Moon High

Moon high in the early evening, bright against pale blue, darkening sky.

A little high myself after a soulful weekend, not all good but good enough, battling the ups and downs and uncertainties, chin up in the end.

Hopes high for a good week ahead, get a good start, get on the list early, get early momentum and keep it up.

Moon High.

Call Signs

Got a surprising invite from my brother, to see the new movie, Top Gun: Maverick. I don’t to the movies too often; even more rare with my bro.

I jumped at the chance. It was a fun film, amazing movie-making really, given it’s about fighter jets. They got the emotion correct as well, I think.

As a bonus I jotted down the call signs of the pilots. Good fun too, enjoy~

Top Gun: Maverick













Bird Song

One of my favorite things,

Early morning, the sun coming up,

Light maybe just over the horizon,

Birds in my neighborhood, in full song,

Greeting one another, greeting the day,

Light through the window, through green branches just outside,

I’m a little outside my own mind, self,

Seeking the rhythm of the day.


Sing Song

I love music, and I L O V E this song. It’s one of my favorites, over the few decades since I first heard it.

I learned the words long ago, and sing along pretty much whenever I listen to the tune.

“A Pirate Looks At Forty” by Jimmy Buffett. It’s a great one. Many other musicians have covered it, including Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews. I’m no musician really, but I cover it too.

So several years back when I was inspired to sing my kids a lullaby well…after singing a couple of the “standards”, I switched to this time-tested fave.

My kids call the song by the first line, “Mother Ocean”. I don’t sing the whole song to them – there’s a little more adult content toward the end – but sing away otherwise I still do for them.

That’s the message I’d like to convey: don’t be afraid to sing along, or even lead the way. It feels good to sing.

You’ll be glad you did.


Promo, don’t you know,

Not the commercial kind, oh no!

Rather the advancement, getting promoted forward, skyward,

No in work, but school,

Grade 5 to be exact,

Our oldest, our leader,

Older than her 11 years,

On to middle school,

Our two-house family come together to celebrate and support and fill her with love,

Filled with joy,

Shine on kid, Shine On!

Week-end Struggle

Weird to think, struggle on the weekend,

Fun and games and care-free ways give way to toil and trouble, bubble bubble,

As Sunday night settles in, angst and worry, aches and pains, imagined, real, pour in through the cracks and splits,

Lava creeping, melting, molding all to worry, can’t control, overwhelmed, just what we don’t want as Weekend recedes,

But is what is, we feel what we feel, and that’s all we can respond to, adjust to, you , me,

Us all, same boat, let’s row together as best we can, into the night, week, day ahead, look forward, rest,

The dawn will come soon enough, soon enough.

Promise of the Day

Thus the day begins, gentle light pours through the drapes, still drawn,

Dreams faded, now mind slowly spools up, easy, Weekend Mode. Things to do, easy does it, ease in, through, catch the theme?

Be gentle with words, actions,

The plans today, what to say, make the most, each step, a little pep, fun most high,

Priority, keep negative, limiting thoughts in then minority,

Let the tank fill, full to the brim,

With GOOD,

The promise of the day.