Easing Back, Back to Front, No Grind

After two weeks healing myself and my girls up from COVID, I’m logging back on to work life. Not on-site just yet; gotta solve this cough problem.


Back to front? It basically means, my intent to start work again with a fresh, healthier, balanced approach, retaining my sense of self and priority.

My goal? Give the full measure, but not lose myself along the way.

My work is important to our group and the company, but I can only do my best each day, respond to the inevitable ups and downs,

And that’s it.

Goal to give my best, but not my soul, no slave to the grind.

Giddy up.

More Comfort Food: Grunkohl

More Comfort Food?

No Foolin’ !

Not just any comfort food, but a dish from across the Atlantic, a Germanic delight,

Easy to make, including the simple, magical use of the uber-healthy, leafy green, Kale,


Inspired by mention of the dish on Twitter, I knew I had to try it. Been looking for ways to eat more leafy greens, the fuse was already lit…

I found a recipe on the web (there are many; I used All Recipes),

Then I modified it for the ingredients I had on-hand: swapped the potatoes for rice, the sausage for beef hotdog and voila!,



After 24 months,

2 vaccines,

1 booster,

Maybe 100 masks (I’ve worn washable / reusable until several months ago),

I turned up positive for COVID – 19. Tested twice, just to be sure. Well, it was bound to happen.

I’m in good company though; Jungkook of K-Pop Boy Band BTS also announced he just tested positive.

Now I join the 79.9 million number of Americans and 482 million number of humans globally in recorded cases.

Thankfully, it’s a mild/moderate case; I’m not hospitalized. I am tho’ in the midst of 10-day isolation/quarantine.

Condition? Achy, congested, cough and tight chest, foggy brain.

Response? Hydrate, read, sleep, repeat.

Upside? It took two years. And now I’ve got four doses building my immunity to go forward.

Goat Trails

Back when I started at the company under which I’m currently employed, we were in five
buildings near each other in a sort of quasi cul-de-sac.

My buddy and I would sometimes walk together between buildings, as was necessary depending
on what had to be done; different departments were housed in separate buildings.

And my buddy would take different paths at different times, and depending on where he was going; at the time,
I remember thinking it was interesting, the diffrent routes. He called them “goat trails”, I think.

I find myself still using goat trails — different routes from A to B — to get around, even though the company is now in one larger building that fits everyone.

I especially like to use the stairs, even though most of my work activities happen one the first floor.

The stairs provide a bit more exercise, which I definitely need. Also adds steps, to help me toward my daily goal of 10,000 steps (and 10 floors).

Walking every hour (necessary to reach to goal) doesn’t take long, gives the mind a little micro-break, and is good for your health all around — physical and mental — nothing better, I’ve found.

Keep going, however you can, I think that’s the message. FORWARD.

Back At It

Looking in the rear view, how the work week started…

Back at it Tuesday, not before,

Scribbled down in the small hours the morning prior,

Draw a line in the sand and say:

“Not yet. This is still my time, for me, my well-being first, my health, mental, physical, me.”

To be selfish in these small hours, a little more for me, pause, rest, sleep,

I’ll be back at it, full on, Tuesday but right now,

A little more for me.

Into The Void

Into the void I go…

Just a little something to help you relax, not feel too much prodding and poking,

Maybe 30, maybe 60 minutes, not too long,

And on the other side?

Hopefully the all clear, nothing more,

If something more, maybe cancer, well then…?

Well then we adjust and deal, we take counsel and then take action,

Into the void, we just don’t know, but sometimes we got to go,

Into the void~