Crab Feed, Crab Cakes, and Hustle: Remembering Howie

This past weekend, a couple big time stamps. 1/ Mentioned in an earlier post, the Charity Crab Feed of our DeAnza Lions Club came back after two years absent due to the COVID pandemic, and it was a tremendous return, inside and out. 2/ This past weekend was the fifth anniversary of our dad’s passing. …

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60 Seconds

60 seconds, tick tick tick, How much can you do in 60 seconds? Brush your teeth? Heat a cup of tea? Mac & Cheese? 60 seconds to count the alphabet when your peeved, Don’t you see, so much to do, so much to do in six-ty…!


Old stuff, vinyl records, legacy medium for capturing sound, Get together with some buddies and some records, here’s what transpired, here’s what I learned…. Good convo is like good song, never gets old, Don’t stamp you feet when vinyl’s spinning, else it might jump, Never gets old, the rediscovered magic of the third track, Side …

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