What’s #Worthit?

Anything that I come across that seems to be worth paying attention to.  A person or a group or a cause or a project that creates more GOOD in the world.  ‘Cause that’s worth it for sure.

11 October is “International Girl Child Day”, or “International Girls Day” and it highlights the need for gender equality and opportunity to begin at birth.  For this day, read more here.

He for She.  @HeForShe.  #HeForShe. A fundamental sea change in attitude about gender equality. One great resource, here.

One of the primary ways of perpetuating good in the world is being inspired by others. Humaneity does just that.

Found this guy via Twitter a while back.  GREAT example of the next (now!) gen of young professionals delivering lightning tech/creative good near and far.  Love his knowledge and energy.  Must be because he’s Irish.  🙂   Check him out:  Joey Tawadrous

A new way of thinking and fighting extreme poverty in the world? This organization is the leader:  Nuru

International Women’s Day.  #PledgeforParity ~ Start HERE.

Some of the best sites on the web I’ve found for dads:

Encouraging Dads 

The National Fatherhood Initiative

Interested in simplifying your life and bringing it all down to what matters most?  These guys can help: The Minimalists

Want to wander the world virtually?  Good place to start found here:  Out of Eden Walk and Paul Salopek‘s journey.

One of the most insightful business and forward-thinking guys out there today:  Fred Wilson

Triple Threat for GOOD via Jocko Willink.  Twitter?  Here ; Company?  Echelon Front ; Podcast? Must Listen.

Need some assistance helping your elderly parents or other family members?  These folks are a great resource:  Care Patrol

Cool science? Biomedicals, Agriculture, and Microbial studies? Genomics? “Long reads”?  Here.