To Ignatius…May your example inflame our hearts…AMEN ~

31 July is the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus. It's members are known as Jesuits. They've been around for nearly 500 years.

Their approach and insights to our relationship with God and spirituality are powerful. In honor of Ignatius, the Jesuits, and their work in the world furthering GOOD, this week will feature some of their prayers and thought.

This one's on my wall at work.

It’s everybody’s business…

At the end of the day, it's everybody's business how the company or organization folks work for, work on, work with, is doing.

Often, especially in larger organizations, work is compartmentalized, departmentalized, specialized. That's understandable. That's fine. There's expertise to capitalize on and efficiency to be gained with this structure, this strategy.

But just because you have a specialty, doesn't mean you shouldn't care or even have some say beyond your desk or door. I'd suggest it's healthy for an organization to foster an environ that affords some opportunity to share perspective outside any given area of focus.

In fact, it's a very good idea to think about the bigger picture in your work.

You never know. Some good questions often result from some fresh thinking. And if nothing else, opening up the discussion often creates new energy and excitement that might have otherwise stalled out.

It's everyone's business to make things better.


Take some time for yourself to disconnect. From the lines, the cords, the power, the commitments.

Focus on where you are alone. Reacquaint with yourself. Who you are deep down, who you want to be.

Allow that to sink in. Deeply. Without all the inputs. Who you truly are. Do it regularly.



This was the view I had recently. It was a 30-Hour Retreat. We got up early, almost like a work day to get there.

It's good to do for mind, body, and soul. Regularly. For your own well-being, and for others.

When you allow yourself to chill, it means taking pause, a bit of emotional and spiritual detente, giving your engine time to spool down from breakneck speed.

Chill. Out. GOOD.


There are a few applications of this great word.   Merge.

What's the proper definition? According to the dictionary, it basically means "to cause to combine or coalesce; unite." There are several applications of the word, but they all mean basically the same thing.  Two or more things become one thing.  Or at least they come closer together, in harmony.  They blend together.

The thought came to mind when in a very practical way when I was commuting the other morning.  I was turning onto an expressway, transitioning to "merge", and the car in front of me was stopped, waiting for the traffic in the far right lane to open up.

Classic Situ:  I would roll slowly on the far right side, find a reasonable gap, maintain some speed, keep the flow going, MERGE.  The key word is "reasonable."  What's reasonable to me wasn't reasonable to the driver in front of me.  It seemed reasonable to that person to stop and wait.

I was frustrated a bit, but also was reminded of an important lesson regarding merging. Whether in traffic, or at work, or with my wife, or my kids, we need to constantly be mindful of the effort to "merge":  priorities, the mission, household chores and other tasks, what to do for fun, how to get things done, screen-time, bed-time.

We need to be open to those we live and work with to get along and cooperate.  That's the essence of being the social animals we are, the essence of being human.

Learn to merge — more patience, life lessons, harmony, and happiness await.

Half Full, Happy Anniversary, All GOOD.

I started this blog three years ago this month, July. At the time I was looking for a way to share some thoughts, some insights, and further the good in the world.

Not sure how much good I’ve done, but I’ve definitely shared a lot of thoughts. Gotten some positive feedback along the way, which is good for me if nothing else. And I’ve certainly learned a lot.

I plan to continue blogging, sharing, pursuing the GOOD in this manner. I’ve also got another avenues coming down the pike later this yesr.

I’ll have an e-book up in the fall, before the holidays. It will be a sort of coffee table book, a short volume, about being a new dad. It will bring a little humor, and hopefully inspiration, to fathers. 

 I’m also designing a short podcast I’ll produce and share periodically.  Same goal: share a little insight, further the good in the world.

So whether you’re new to this blog,  or have been along these last three years, thanks for reading. Please share it with others. On we go toward the GOOD.


News of Chester Bennington’s suicide has me slowly shaking my head in frustration. The Linkin Park frontman left the world far too early, taking his own life at age 41. 

“Another one gone”, I can only think.

His passing marks the latest of several public faces that have meant so much to so many through their lives and art. And then each decided to end end it, check out, commit suicide.

Ronnie Montrose. Robin Williams. Chris Cornell. And now Chester Bennington. 

So very sad, for sure. But SO frustrating, too.  

These posts from twitter give some sense of the tragedy of suicide. In this case they’re about Bennington (mostly), but the themes of darkness and pain and resulting loss are universal.

Famous or not, EVERY life matters. 

No one should give up on hope, no one should give up on life.  

No matter how dark it is, there is light out there for you.  

Say No to the pain, don’t let it have the last word. Don’t let the anxiety and depression win.  

Stay in the fight.  Accept, and transcend, and KEEP GOING.

Finally, put this number in your phone. I just did. 

You never know when you might change someone’s life, by saving it.