So reliant on updates, new info, data, to fix the bugs. Smart phone, laptop, the server network, But also to provide new insight, understanding, functionality, efficiency, Or so we say. Must trust. Gotta believe. Hope it’s true. I need an update… Refresh my firmware, my human BIOS, How are you?

Best Intentions

Best intentions, not an end, but a starting point, Be not just content to have “best intentions” rather, Frequently be re-accessing actions, to attend, align yourself with what is best practice, plan, actions, And remove ego, so that your evaluation and following efforts are properly aligned not just for you but for all, For all, …

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Piled High

Emotions piled high, letting the weight settle, Ten days of go, to decision and loss and sadness and alone, Our last canine, remaining sister, her time to end, to heart stop, eternal sleep, house quiet, heavy. Ten days plus 556 days since the family changed, two households now, split, solo dad era established, Adjusted ok …

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