Lyrics Post: “Zoo Station”, U2

“Zoo Station” —

— this song broke the ice and set the tone for what was to come, in my humble opinion, when U2 released their album, “Achtung Baby”, following the world changing sounds from “Joshua Tree” and “Rattle & Hum”.

The lyric, and sound, the vibe Zoo Station delivered, especially as the opening track, lit the fuse, and showed us what was coming from U2, what they were capable of.

“I’m ready

I’m ready for the laughing gas

I’m ready

I’m ready for what’s next

I’m ready to duck

I’m ready to dive

I’m ready to say

I’m glad to be alive

I’m ready

I’m ready for the push

The cool of the night

The warmth of the breeze

I’ll be crawling ’round

On my hands and knees

Just down the line…Zoo Station

Gotta make it on time…Zoo Station

I’m ready

I’m ready for the gridlock

I’m ready…to take it to the street

I’m ready for the shuffle

Ready for the deal

Ready to let go of the steering wheel

I’m ready

Ready for the crush

(She’s just down the line)…Zoo Station

(Got to make it on time)…Zoo Station

Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, It’s alright

Hey baby, hey baby, hey baby, hey baby

It’s alright, it’s alright

(Alright, you can turn it up)

Time is a train

Makes the future the past

Leaves you standing in the station

Your face pressed up against the glass

I’m just down the line from your love…(Zoo Station)

You know I’m under the sign…(Zoo Station)

I’ve gotta make it on time

Make it on time…(Zoo Station)

That’s alright…(Zoo Station)

Just two stops down the line…(Zoo Station)

Just a stop down the line…”

Writer(s): Clayton Adam, Evans David, Hewson Paul David, Mullen Laurence

A Personal Reflection

A colleague and friend reflects on May 4th, 5th…

“After the substantial grip that Star-Wars took on this particular date, I wanted to share with you some personal reflections on May 4th, as long as I can remember.

So many lives lost about hate and the ultimate gift so many gave to free Europe from Hate-Nazi’s.

…….May 4th…………, in The Netherlands we remember all those who died during WW II. the day before liberation day ( May 5th, when we go all out to celebrate) , we ALL stop, stand still, reflect on the horrors of warfare, we remember families ripped apart, and we also honor and deeply experience the weight of all those who gave their life for our, (another and unknown human’s freedom.

So many young men and women, from our own and many more from foreign countries sacrificed, gave their lives to give us the freedom from the Nazi’s.

The Netherlands, the whole country is silent, a single bell sounds on the Waaldorpervlakte, in their honor, to not forget how much it took and the costs, to live in freedom and how easy and simple-minded hate is.

I translated a poem, and i’m not a poet, nor official translator, but it resonates deeply in me and shows how after 20 years away form my home town and culture, I still  carry the weight of the lives lost for our freedom, to fight evil and hate.

Poem, author unknown to me.

—Unknown Soldier—

Sent out, not knowing where to be gone,

You fought for our freedom

now here is your name in stone.

As you gave your life here on these the battle-ground for me, for us, for the Netherlands of inexpressible value…..unbound.

Your grave here in our Dutch soils and sands Your last resting place in this world unfamiliar soil on this earth You didn’t ask but you gave it all, the ultimate sacrifice.

Against our freedom was your life

For us the light, that brought you the cold night of death unkind No word will ever be enough For all that you left behind Your loved ones lost you much too soon So that we could live in peace On this day, May 4th, we all pay tribute and remember you in silence……..

honoring your life went by so swift

Your life given, we salute and honor your ultimate gift.”


Thanks to Johan S. for the reflection.

What They See

Kids walking by the home office. Often early morning, but could be any time.

My back to the door, stand-up desk, tapping away in the laptop; likely Excel or SAP, or toggling between both.

What do they see?

Do they know the efforts, the issues, the desire to do right by the business, solve the problems, get better?

Squeezing in parenting around business, or business around parenting? Is it the balance or the blend, work and the rest of your life?

What do they think?

BBQ Respite

Doesn’t take much to find a little respite. Old BBQ fired up, coals burning hot, does the trick.

Chicken Thighs and Broccoli on the grill tonight.

Day on the wane, weekend eve, late start to dinner, no problem at all. Evening breeze, kids in the yard, sun sinking low, all good.

Thankful for the weekend. Thankful for the food to cook. Thankful for the backyard. Thankful for the ancient BBQ.


“I’m Scared”

I think I must have had these same feelings as a kid; it’s certainly a phrase we hear pretty often in our house: “I’m scared.”

It’s a catch-all phrase that the kids use when they don’t want to do something, their anxious about it, or they are in fact, scared.

The main strategy to combat the dislike, and especially the fear? Use that ol’ Thought Box I wrote on not too long ago.

Push all the bad thoughts out of the box, that one in your mind’s eye, and only let settle the good thoughts.

I think this is especially effective when you’re trying to go to sleep. Maybe is a good strategy for any apprehensive situation:

Push the bag thoughts out of your mind, push through to the other side.

It’s ok to be scared, but don’t let that apprehension or fear stop you from doing what you need to do, what you want to do.

“I’m scared.”

“Ok. But do it anyway.”