A Couple Readings, One Message: Satisfaction and Strength in the Work Alone

A Couple Readings, One Message: Satisfaction and Strength in the Work Alone

Taking particular strength and guidance from the passages from each of these readings. Pretty simple, but not easy.

Do the work, and be satisfied with that alone; don’t expect accolades or reward. Also, embrace the ordinary; make the most of the moment, be present and focus on now.

Realize that you have the strength and spirit within you to carry forward, and try and work and do. And believe in yourself, and know your own power and love too, and be fortified therein.

Luke 17:: 10 “So with you: when you have done all you have been told to do, say, “We are useless servants: we have done no more than our duty.” “

2nd Tim 1:: 7 “God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but the Spirit of power and love and self-control.”

Be inspired by your ordinary. Be fortified and go forward.


Good Peeps

There are many people we meet throughout our life. Some we’ll be friendly with. A few will become good friends. Life-long even, if we’re lucky.

And there are those folks we see seldom, they live too far away, or are living busy lives like many (all?) of us are. Consumed by the day-to-day, week-to-week responsibilities and interests and fast-paced world, it’s difficult to make “extra” time for others outside our immediate sphere.

But then we get lucky. We find a sliver, a segment of time that’s FREE!, and the starts align, and the other person can do the same. And then maybe magic happens. We’re able to reconnect easily with another because of common values and maybe experiences and certainly mutual affection and appreciation, we slide ride back into easy convo even if it’s been a long while since you last saw one another.

My family had the good fortune to reconnect with another family recently. They live in So. Cal.; we live in Nor. Cal. We hadn’t seen each other in a while. Didn’t matter. Our families are pretty much the same format: three kids, each fam; two girls each, one boy each; fun-loving and pretty easy-going and soul-full and intent on living the best family life we can. We adults catch up and swap stories; the kids get along ok, and play and live another day, like kids most often seem to do if given the chance.

And that sort of connection, that validation of relationship and history and commonality and appreciation? There’s really not much else in the world like it, I suggest. That sort of experience makes us happy and thankful and feeling lucky, at least it should. Because that sort of experience is special; being connected to other people is special.

One might argue that we humans are of course, social animals, so these connections are not unique, special, sacred. But I would say instead, these connections with others are what make our life experience worthwhile, adding depth and dimension and texture that makes us whole.

Pretty thankful for good peeps.

Trick of the Light

I love this picture taken from when I was in the kitchen making dinner last week. Taco meat in the pan; cold brew on the counter; sunlight streaming through, washing over scene. NICE.

Finding little things to be joyful about, “magic in the mundane,” is a common theme for me.

We do the everyday stuff….everyday. 🙂 Might as we’ll do ourselves a favor and find the good. Better yet, make it GOOD.

Lyrics Post: “The Sharing Song”

Pure Joy, Pure Life Lesson, Pure GOOD. That about sums this one up, good for kids, adults, pretty much everyone on the planet. Any planet. Enjoy. : – )

“The Sharing Song”
By Jack Johnson

It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
If you have two, give one to your friend
If you have three, give one to your friend and me
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
If you have one, here is something you can learn
You can still share, just by taking turns
If you got a ball, bounce it to the gang
If there is a new kid, invite him out to hang
If you got one sandwich
Cut that thing in half
You if you know a secret joke, tell it and share a laugh
If you got one drumstick
Give one to your friend
Make one beautiful rhythm
Share a beat that never ends
And if your feeling lonely, share time with your mom
Share some milk and cookies and sing the sharing song
Everybody now
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
It’s always more fun
To share with everyone
Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Zachary Dylan Gill / Adam Topol
The Sharing Song lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing, Reach Music Publishing

So Thankful

Attitude of Gratitude, recommended every day. I’m here to say, in every way, that the mantra is true, come what may,

“Happy wife, happy life…”

And let it swiftly follow, this isn’t a shallow pitch for placating, but rather simple recognition that when you live with someone who’s happy with their life, it’s got a fundamental positive effect on your own life.

So I say like I do most every morning in walking prayer, I’m grateful for my wife, who is my love and friend, my partner and our family leader. For countless reasons I might name, as any spouse should feel, should think,

But a few are…

Motivation and planning for a family trip we have coming up, for her preparation and research and thoughtful considerations, all that will have a positive effect on our experience as a family, and especially for our kids.

For being an amazing professional, her chosen profession as a teacher, what she is in the classroom, for her colleagues, and massively, for the know-how she brings to helping our own children learn.

For her commitment to herself, her physical well-being, to our marriage, to her friends, for all these things I admire and respect her. She’s just the sort of person I want to me around — most of the time. : – )

We have our ups and downs like any couple that’s been together for a while. Certainly if you add kids into the equation, being parenting partners in addition a married duo otherwise, there is always challenges and learning and changes and if you’re willing to work hard, it all amounts to more and stronger and life-long love.

And it’s love that I’m committed to, this woman that I love and learn from and enjoy and realize my life would not be full, would not be complete, without her in it. Our marriage is a blessing, our family is a blessing, and being able to go on adventures together is a blessing.

I thank my lucky stars everyday for all that is this life I live.


One Month Done

One month done and I am in the groove, proved to myself that I can keep up the moves, going forward , going forward I got nothing to lose.

Up ahead in front, in front of the curve, unsure? Maybe,

but I’ve certainly learned, how to put it on the page, throw it down and move on, next day, one day, at a time.

The thing is it feels good, and it’s good to know, that the vibe is alive each day and that I,

I’m not holding it in, no longer stalled out, ‘cause even when it’s slow I push it on, get it out,

share what’s there, share the good, spread the good and the joy,

If I’m doing that, I’m in the groove to be sure, “Yes, sir,” got it, give it, GOOD.

The above celebration piece, purely fun to scribble down and rejoice finishing up one month of a post everyday, fun indeed, and here to stay.

Month End, Quarter End, GOOD!

My day gig?  I work in Supply Chain for a publicly-traded company.

That means a lot of things, on a lot of different levels.

One thing for sure is true: we get busy at month-end, and quarter-end.

We’re not alone. Our friends on the Accounting Side see their game ramp-up at the same time. And our Sales Comrades? They’re hustling to close up any last tid-bits of business, (or big mamba-jamba deals!) that will help the month and quarter numbers.

It actually started ramping up pace and activities last week, but since today is the last day of the month, and a business day, maybe there’s just a little more…excitement. Or maybe it’s just me. But I don’t think so.

So if you find yourself feeling the pace and variety of this particular Monday are a little much, well…you’re not alone.

And that’s the main message. Come to think of it, that’s a fundamental theme of this blog:


So what?

SO LET’S GO! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.