Leap, and the Net Will Appear!

This fine year 2020 is a Leap Year; it’s a year when the Calendar Makers make a little adjustment.

What is that adjustment, exactly? Well, for the Gregorian Calendar, anyway, they add one day to February, for 29 days instead of 28, to “re-sync” our human day tracker to the Earth’s rotation, seasons, etc.

I’ve got at least a couple of thoughts related to Leap Year.

For one, my maternal, great grandmother was born on 29 February. So when she died forty five years ago (or something like that), she had had only 23 birthdays, I think. Nana. I think her real name was Jen. Happy Birthday, Nana.

The other idea that comes to mind is along the concept of “leaping”, to make a correction, to go forward, to make things different, new, better maybe.

I feel like this Leap Year is a good reminder for me on at least a few fronts I’ve take to leaping toward:

1/ in my personal life, I’ve leaped into a more trusting marriage with my better half; I’ve always been committed, but I’m trusting the relationship more now, I think. It’s about time. I’ve always believed in the trust as a fundamental value of marriage. That said, trusting in the bond and candor and honesty around struggles, that’s a deeper, more challenging thing; and necessary.

2/ in my professional life, there’s a binary thing going on:

the bigger, personal/professional news is, I’m committing to an expanded professional path for the remainder: It’s a dual commitment.

I’m learning more as I continue my new role and function; I’m getting better, broadening my knowledge and proficiency and thus, effectiveness as a well-rounded supply chain professional;

And and AND, I’m going into overdrive on the Creative Side.


So take the leap! The net WILL appear.



From The Assembly Bench

I work for an instrument manufacturer. Specifically, I work in the supply chain group of the company. What does that mean, exactly?

Well, currently it means I am one of three planners that coordinate between the buyers, the manufacturing groups (there are three), research and development, and cost accounting (along with a few other groups ad hoc as well), to make the amazing biotech machines we sell around the world.

What it also means, is that I’m still learning. It means I’m learning system work (enterprise resource planning), forecasting techniques, problem-solving disconnects in data, supporting technical development, and different ways to report out data to illustrate where we are in our workflows, etc.

What does all THAT mean? It means I’m humbled nearly every day. I only began doing planning work about a year and half back; prior to that I worked in other business disciplines. It ALSO means I’m stimulated and delighted with the work I do, and the people I work with. The work is challenging, the people pretty well fantastic to a person, and the industry is interesting.

It also means that sometimes a blog post comes from the assembly bench on the manufacturing floor. And that?

Well, that’s GOOD.

Lyrics Post: Magic Power

This song was released by the Canadian rock band, Triumph, in 1981 – I didn’t hear it until maybe three years later. But when I did, it changed my life; it filled my heart; it strengthened my soul; it fortified me, and still does today, all these years later.

What can I say? When a song grabs me, I’m all-in, and quickly.

As we start the Lenten Journey for 2020, may you be filled with the magic power, inspiration, the better understanding, of what you are, and what is possible.

“Magic Power” by Triumph

“Something’s at the edge of your mind
You don’t know what it is
Something you were hoping to find
But you’re not sure what it is
Then you hear the music
And it all comes crystal clear
The music does the talking
Says the things you want to hear

I’m young, I’m wild and I’m free
Got the magic power of the music in me
I’m young, I’m wild and I’m free
Got the magic power of the music in me

She climbs into bed
She pulls the covers overhead
And she turns her little radio on
She’s had a rotten day
So she hopes the DJ’s
Gonna play her favorite song

Makes her feel much better
Brings her closer to her dreams
A little magic power
Makes it better that it seems

She’s young now, she’s wild now, she wants to be free
She gets the magic power of the music from me
She’s young now, she’s wild now, she wants to be free
She gets the magic power of the music from me

You’re thinking it over
But you just can’t sort it out
Do you want someone to tell you
What they think it’s all about
Are you the one and only
Who’s sad and lonely
You’re reaching for the top
Well, the music keeps you going
And it’s never gonna stop
It’s never gonna stop
It’s never gonna, never gonna, never gonna, never gonna stop

The world is full of compromise
And infinite red tape
But the music’s got the magic
It’s your one chance for escape
Turn me on, turn me up
It’s your turn to dream
A little magic power
Makes it better than it seems

I’m young now, I’m wild now, I want to be free
Got the magic power of the music in me
I’m young now, I’m wild and I’m free
Got the magic power of the music
I got the music in me

I got the power
I got the magic
She’s got the power
She’s got the magic
She’s got the power
She’s got the magic
She’s got the power
She’s got the magic”

Writer(s): Gil Moore, Mike Levine, Rik Emmett

What Fills the Gap?

Day-to-day doings…busy busy busy. Work to do, kids to raise, chords to tend to, dreams to chase. Busy busy sure, but what fills the gap, the spaces in between?

Sports is one of those things that distracts us, entertains us, inspires us. Or maybe it’s reading, maybe TV, maybe prayer, maybe all of the above?

Whatever it is, let it drive you and inspire you make you better than you would be otherwise.

Learn the lessons, love the dream, cross the line first, be the one who fills the gap with the good, and share it, and live it, and be it.

Peak misery, and the Happiness Curve

It turns out there are ups and downs in life; no surprise, really.

There’s a an apex of misery that typically occurs for most people during roughly the middle of many people’s lives — say in the later forties — and then…?

Then things start to get better.

This podcast won’t take very long, and it might just leave you feeling, a little happier about the future.


Clean Up

In my family, these people I love and live with, I clean up. Just what does that mean, “clean up”? There are at least a couple of contexts to consider…

First, I tend to be the one that does a bunch of the clean-up after meals, after the day is done, after the week is done. My wife provides much of the family leadership, I run in support mode.

I replace the bathroom tissue, run the dishwasher, close the house up every night before we all hit the hay, double-check the locks, the lights, etc. I think I tend to be the bed-maker, too.

But where I really clean-up? I clean-up in light and inspiration and love. I live with four amazing people, who give me reason to smile and give thanks everyday. That’s where I clean-up — taking in all the GOOD around me, in the everyday, in the chaos, in the wonder of being alive, and living the dream.

No lie. Straight-up LIVING. THE. DREAM.


How do you clean up?

Micro-Homily: Be the Rock

Here’s how I’d sum up the readings from Saturday. Be the rock on which all may count on.

Let your faith be the cornerstone for your everyday. Know with certainty that God is with you.

Let your light shine on all around you. Be humble, and be sure of the good you can do; be sure of the good you are called to do.

Rely on faith in the darkest times; in all times.

Be the rock.

First Peter 5;

Psalm 23;

Matthew 16.

Take care of others.


From The Roof-Top, For The Girls!

Rounding out our celebration week for our two daughters’ birthdays, I stand on the roof-top with a trumpet and play it to the heavens. I play it to the heavens, this old beat-up, dented horn, it belonged to my dad a long time ago.

I play it from the roof-top, celebrating and proclaiming the wonder of being a dad, and in particular, the father of two daughters. We have a son too, our middle guy, but with the birthdays this week, I sound the horn in the gentle breeze, out across the neighborhood, for the girls today.

An uneven and even unintelligible tune comes from the bell, maybe the only thing you can understand from it is the joy and the love, the louder each blast, the more steady, the more sure you can be of my feelings. My sense of responsibility and ownership and uncertainty and all the same steadiness, it’s infinitely more steady than the notes that play out to the world.

The sun shines, the trumpet sounds, my feet are steady high above the ground, sure I am of my purpose, and our girls, and our love for them. They are a wonder, is it any wonder I make such a proclamation, such a musical declaration? Let it sound from on high, “Happy Birthday, and God Bless, and We Love You!”

Feels so GOOD.

Lyrics Post: Children of SANCHEZ

My dad introduced me to the music of Chuck Mangione when I was a kid. I recall him not being a big fan of this album; I can’t recall for sure. All the same, this particular song stirs me every time I hear it.

“Without dreams of hope and pride a man will die

Though his flesh still moves his heart sleeps in the grave

Without land a man never dreams cause he’s not free

All men need a place to live with dignity.

Take the crumbs from starving soldiers, they won’t die

Lord said not by bread alone does man survive

Take the food from hungry children, they won’t cry

Food alone won’t ease the hunger in their eyes.

Every child belongs to mankind’s family

Children are the fruit of all humanity

Let them feel the love of all the human race

Touch them with the warmth, the strength of that embrace.

Give me love and understanding, I will thrive

As my children grow my dreams come alive

Those who hear the cries of children God will bless, oh yes he will

I will always hear the children of Sánchez.”

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Chuck Mangione

Children Of Sanchez Finale lyrics © Gates Music, Inc.