Some time to reset, just be more simply me. Not a business guy, not a supply chain guy, not worried about the forecast and the plan. Only want to pay attention to the weather forecast, and to those around me, closely. My kids, some time to just be together, not worry about everything else. Just …

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I’d say I’m a moderate hugger; not too extreme, but definitely willing and able. I hug my kids, my family, my friends, sometimes even my co-workers. Im not gender biased, guys or gals, doesn’t matter, makes no difference. I enjoy the connection, the feelings conveyed, the humanity of it all. Bring on the hugs, GOOD.

Lonely Is The Night

“Lonely is the night, when you find yourself alone, Your demons’ come to light, and your mind is is not your own…” These are not just great lyrics from Billy Squire, but a sentiment that often rings true for me, especially these last couple of years. These last couple years I find myself waking up …

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