The Light

From the darkness, I pray this metaphor most everyday; I pray for the light to inspire and guide me along my way. “But why?”, you might wonder…and so let me share, for the reason is clear.

From time to time uncertainty and sublime angst are my companions; they seem to find common purpose resting on my shoulders. Most mornings they are there.

And then prayer of gratitude for the things I have in my life, for all the blessings of people and everyday comforts, and for the light to guide me through the darkness of mysterious despair, this practice has indeed become my refuge.

And in this unwittingly, with unintentional parallel, my words might seem to echo scripture.

I was raised in the Christian tradition and have been a believer most all of my life. That said, I’ve not been one to quote the Bible; book, and chapter and verse are not swiftly from my lips.

And yet when I read the passage below, I see the common theme, from three thousand years to present.

And I know the light I seek. And I know that prayer brings the light, and dispels the darkness, and calms the angst, and I am grateful. Amen, AMEN.

From Isaiah 8:23, “…Anguish has taken wing, dispelled is darkness:
for there is no gloom where but now there was distress.
The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom
a light has shone.”


I found myself deep in it this past weekend. Inertia. My particular case was mental inertia.

High minded goals stalled out. Some things completed, but much still to do.

With a little faith and patience and some love too, I came out the other side. Then I fell back in again, into the funk.

When you find yourself in that mindset it can be tough. And it can ebb and flow; a subtle yet teal challenge to wade through and overcome. But you CAN get through it.

Do the next right thing. And then do it again. And again. That’s the path forward. And be patient, even as it’s uncomfortable and maybe frustrating. Be patient. And do the next right thing.

You’ll get through it.

Get Some: Early Morning Peace

This road, so busy during the day. A road running from the east foothills all the way to what was orchard lands, a hundred years ago. Now home of The Spaceship.

I walk this road most mornings, heading west, only a couple of blocks, with a couple dogs. It’s the perfect way to start the work day, maybe any day, really. On weekend days I opt for more sleep, slumber longer past sunrise.

But during the week, it’s up early well before the sun breaks, walking west, seeking peace, finding peace. Walking prayers, Faith Time, Good Time.

Grateful for that time. Time to get settled. Set for whatever the day’s going to bring. At peace.

First-World, Any-World: Trials and Joy

Often things don’t go as planned; and certainly, they don’t always go as we’d like. That’s a common theme in life.

A few First-World samples below that teach Any-World lessons.

1/ Adapt and overcome obstacles at work (and anywhere); don’t get frazzled. Pause, take a deep breath, take the next step.

2/ If your path to where you want to go gets bogged down, even to the extreme of Route Closed…don’t give up; find another way.

3/ Find joy with those that matter most. Find it in the simplest things, like music, like a little play time, like a welcome pause to the day.

The “Blue Screen of Death” always gives the user pause.
Not the usual, not most direct route home from work.

Then we get a simple joy we should always celebrate (if you’re a parent) – a little quality time with our kid. Then, especially then, be reminded.

Listening to a little Pokemon during bath time.

Let the joy, not the schedule, win the day.

Unconditional Love

Wise people? I think wise people learn lessons from all sides, all sources, all situations. Or at least they strive to do so. Unconditional Love is a good topic to be open to for lessons from all sides. And while humans can certainly exhibit unconditional love, I’d vote for dogs as the most consistent example of this powerful ideal. In that light then, I offer up our family dogs Mia, and Zona, full of unconditional love.

They’re outdoor dogs, as we’ve had little kids growing up the whole of their lives. Plus, our son is quite allergic to the dogs’ dander. That said, they’ve got a pretty good life.

Watching the fence for cats.
Watching the arbor for vermin

They live in the backyard, with access to the garage and double dog beds. They get two meals a day, walks most mornings, and treats on occasion. They love when the kids come out to say hi and explore — and the two of the three kids enjoy petting them. Both dogs are good listeners, and quite gentle. We’re lucky to have them as part of our family. We’re very fortunate to be recipients of their unconditional love.

Lyrics Post: “Curbside Prophet”, Jason Mraz

Heard this one originally back in 2005, from one of my oldest friends and true music lover, Scott Murph.

Still grateful for that lead-in, all these years later. Funky sound, fun lyrics, GOOD.

“I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket to come

I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket

You see it started way back in NYC

When I stole my first rhyme from the M.I.C.

At a west end avenue at 63

The beginning of a leap year, February, ’96

With a guitar picked up in the mix

I committed to the licks like a nickel back of tricks

Well look at me now

Look at me now

Look at me now, now, now, now

I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket to come

I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket

Well you’re never gonna guess

Where I’ve been been been

And I have no regrets

That I bet my whole checking account

Because it all amounts to nothing up in the end

Well you can only count on the road again

We’ll soon be on the radio dial

And I been payin’ close attention to the Willie Nelson style

Like a band of gypsies on the highway while

I’m one man pushin’ on the California skyline drive

Up the coast mc brag the most

I’m pickin up my pace and makin’ time like space ghost

Raising a toast to the highway patrol with the most

Put my cruise control on coast

’cause I’m tourin’ around the nation on extended vacation see

I got Elsa the dog who exceeds my limitation

I say, “I like your style, crazy pound pup!

You need a ride?

Well come on, girl, hop in the truck!”

I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket to come

I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket

I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket to come on

I’m just a curbside prophet

With my hand in my pocket

And I’m waiting for my rocket

See I’m a down home brother, redneck undercover

With my guitar here

I’m ready to play

And I’m s a sucker for a filly

Got a natural ability to give the freestyle

Look at my flexibility

Dangerous at the mike

My ghetto hat’s cocked right

The ladies say, “yo, that kid is crazy”

The backstage betties taking more than they can get

They say, “what’s up with m-are-a-z?”

Hey, hey, something’s different in my world today

Well they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow

Hey, hey, something’s different in my world today

They changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow

I’m just a curbside prophet

Curbside prophet now

Curbside prophet now


Come on, now

Curbside prophet

Waiting for my rocket to come

Songwriters: Christina Ruffalo / Jason Mraz / William Galewood

Curbside Prophet lyrics © Fintage House Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Goo-Eyed Music, 2002.