Ignatius of Loyola, 31 July, the feast day, the day the Catholic Church celebrates this man’s life.

From the 1500’s.

Solider become man of the cloth, founder, believer, a person that turned to faith, turned to God.

What lessons?

One primary mantra, “…to the greater glory of God…”,

A simple commitment, a life of self-reflection and service, a unique, refreshing basis for spirituality…

The Examen:

Prepare yourself for prayer.

Review the day with gratitude.

Pay attention to your emotions.

Select a part of your day to pray on.

Pray for tomorrow.


Amen. AMEN.

Thanks, Iggy~~~

Stay Open, Patient, and Listen

These three came at me in a rush, like my three kids, maybe. As seems to often happen to me, it’s the switch-up, the change of pace, that provides perspective, new lenses, a catalyst to realize the obvious, or not so obvious, right under your nose.

This simple trifecta of awareness during a week off with the kids, simple life lessons, reminders:

Be Open. To ideas, change, the unexpected. Look for the path forward; it might not be where you think. Be open; it will show itself.

Stay Patient. It’s good to have a quick pace at times, but if you get slowed, detoured, knocked down, don’t give up. Stay patient.

Listen. To others, those around you, whether you want to or not, sometimes, listen. And listen to yourself too. Sometimes there’s a long pause. Sometimes the voice is a finally heard, a whisper. Sometimes it’s in the voices of crazy little kids, even. Listen.

Oh and maybe a bonus too: Keep your sense of humor; don’t get too serious for too long; keep it fresh.

Reflections for Father’s Day

Reflecting on this day, worthwhile indeed, to say, thankful for this day.

Father’s Day.

On this day, funny thing, things on my mind. I think about my own dad, now gone three years. I think about what he was to me, really, so much, maybe everything, to me.

He helped me be me, the best me I could be. From the very beginning right up through so many struggles and obstacles and lessons and adventures and some victories too. He filled me with his belief and his love and his approval to be exactly who I should be, could be.

And now I’m a dad myself, times three in fact. And I want more than ever to be everything my dad was for me, be those things for my kids.

For sure they are the first priority, for sure I feel the need and the power and the ability to rise to the occasion for them. I want to empower them and guide them and fill them with belief and courage and faith to be exactly what they’re meant to be too.

They’re on the front end of their lives: we’ve thrown them quite a curve ball with a two household model now; but there’s no less the love for them, commitment to them; maybe somehow even more.

I know I feel more certainty and purpose and love than I’ve ever felt before. I will lift them up, be their rock, be the foundation on which they can stand and step out into the world; continually into the world, until my last breath this vision, this certainly is,

Is the most important thing I can do, for them, for love,

I’ve failed at love in some ways, failed marriages, love that could not be sustained somehow,

But this love, my love I feel and commit to with our kids, it transcends everything else.

Why do I share this on Father’s Day, or any day, in this blog?

Because that is the very purpose of these words, this blog, as a portal to share much of what comes through me, but not just for me, for you too. You too.

So Happy Father’s Day to my dad Howie, to his memory,

And to the many dads I know who are also my friends,

And thinking especially about another dad gone too soon, decades too soon, Happy Father’s Day Pat Welsh, in your memory too,

I hope I can be something of the dad you were to your three boys, greatness for sure in the men they’ve become,

And raising my glass and my prayers of love and thanks to all dads everywhere,

All power, and purpose, and love indeed,



Radio sounds, waft through the house, from the front, from the back, same channel, crackle into the air.

Local jazz station, my radios don’t tune in so well. But I love it anyway. And I could stream digital but, would rather not. The crackle, something about it, from the past, like the music, reminding me of earlier times, maybe times with my dad.

Miss him, miss those times, feelings, the music helps, the crackle helps. Settling into now, content with now, the music helps, the crackle helps.


Remembering what we can, what we should, this annual holiday. How much do we recall, recollect?

Perhaps it’s more than remembering those we have served, tho’ that tops the list — maybe it’s also remembering what has been, those in our lives now gone, a more personal, maybe general memorial too.

Those that have given the full measure, it’s their day; it serves us well to remember those who’ve perished in service to our country, our ideals, hopefully not in vain, the pain, their loved ones felt, feel.

Hopefully not in vain do any of us feel the pain of lose, permanent severance, from those we’ve loved; hopefully not permanent, hopefully the memorials help, heal.

Snippets of GOOD

From an old friend, this quote, recently shared. I think it stands pretty well on its own. Enjoy. I did. Do.

“As long as we observe love for others and respect for their rights and dignity in our daily lives, then whether we are learned or unlearned, whether we believe in the Buddha or God, follow some religion or none at all, as long as we have compassion for others and conduct ourselves with restraint out of a sense of responsibility, there is no doubt we will be happy.”~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama

And the thoughts I’d woken up with that day, “What’s on my mind? Tolerance and love, patience and mercy, and just a spark of inspiration — wishing this for each of you, and the world, for the world, Happy Tuesday, peeps~”

A Child’s Wisdom

“This is peaceful” – Levi, my son, as we walked the woods recently with his sisters.

Wind in the trees, sound like rushing water.

So close to the metropolis of a million people, yet a world away too.

Well-worn dirt paths, trails much traveled, loved.

These places, those I want to insure my children know, appreciate, love.

I’m reminded, again and again, how important these wild places are, to our present, our future, our souls.

Go to the wild. Be in the wild. Return to the wild again and again.

Let it slow you down, let it soak in.

As the Ohlone said, “…walk gently, walk with reverence, it will give you peace.”

Inside, Outside

Where we spend our time, inside, outside. Literally, and figuratively. In the world, in our heads.

Who are we outside? Inside? The same, or different…?

These questions churn through my noggin most days, challenge me, inspire me, forward, the stop!

Then forward again. Striving to understand, live the truth, each day, nudge, speed, forward.

Inside, and outside,

Ever forward. Ever forward.

Listen, Lean-In, Love

Listen to the voices you trust, to those that inspire you, each day. Learn the lessons being offered if they resonate with you. Learn them well.

Lean-in to hard things when it makes sense. We can do hard things . You can do hard things. We humans, we are built for struggle, to overcome difficulties, to persevere. That’s you, too!

Love yourself; at the same time, as you hold yourself accountable, remember to also love yourself.

And love those around you who love you; and love those who need love; let the love you are blessed with power you forward. Accept it when it is offered; give it as often as you can.

Let it be so: Listen, Lean-In, Love.

Other Side

On the other side of the headache, is the comfort and calm and peace to think clearly;

On the other side of releasing the angst and the pain and the toil is the certainty that you can take the next step on that ten thousand mile journey of life;

On the other side of the anxiety that spins you around and flips you upside down is the sense of serenity and peace that you are living exactly the life you’re meant to live in this moment,

And the clarity to change the things that need changing to align your head, your heart, your soul,

Starting now, on the other side.