Addicted to Data?

A day without wearing a steps tracker, that’s what today is.

And my initial reaction, my feeling, is mixed. I feel like it’s going to be a little empty today. Weird, right? I mean, who really cares how many steps I take? Why do *I* care so much about the number of steps I take in a day?

I ask myself, “Am is addicted to data?”

The jury is out…I’ll let you know how it goes.

My X-Factor — I Celebrate Her Too!


I’ve talked about her before as my own personal “X-Factor”…in fact, that nickname  started before she was born.

In my house growing up it was just me and my brother. Simple, dyad relations. Oh well, our parents were there too. 🙂 And our poor mom, she was the only female in the house.

Fast forward several decades, my wife and I have our first child, a girl, awesome; two years later our son is born – super, perfect set, two, done. Or so I thought.

Silly me.

Soon there after we found out we were pregnant again. I started thinking then and there, this kid’s gonna be the x-factor do me, because I don’t know what it’s like with three kids in the house. When she was born, the realization that we now had three kids (in three years), and that I had two daughters (!)…well, I was just awe-struck. It was both AWEsome, and at the same time I was AWEfully sure it was going to be like nothing I had experienced previous.

Being a dad to three kids, and especially to two daughters, has been the one of the most significant blessings of my life. Honestly. I mean I love them all equally. That’s a fact. Each of them, their personalities, just everything, I love them for who they are, endlessly, and forever.

That said, as we celebrate Number Three now five years on this earth, well…she’s lived up to the whimsical nickname I gave her — she is my own personal X-Factor.

Her spirit, her passion, her humor, they all inspire me, and humble me, and teach me things over and over and over again. Her facial expressions, her fanciful dancing about, her zest for living. Her stare at the screen, the slow way she wakes up in the morning, the way she carries her luvy still.

And so as we celebrate the birthdays this weekend, I wish for her like I wish for my other daughter on her birthday five days earlier:  Long life and learning and laughter and good health and love and happiness ~ a lifetime and then some! Happy Birthday, Louie!

Random, Repeated — Parent, Life Insights

These reminders might have been shared before.  If so, still worth sharing again.

1/ Be bouyed by simple pleasures. Example? Tea station fired up for the week.  Hot coffee.  An extra hug.  A goodbye kiss.  An unexpected “Hello”.

2/ Make eye contact. And smile first. Teach your kids to do the same.

3/ Keep learning.

4/ Don’t be intimidated, be curious.

5/ Believe you can learn new things.

6/ If things go sideways, adjust to the new reality, don’t lament the inconvenience.

7/ “We know not the hour or the day”, so make most of every, single, one.

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Celebrate Her

We did our best to celebrate her on her birthday.

We made the day mostly about her, and I think it was a good one. My wife led the way, as she usually does. And so on top of being grateful for my first born, my first daughter, I was thankful for my wife once again, and her plan for the day too.

It was a simple day, it was a great day.

The menu was laid out in advance. Scratch chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast, black berries too; hot dogs and veggies for lunch; spaghetti and home-made meatballs with brownie and sorbet for dessert. YUMMY.

After dinner, the candle flickered for a few moments stuck in the scoop of mango treat in my daughter’s bowl before she wished and blew the flame out.

She took maybe a hundred pictures with her new camera, capturing the world around her: in the house, down the street, the birds on the porch, the kitchen appliances, and more besides.

For some reason I had a ho-hum attitude earlier in the day. But I couldn’t help but push aside the blah, lifted up and fortified by the simple joy of the day.

Our first born, she who is funny and thoughtful and loving and smart and joyful. We’re so lucky, so blessed. Our Number One: she’s got a great attitude, she keeps trying even when she struggles, she’s helps around the house, she’s a great leader to her brother and sister.

So lucky, so blessed.

Anatomy of a Lions Charity Crab Feed

The work started months ago. A handful of Lion leaders doing early prep work for the event scheduled for Saturday, 9 February, the 23rd year of the Cupertino De Anza Lions Club Charity Crab Feed.

We need a 12 foot box truck, and refrigerated rig too, to handle all the transport of gear and foodstuff and all-important crab harvested off the Pacific coast.

This year we initiated a concerted effort to recycle all we could. Besides bottles and cans, we also gathered the food waste for compost.

In addition to the two rented trucks, several Lions transported various material to the event site: sound system, auction and raffle items, etc.

A crew of near twenty Lions and friends set up shop inside and outside too, where the crab pots were staged. We had easy-ups arranged too, for the rain that was expected.

We were ready to keep our outdoor cooking team dry and safe for the hours of hustle ahead.

The Condiments Station was prepped to give out lemons, tartar sauce, and cocktail sauce too.

The kitchen team prepared the salads and the bread.

The wine and beer station was set up to provide the refreshments that would be served, tasty pale ale options and red, and white wines.

The pasta line was prepped for the spaghetti onslaught.

The silent auction and raffle were set for display, promising plenty of good deals for our patrons. The dining tables, 27 for each seating, were readied for the diners soon to arrive.

Treasure Chest keys and buckets of raffle tickets were at the ready for good fun and many generous folks to try their luck and help our charities.

It was a long night, it was a wet night, it was a good night.

14 hours and nearly 15 miles of steps later, another crab feed was in the books.