My Guitar T-Shirt

I was going to post about St. Ignatius, since 7/31 is his feast day…

and so I guess I’ll say this at least, I strive to find God in all things, I believe that’s the essence, just like Ignatius,

But then I’m pivoting to this quote from a T-shirt I have, I think it’s pretty good and worth sharing,

Maybe God is there too: : – )

Rock ‘n’ roll for the soul listen feel sound play create teach cool ideas for your mind.

Music is the unique art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous unified and evocative composition as through melody harmony rhythm and timbre.

Songs emerge from pure emotion and inspiration.

Love happiness sadness surprise anger fear discussed jealousy have always been the most popular lyrical subjects.


We all have them.

How to sort, categorize?

Professional? For sure. How we make living, how we pay the bills,

But family too, gotta say, gotta say, family is first…it’s a hard pull sometimes, but that’s my take. Different philosophies around that, plenty of business people who sometimes – maybe even often – fudge their family in favor of the deadline, the trip, the deal…

Add on Parenting, those little folks who count on us, gotta be there for them when they are in need,

After all, what is it that we’ll remember, what they will remember about the work years?

How to square this all off, that’s the big question…

Regularly evaluate your situ, your overall, your day-to-day, give yourself an update…

Work: Check the list, consult with colleagues, reset tasks as needed, hold others accountable as appropriate, keep going forward…

Fam: Prioritize them. Period. Especially if you’re a parent. Gotta be the case. I know this might be counter-culture for workaholic American business culture, but if so well, so be it. Family first, especially if you’re a parent.

Self: Another counter-culture move, maybe, but you gotta prioritize your own well being too. Self-care is real; if you’re not in good space, you can’t be at your best for those around you…at work, at home, everywhere.

Priorities, Summed Up:

Dial ‘em in,

be ready to adjust as needed,

Take care of your people,

Take care of you,


Fighting For Time

It seems I’m often fighting for time,

At home, at work, with my kids. With myself,

In the evening, daytime, middle of the night,

Like right now, scribbling at 3:00am, awakened by thoughts about work, life, struggles, battles,

Fleeting joy, this I know, fighting for time, not so good, slight of hand preferred, slight improvements the goal,

And then slumber sweet slumber again, spent,


What We Need

Funny thing, consider what we need. Two samples, both sides, bubble up in mind, consider if you will,

Our older daughter swiftly approaching her teen years, wants a mobile phone, of course of course,

Has a “practice phone just now”, no service, limited doings possible just now,

All the same, wanted a “pocket socket” for better in-hand functionality, agreed agreed, much better experience indeed,

And so she purchased, own money, on her own, good for her, wanted it, needed it? Sure, good for her.

The other? Me myself and I, have used a FitBit movement tracker the last four years, love the data and insight,

Device died two weeks back, too much money to replace just now, other bills, other priorities, other ways to track my time and movement,

WANT it, but don’t NEED it, let it go, let it go, did, done, good for me, good for me, just what I need.

Do What You Can

I’m all for the ideal, an objective or goal pursued with singleminded focus and intensity. In my life, with rules and responsibilities as they are, such luxury is fleeting at best.

That said, I’ll do what I can and return to focus as oft time allows, observing and noticing and sharing along these myriad highways and by-ways called life.

In the rear view I see three decades quickly receding to the horizon, and wonder what’s all meant? Can I be proud of my efforts, to do what I can?

I think so. I think I can surly say it’s been an all-out effort to make the most of the here and there, opportunities and experiences that have presented,

I’ve been present as best I can, doing what I can, when I can, lots of cans,

But is it all canned?

That’s funny, humor important along the way, this particular way, my way.

I’ve shared before the experience of being pulled, tugged, pushed, shoved off intended trajectory toward unplanned stuff; that’s basically the same theme running once again. And so when you get shoved course, do what you can, reset, and keep going forward.

Forward, that’s the main goal. Evaluating the day, the week, the month, the year, the decade…are we going forward? Do we have maybe a little joy and grace sprinkled along the way…? And if so? One of my favorite words…


Do what you can.


Two older ladies speaking Russian to my left, Sino dialect with a young family to my right, cool breeze drifting through the park, sun setting behind me,

My kids here and there on the playground in front of me,

A couple teen-age boys playing catch with a football off to the side, working on their moves, gentle touch with the ball,

Peaceful Saturday winding down,

This is the environ I want to live in, multi everything, mished and mashed and perfect, life underway,

Let them swing and play and run and jump and climb until it’s too dark to see, the night fully entrenched, another summer day fully exhausted,

This dialect I prefer,

That’s what the situation calls for, summer fully rung out, dripping, done,


Bathroom Yoga

Yoga to start the day, just a little stretching, easing body into life, into the light of the day,

Small, quiet space, away from the others in this quiet house, before the morning shower, easing into the day,

Stretch this way, hold,

Stretch that way, hold,

Easing into the day with a little bathroom yoga.

Old guys do weird things sometimes; at least this old guy does.


Corina Corina

Corina Corina, stricken down in the whole, in full stride of life,

Now Rosary Thursday, Funeral Friday, how can this be, dear friend?

Your bright soul, now laid to rest, laid to rest,

Corina Corina,

Such a joyous human, classy lady, helpful colleague, mother, amazing woman, a shining light, such a strong spirit,

The way you cooked for others, cared for them, the greeting cards you made, the way you laughed and danced and lead and loved, how many times I heard you say with a smile, “This is how we do it…”

So much love, amiga, Corina Corina,

Steadfast in her love of her family, her friends, her faith, God, always giving of herself, always shining, a doer, a positive life force for so many,

May all the grief over her passing be piled up and transformed into love, this she would choose, to celebrate her life and express the love we all had, have for her,

Surely this the preferred path, surely this the way she would want it to be,

Surely she is smiling down on all the love, feeling all the love, surely her love lives on,

Rest In Peace, Corina Corina.

[The following images posted to Corona’s Facebook page; saved here as well to further memorialize her.]