Blog Like A Tweet/P.S.A: Get Vaxxed

Gotta say, so proud of these three, my kids. Not the youngest on the list: they’re 10, 9, 7. But so SO proud.

Rallied up for the Covid Vax, seemed to understand the importance, important to build immunity, important to stay safe.

Rallied up, got the jab, crying kids around us, but not these three; thou’ a little anxious, scared maybe, rallied up all the same,

So proud so proud~



Democracy, Low and Slow: Working The Polling Center

Duties as assigned. I’m a Floater. Story of my life.

Like a rover in the secondary of a football defense. Ready to help keep things together, and get the vote in, safe and secure.

Monitor the kids collecting the voting station binders and ballot bags, keep the binders organized.

We’ll see how it goes.

What are we getting?

*Sealed blue ballot bags

*Vote Center Binders

*The Key(s) In The Pouch In The Binder.

That’s how democracy is delivered. Low and slow.

Tasty Weekend Treat

A little more time on the weekend,

A little more time to make something tasty,

A little more time to give a little more thought, a little more consideration of what’s possible,

Give yourself a little time to pause,

a little time to create,

A little to enjoy,

An example? Give yourself permission to do something good, make something good,

This this this…

Let’s RUSH

Friday night wander,

Long week, long day,

Home after dark, no kids,

Late supper, couple drinks,

YouTube wander, find,


Neil Peart playing a Buddy Rich Tribute,

Daveed Diggs

The Roots

Dave Chappelle,

Wander along, wander I did, needed to, unpack, flush out,

A little tired, though not enough to immediately crash,

A little lonely, though not enough for reckless abandon, selfish anything, no no,


Let’s RUSH.

Neil Peart
The Roots

Yea. Turn it all down, slow it up, let’s RUSH, anything but rush through this decompress,

Go ahead, give yourself the time,


A Rosary In Flight

Sat next to a lady on a flight recently. It was a cloudy, cool morning. Seemed like it was cloudy in this lady’s world as well. She crossed herself several times as she quietly prayed to herself (so it seemed).

The risks of air travel crossed my mind briefly, and swiftly departed. I’ve been flying all my life; I don’t have any fear of traveling in that manner. Certainly seemed the lady next to me felt quite a bit different.

But you know, she was still taking the flight; so that was something. She was seemingly traveling with the lady sitting next to her.

I hope her nerves calmed as the engines spooled up; I hope her prayers and the rosary she clutched gave her some sense of security. I hope she was at peace.

Lyrics Post: “Running to Stand Still”

Pulled this one down again; an oft-repeated theme for this guy become a single parent almost a year back now. I’m sure my kids mom feels the same. All single parents do; even if you’re in ahold co-patenting 50/50 gig like we are.

Damn! Just keep up, it’s rough sometimes…or at least, it’s about all I can do.

Oh, and the song? An early one by U2.

“Running To Stand Still”

And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was
Lying still
Said I gotta do something 
About where we’re going

Step on a steam train
Step out of the driving rain, maybe
Run from the darkness in the night
Singing ha, ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la de day

Sweet the sin
Bitter taste in my mouth
I see seven towers
But I only see one way out

You got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice

You know I took the poison
From the poison stream
Then I floated out of here
Singing…ha la la la de day
Ha la la la de day
Ha la la de day

She runs through the streets
With her eyes painted red
Under black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway she brings me
White gold and pearls stolen from the sea
She is raging
She is raging
And the storm blows up in her eyes
She will…

Suffer the needle chill
She’s running to stand…


Writers: Hewson, Clayton, Evans, Mullen

Forever Reluctant

Why oh why, always reluctant,

I seem to be, most often reluctant,

To end the time, the pause, the respite, preferring,

The break in the routine, the schedule, the day to day,

Reluctant to end the weekend, the vacation, the rest,

Not sure why, not sure why.

I’ve been this way since I was a child, still the same, much the same today,

Why oh why?

Bottom line, fine to consider the why, more important to push through and do.

Reluctant or not, if it needs to be done,