Every Day Start This Way: Gratitude

Every day start this way:

What are you thankful for?

List it all. ALL of it. Rattle it off in your mind, or make a quick list on scratch paper if you prefer.

What might you be thankful for?


Like shoes on your feet,

Clothes on your back,

Food to eat, quality and quantity and variety,

A roof over your head,

People in your life that love you, that you love,

Your history and your path, however grand or humble.

That warm blanket, that news app, the cool car or bicycle you have, the rocking chair in the corner next to the window…

We all have things to be thankful for. Count them. Every day. And fill yourself with GRATITUDE.

Feed The People

It’s Thanksgiving time here in the US, time to feed the people again. Perhaps the most American of holidays, at least we try to make it that way. Everyone has things to be thankful for, everyone should have the opportunity to feast a little for the holiday.Everyone has things to be thankful for, everyone should have the opportunity to feast a little for the holiday.

Food drives to provide Thanksgiving meals, these happen all over the country. Generous people helping others, it’s one of the most heartwarming, and hands-on way to connect with others, if only through a little charity.

And so right here at home, here’s how it goes, Thanksgiving food boxes for 150 families. Via the Cupertino DeAnza Lions Club. GOOD.

Local donation location this year, COVID-Friendly, rather than store front
Garage Become Sort Center
Delivery Rig

“Man of the Cloth…

…without the cloth. “ This idea, this image, from the sci-fi film “Contact”, Matthew McConaughey’s character explains himself this way…

…and it resonated with me then, and it resonates with me now.

Most of my life I’ve felt a sense of personal relationship with God, the Devine, somehow, someway. But I’m no priest, no minister, no mystic…I’m just a guy. I’m just a guy going though life. I’m a dad trying to do right by my kids.

I’m just a guy trying to do right I’m the world, with those around me. I’m just a guy feeling God is right here with us, right now.

I read scripture and sometimes it just resonates, it seems to transcend the hundreds, maybe thousands of years since it was written. Like this, “… and he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.”

I don’t need a special cloth to understand some of it, maybe a lot of it. Let it speak to you. You might be the same.

A Blessing

Writing is a blessing.

This blog is a blessing. It’s a channel to the world, to all of you, and I couldn’t be more grateful:

For the voice;

For the opportunity;

For the feedback;

For the community.

1,000 posts earlier this week. Fitting it would be with the title “Why Worry.”

Writing is a primary tool for coping, at least for me. Has been for a long time. Writing creates hope. It turns coping into insight, and even a little light for others sometimes.

Grateful for this blog as a way to share that coping and hope and light with the world.

What a blessing.

Lyrics Post: “Better Way”

The first time I heard this song I was inspired. The words encourage, fortify. The music builds, layered, energized. Let it fill you, spur you on.


“I’m a living sunset

Lightning in my bones

Push me to the edge

But my will is stone

Fools will be fools

And wise will be wise

But i will look this world

Straight in the eyes

What good is a man

Who won’t take a stand

What good is a cynic

With no better plan

Reality is sharp

It cuts at me like a knife

Everyone i know

Is in the fight of their life

Take your face out of your hands

And clear your eyes

You have a right to your dreams

And don’t be denied

I believe in a better way”

Written by Ben Harper

Captain Napkin

Thank Goodness for Daughter Number Two, a.k.a., “Captain Napkin”…!

Last night she disappeared into a bedroom and emerged a few minutes later saying, “I was helping Mom fold the napkins. I just love doing that.” I think she also said it helps her relax(!).

And so I got to thinking, “Do what you can; do a bit, here and there, chip away, even if the list is long and getting longer.

Do what you can. Like Captain Napkin.

#halffullallgood #parenting #dadlife #dadslife #gratitude

All Saints Day

Deep dive into spiritual practice? Not sure how deep, but yep, let’s go.

These two most often come to mind when I think about saints: Ignatius of Loyola, and Francis of Assisi. They’re my two guys.

I pray frequently, daily really; sometimes multiple times a day; sometimes constantly it seems. Depends on what’s happening in my life.

Since adolescence, prayer has been fundamental to my coping, a mechanism for personal growth, the channel for overall well- being.

When I pray I’m basically talking directly to God. And so I don’t really pray to saints for intercession. Some folks believe in this practice; it’s not so much my thing. I just talk to God.

That said, I do think about how saints lived, and what I can learn from them.

These people, simply humans like us, who have been elevated by other believers (The Church) as more perfect examples of how to live, how to be.

I think about what these people called “saints” did with their lives, and therein seek inspiration, a spark, some way forward.

It’s like studying history for me; it’s history laced with spiritual power and inspiration.

And these two are my guys: Ignatius and Francis.

Ignatius I learned about first. He lived in the 16th century. His spiritual practice, his leadership, his focus on education, these all inspired me. Still do.

And Francis before him, some three hundred years earlier in the 13th century, he inspires me too. His selflessness, his simplicity, his love and his devotion to Jesus.

Much to learn, much to be inspired by.

The Pope (who chose “Francis” as his Papal Name) had this to say today via Twitter:

“Choosing purity, meekness and mercy; choosing to entrust oneself to the Lord in poverty of spirit and in affliction; dedicating oneself to justice and peace – this means going against the current. This evangelical path was trodden by #AllTheSaints and Blesseds. #GospelOfTheDay”

So on All Saints Day, I share this simple insight. And if you’re ever looking for inspiration, consider the these people called “saints.”

Pick a saint that appeals to you, read the history, consider him or her as the person, what their life was about, their story. What might you learn?

And be inspired.


Ignatius — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignatius_of_Loyola?wprov=sfti1

Francis — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_of_Assisi?wprov=sfti1