3/12, BHL

Would have been my old man’s 86th birthday.

He departed four years back.

Lives on in my mind, our hearts, memories,

When I’m trying to solve math problems at work, logic questions,

When I think about fishing, or the great outdoors over all. Or basketball, or hockey, or tennis, or golf,

Every day I live as a parent I think, “What would Howie do?”

Or jazz music, peanut butter tortilla roll-ups, charcoal BBQ, Scotch,


Super Power: Key Lime

Really lucky, complimentary drinks at work, something besides coffee or water to drink,

Love it, so grateful,

Recently the vendor changed that provides this very thoughtful service, seems the available variety has been parred down,

We still have Lime, but alas, Key Lime has apparently been nixed, didn’t make the cut,

And so, this last can I saved from a month or so back, will pop the can soon to toast the new work year,

Unleash the particular (silly?) magic I attribute to this particularly special flavored can of bubbly water,

I’ll drink to my colleagues, to the reborn enterprise we all toil for, cheer on, believe in,

Believe in the particular (silly?) good that will come from this simple gesture,

PROST!, and here’s to 2022, real GOOD coming…!

Goat Trails

Back when I started at the company under which I’m currently employed, we were in five
buildings near each other in a sort of quasi cul-de-sac.

My buddy and I would sometimes walk together between buildings, as was necessary depending
on what had to be done; different departments were housed in separate buildings.

And my buddy would take different paths at different times, and depending on where he was going; at the time,
I remember thinking it was interesting, the diffrent routes. He called them “goat trails”, I think.

I find myself still using goat trails — different routes from A to B — to get around, even though the company is now in one larger building that fits everyone.

I especially like to use the stairs, even though most of my work activities happen one the first floor.

The stairs provide a bit more exercise, which I definitely need. Also adds steps, to help me toward my daily goal of 10,000 steps (and 10 floors).

Walking every hour (necessary to reach to goal) doesn’t take long, gives the mind a little micro-break, and is good for your health all around — physical and mental — nothing better, I’ve found.

Keep going, however you can, I think that’s the message. FORWARD.

All We Do

Personal Life, Home Life, Work Life, Social Life, Service Life, all we do, how to do?!

How to balance, prioritize, attend,

Say Yes, say No, how and when, when when when?

Find the bits, find the time, find it within yourself each hour, each day,

For all you do, all the demands and pulls and sense of need,

How to find the time for all that needs us, all the draws, flawed thinking,

That we can do all of it all time, no no, find blocks of time, bits of time,

Like now, for all of it, for you, and it’s enough,

Enough said.

Strange Solace

Working in the warehouse today, standing in-between the looming racks of material,
pallets up high, down low, also looses boxes neatly stacked. I’m between PL1 and PL2.

Gray, rainy day outside, much needed rain for our drought-stricken state. The weather turned wet yesterday, and is expected to continue throughout today.

Near the location I’m working in the vast warehouse to stage material, there is an eight-inch pipe running
parallel one of the main beams that goes floor to ceiling.

When I was here early morning, I could hear the water from the rain on the roof running
down the pipe. Strangely soothing.

The gentle sound has persisted through the morning. It’s in the background, quite subtle, but steady, most welcome,

Welcome solace to the workday pace, heightened as year-end approaches.

Find a little peace, a little joy where you can, every minute, every day.


Part of my work tasks, most every day,

One of those things, I just gotta say,

If you fall behind, ya then gotta make hay,

It’s fundamental to workflow and costing and good data, oh say,

So best to tick off, get it done bit by bit, just chill out, wax on, wax off, keep it legit.

5…99…Operation Codes, SAP,

“Confirmed”, the goal, progress, don’t stress, bit by bit get it done.

Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing, my attitude into the day, the week,

When I first wake, it often comes crashing down…the list is long, things rush into my mind,

My kids, my divorce, a few nagging work issues, the state of my community, the state, the country, the many conflict areas of the world,

No shit, no lie, I pray about Gaza, and Somalia, and Iraq, and Ethiopia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, every day, comes rushing into my mind, and for the people, especially the children, I pray….and for my own kids, I pray for them, this far, and into eternity…

Things rushing in, rushing in…

But it’s not enough, or maybe just enough, to keep it all at bay,

It’s a funny thing, why do I feel that way, most every day, Never mind, push through, funny or otherwise, just got to do it,


Up and Down

Master the skill, up and down. On the golf course, up and down on the green means getting there and sinking the putt in short order.

Maybe it’s similar in life, up and down. Each day, get up and get your work done; pursue the goals of your life, the goals of the day. Whatever that is for you. But get UP, and do. DO.

And then be ok in coming down, slowing down, each day. Let yourself do that. Come down. Rest. Respite. Relax. Slow down. SLOW DOWN.

And then do the whole thing again the next day.

Get good at the up and down.

It will serve you well.

Settled in Unsettled

Weird feeling, let me attempt to explain a little.

My family structure, a new chapter, still searching for settled. Family under two households, a second divorce, forward still, the kids the common denominator that we remain committed to, whatever “family” looks like anew? We’ll see.

My work life, jobs shifted, a position I accepted, then became something different. now opportunities, lots to learn, LOTS to learn, keep learning, doing, being, open, to contribute, the common goal, contribute, to move the business forward.

“All good,” I tell myself, make myself, will make, am making the best of it, both.

Settled in the unsettled.

Think of the possibilities…


Make it GOOD.