day with a little bathroom yoga.

Old guys do weird things sometimes; at least this old guy does.


Corina Corina

Corina Corina, stricken down in the whole, in full stride of life,

Now Rosary Thursday, Funeral Friday, how can this be, dear friend?

Your bright soul, now laid to rest, laid to rest,

Corina Corina,

Such a joyous human, classy lady, helpful colleague, mother, amazing woman, a shining light, such a strong spirit,

The way you cooked for others, cared for them, the greeting cards you made, the way you laughed and danced and lead and loved, how many times I heard you say with a smile, “This is how we do it…”

So much love, amiga, Corina Corina,

Steadfast in her love of her family, her friends, her faith, God, always giving of herself, always shining, a doer, a positive life force for so many,

May all the grief over her passing be piled up and transformed into love, this she would choose, to celebrate her life and express the love we all had, have for her,

Surely this the preferred path, surely this the way she would want it to be,

Surely she is smiling down on all the love, feeling all the love, surely her love lives on,

Rest In Peace, Corina Corina.

[The following images posted to Corona’s Facebook page; saved here as well to further memorialize her.]

Discomfort? Lean-In

We all end up in uncomfortable situations at least some of the time.

Sometimes it’s absolutely the case that you should work to alleviate the discomfort by removing yourself from the situation( that’s not a bad thing. We feel uncomfortable for a particular reason, it can sometimes be a warning, warning to take care of yourself first.

However, sometimes it’s good to lean in to that discomfort. A couple of over arching examples that come to mind for myself in particular include heavier analytical work, detail/minutia-oriented information, working to problem solve in heavier quantitative situations.

I am not naturally quantitatively inclined. I don’t see patterns very quickly; certainly not looking at numbers, etc. I have tried to improve these skills throughout my life, but it’s still a challenge.

My dad was a mathematician and teacher. He studied mathematics and economics in college. HE could do that work. He tried to help me, in fact he did help me with homework, with understanding equations and theories etc. when I was in school.

All the same, it wasn’t easy then; it isn’t easy for me now either. It doesn’t come naturally.

What I choose to do now with those situations is lean-in; I live with the discomfort, set that feeling aside and focus on the problem, the challenge, the issue that needs attention. At least, at my best I follow this path.

Realize this: with time, that thing that causes discomfort, it might just get easier. After a while – it might be a long while – you don’t have to lean-in quite as much. With time, the discomfort might just subside. With time, you get better.

I recall reading once somewhere that in order to master a skill you have to do it for 10,000 hours…that’s quite a while. Something like five work years (in the US labor market, anyway).

Yes indeed it might take some time to get better, but it’s worth it.


A Dozen Things

A dozen things come swirling from my head as I stumble out of dreamy bliss.

The comfort of darkness and warmth gives way to pressing demands at work. Small hours, all hours, pressing, pushing, like a river to the sea, always flowing, non-stop.

In the middle my kids, our lives together, don’t let the strains and pains of work spill in too much, but it does, it must, just a little, always tempered, lest I lose my temper, lean-in to patience and love,

From the top to the bottom all it can be is the best it can be, best intentions to make it right, now at once it should all be done, but can’t,

One thing at a time, all we can ever do, regardless of how many pressing, pulling things there are,

A dozen or a thousand dozen, one thing at a time, this declaration of truth,

Keep coming, striving, driving forward, never straight, but forward, with a dozen things to do, then a dozen more, non-stop.


So reliant on updates, new info, data, to fix the bugs.

Smart phone, laptop, the server network,

But also to provide new insight, understanding, functionality, efficiency,

Or so we say. Must trust. Gotta believe. Hope it’s true.

I need an update…

Refresh my firmware, my human BIOS,

How are you?

Easy Does It

Took some time off recently. Had some extended time with the kids, including a road trip for a few days.

Soul Time. Or so I thought. Mostly. I found myself challenged to unplug my head from “work mode”; I found myself still short, snippy with the kids at times; I found myself pushing the pace like I try to do at work, and during most week days.

How much can I get done? What else can I squeeze in? What unforeseen problems am I not considering?

Then it hit me: EASY DOES IT. What’s the purpose of time off from work, but rest and reset with those you love most…including yourself.

I hope that hits me a lot more often. I need that reminder. You only get one crack at life ~ easy does it ~ and make it GOOD.

Snippets from Friday Night

Snippets, bits of good,

Got the truck back (another story),

Home-made chicken tacos,

Home-made margaritas,

Tidied a couple rooms,

Plotted the plan for Saturday including,

A little pb work (pb = my employer),

Some party prep for Sunday (another story),

Planning for rice crispy treats,

Listening to a random collection of musical goodness,

Then nighty night,

Call if,


Ketchup & Mustard

A series of forgotten things on the recent road-trip adventure. Easy remedies just through town to the local market.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, like forgetting things on vacation. If you can solve the situ so, if not, no sweat.

Found out items, with bonus watermelon as well, and to the cashier we went.

“Where’re you all from?” the cashier asked. We were all wearing masks. With a reply “Bay Area”, she said, “Thought so.”

“Yea, not a lot of masks around here”, I comment.

“We don’t have cooties around here”, she says.


No sweat. We got the ketchup & mustard in any event.