A Dad’s Way

Up early, do what you can.

Tip-toe into the kids’ room, blow them a kiss, piggyback to the one on the cheek, hand the night before.

Move the pile of clean laundry from one spot to the other; gotta fold that tonight.

Sip cold brew, do a little work on your day off.

Take solace in the birdsong drifting through the open window.

Reset another password.

Push anxiety and doubts aside.

Thank God for another day.

Sing Song

I love music, and I L O V E this song. It’s one of my favorites, over the few decades since I first heard it.

I learned the words long ago, and sing along pretty much whenever I listen to the tune.

“A Pirate Looks At Forty” by Jimmy Buffett. It’s a great one. Many other musicians have covered it, including Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews. I’m no musician really, but I cover it too.

So several years back when I was inspired to sing my kids a lullaby well…after singing a couple of the “standards”, I switched to this time-tested fave.

My kids call the song by the first line, “Mother Ocean”. I don’t sing the whole song to them – there’s a little more adult content toward the end – but sing away otherwise I still do for them.

That’s the message I’d like to convey: don’t be afraid to sing along, or even lead the way. It feels good to sing.

You’ll be glad you did.


Promo, don’t you know,

Not the commercial kind, oh no!

Rather the advancement, getting promoted forward, skyward,

No in work, but school,

Grade 5 to be exact,

Our oldest, our leader,

Older than her 11 years,

On to middle school,

Our two-house family come together to celebrate and support and fill her with love,

Filled with joy,

Shine on kid, Shine On!

Early Morning Overdrive

Early morning workdays, they seem to start like this most days. Overdrive. Zero to sixty in no time.

My mind goes from dreamy rest to racing thoughts, flashing across my mind’s eye.

List accelerating, things, tasks to-do’s adding to the bottom and the list gets long in a hurry. Quickly spiraling, my heart beat quickens, can’t be good to think this fast this quick.

In the pre-dawn darkness, I work to slow it down, the race into the day, the pace someone, no one is expecting, I take deep breaths, I scribble it all down, eyes blurred, unsure of how it all will go.

Forcing myself to slow, let it all flow through, the Prime Reminder, let love flow through, the Prime Mover, purpose, and take it as it comes, as the day is underway, workday, the way it begins many a day,

For me.


“Love Never Fails”

This Good Friday, I feel pretty far from the usual church ideas and rituals around celebrating this day.

For us Christians, today is one of the most important days of the year, when we remember the execution of Jesus of Nazareth.

The darkest day gives way to the brightest, a couple days following.

It feels distant to me this year, the rituals of the day. All the same, I’ll remember his suffering and death; I’ll remember his courage, and resolve.

And I’ll remember his love.

Easing Back, Back to Front, No Grind

After two weeks healing myself and my girls up from COVID, I’m logging back on to work life. Not on-site just yet; gotta solve this cough problem.


Back to front? It basically means, my intent to start work again with a fresh, healthier, balanced approach, retaining my sense of self and priority.

My goal? Give the full measure, but not lose myself along the way.

My work is important to our group and the company, but I can only do my best each day, respond to the inevitable ups and downs,

And that’s it.

Goal to give my best, but not my soul, no slave to the grind.

Giddy up.


My brother-in-law is getting married today, a joyous celebration in store.

Delighted that he and his lady have decided to take the next step in their relationship.

They’re a solid couple already. Inspired that they want to take the next step in commitment, in marriage.

Does it matter?

I think it does. I think it can. It declares to the world your intent one to the other, it states your commitment to that singular person, to that relationship,

It also declares the value you put in the other person, and the permanece you seek with them.

Nuptial celebration, joy, bliss, don’t miss the opportunity, take the chance, jump in whole heartedly,


A thousand years of happiness to Jon and Sokcon, GOD BLESS !!!


I can’t really explain it very well. I feel like there’s a LOT going on…

That in some (many?) cases I have to let things fall away…

And sometimes in quite messy form, unfortunately,

And yet I think I’m keeping the main priorities squared away, plates in the air,

And then I wake up, mind spooling up quickly like a turbine,

And I’m awash with anxiety,

In the dark,

At 2 am.

Just saying, just sharing,

Because that’s my way.

And ever more I will go forward,

With the downs and the ups,

The Good and the not so good,

Awash unexpectedly,

But forward all the same.

Come, join me~~~