Our Family Just Now

Yes indeed, the picture and read explain things about our family pretty well.

Props to my lovely wife for the piece. She’s a good one. She’s a fine writer, too. [Biased noted on both counts.]




Deep Day Tuesday

Sick Bay Log, 20171219

One of the kids has been sick for a few days. She soldiered through school last week, had a better weekend, then hit the wall yesterday.

So I planned to stay home with her today. Then our son with sniffly nose went over the edge overnight, so he stayed home too. 

It was a whiny, runny nose, tissue-heavy, screen-filled day thru Noon. Naps ensued around one this afternoon.  

I’ve gotten a little Lions work done (for the service club I belong to). Read more news than usual. Ate kid leftovers for breakfast. 

Several pots of tea later, it’s mid-afternoon, naps continue for the moment, and the afternoon sun is slowly falling, making the living room darker, the Christmas lights on the tree and mantle brighter. 

The Count of Monte Cristo calls, so I must go. A little pleasure reading on a day deep in the blah of kids home with illness.



What is a gunslinger?

The dictionary offers this simple definition:

Noun: gunslinger (plural gunslingers)

In the Old West: a person who carried a gun and was an expert at the quick draw.

In modern usage: a person who behaves with the bravado expected of someone who would duel with guns.

We’re getting toward the end of the calendar year at work, and that means fscal year-end too at my company.

There’s a guy who I saw this morning that hasn’t been around for a while — it was said he’d retired.

But apparently now he’s back on a contract basis to help our finance team close the books on 2017.

He’s a great guy. Friendly, no BS, smart. We worked together for about a year before he left. I never saw him with
anything other than a smart phone.

He knows what he’s doing. He asks good questions. He separates the wheat from the chaff with deadly practical
efficiency. He executes according to plan. That’s it. Like I said, no BS.

When I saw him this morning I thought, “The [fiscal] gunslinger is back.”



Way Station

There are countless things you could be doing at any particular time. On this particular Sunday afternoon some of the options include might include watching football — from the couch or the stands — doing laundry, paying bills, taking a nap, chatting with neighbors, or visiting the park. 

On this side? 

We opted for a park run after an earlier arts session with mom at home. Quite a variety of activities followed as the breeze swayed the branche and the sun moved down on the horizon.  Some swing, some sliding, lots of imagination. 

My take away? After an up and down week that stretched into today, I needed some perspective to balance out. This particular way station did the trick. 



Gotta have it. Makes the world go around a bit more smoothly.

Want another cookie? Restraint.

Want another glass of wine? Restraint.

Want to snap back at a hurtful comment? Restraint.

Drive on the carpool lane as a single driver? Restraint.

Blow off the meeting? Restraint.

Watch another hour of screen? Restraint.

Fall into temptation? Restraint.

The result?



It was quite a morning. It was kind of a brawl.

Was ready to go on the usual schedule for a work-day. Then the kids started waking up. Things went a little sideways from there.

There was a little nurture for number one kid, who was feeling sick, to build her up for the school day.

Then it was a ninja wrestle with the three year old to get her in the car seat.

And finally, I had to negotiate with the third kid to get him out of the house when it was time to go.

What was the result? I felt like I’d been through a bit of a brawl. Like a street fight. Before eight o’clock in the morning.


Another great lesson from parenthood. Be ready. More like a series of lessons. Lots to learn, everyday. All GOOD.

Stutter Step

Sometimes the right thing to do is change it up. External forces might require it. Or you find yourself in a bit of a rut, might need to find your way out of a funk.

The stutter step means you  apply a  momentary pause to your forward progress, adjust, and go forward again towards your objective. I’m in that boat currently.

The halffullallgood blog has stalled out of late. Work, home life, and periphery demands have pushed daily post to the side.

I mean to change that with this evening post prior to kids’ bathtime.

[Pause to clean tub.]

For rest of the month/year, here’s the Plan of Record (as we say at work): micro-blog. From the mobile phone, if necessary.
Believe I’ve been here before actually with this blog. Very consistent string, some good content, then…BOOM. Stop. 

I’m back at it now. 

The take away for everyone else? Find a way to keep going forward. This post started in front of a pizza line last week. It’s finishing  in front of the bath tub. Halffull. All GOOD.