Piled High

Emotions piled high, letting the weight settle,

Ten days of go, to decision and loss and sadness and alone,

Our last canine, remaining sister, her time to end, to heart stop, eternal sleep, house quiet, heavy.

Ten days plus 556 days since the family changed, two households now, split, solo dad era established,

Adjusted ok outside, inside still unsettled, still unsure, how, entering into the true me maybe, we’ll see…

Married once, twice, that doesn’t seem to be me,

Just a dad now, grateful, certainly a part of me, that love never fails,

User of words to frame moments and feelings and spirits, striving so is me,

Willing, unrelenting, unsure of all but the desire, certainty that this is what I am,

Wandering, wondering, what lays ahead, limbo somehow, floating being,

The lessons, reward come hard, the glory fleeting, if any, seeking, subtle, sublime,

Closest to my being in those moments, these moments, sublime struggle, somehow,


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