Song of the Week

Listening to several songs this past week that were from music I listened to decades ago.  Many of those songs’ lyrics still ring true for me today.  I feel the old feelings I had when I first heard the music, listened to the tunes over and over, until I knew all the words.

And so I had the idea to bring those lyrics back, to share some of them, share a song a week with the words that spoke to me at the time, still do today.  Often it was inspiration, and still carries that weight; other times it was just good story, or something I could otherwise relate to.

Beginning this week, every Thursday, I’m going to post lyrics from a song; maybe I’ll share a little personal background as well.  And if I can find the tune on YouTube, will include that link too.

Not sure what the first song will be.  But I’m pretty excited.  I hope this weekly practice provides a boost.  I know it will for me.

More GOOD.

Celebrating Susan, 2017

A dozen years back I met this amazing person. Her name is Susan.  I was really lucky. She taught me a lot about myself and love and learning. 

A few years later she became my wife.  Together we made a family, now with three little children. I am even more lucky now. 

Susan teaches me about myself and other ways of being that are good. She challenges me and loves me and stands with me. She helps make life worthwhile. I am SO lucky.

Today we celebrate her birthday, and I thank God and fate and my lucky stars in the sky for Susan, this amazing, smart, funny, inspiring, caring, solid human being I’m going through life with. 

The kids and I are so fortunate, so blessed so filled with GOOD because of her.

Happy Birthday to You, Susan!

Seth, Fred, and Me

Putting myself in very good company, but you know, if you don’t strive for excellence, you’ll likely not get there.

Seth Godin and Fred Wilson are just two of the millions of blogging voices out there. They are two of my favorites as well.

Among the traits I like about both of  them is the frequency of their posts. They put something out there everyday. Often the piece isn’t very long. More times than not though, it’a got a little nugget (or a big chunk) of good insight. That’s my other favorite trait: the insight.

Mostly what I like about the frequency of the posts? It shows these two guys, they both get their voices out there. I suspect they have that little voice inside that becomes that bigger voice outside that says, “Hey, that thought that keeps bubbling in your head? SHARE IT.”

I’ve read that some of the best stuff about blogging is just this act: SHARING. It’s one of the primary motivations I had when I started this blog: get the thoughts down you think are worth sharing, and get them out there.

The motivation to do so? Pretty simple in the end.

Those thoughts you have?

They’re better out in the collective than kept inside. The sharing moves the conversation forward. Whatever the conversation happens to be. As long as it’s positive.

That’s what I strive for. Furthering the good out in the world.  At least a few words at a time.

So here’s to resetting to more frequent blogging. And sharing the good.

2015: The Year of GOOD Content

After more than a month hiatus from blogging, I feel a new, expanded sense of purpose and direction in the new year.  No surprise really, since January frequently brings to the fore new goals, new vision, new dreams for folks.  Weight loss, regular exercise, financial and profession advancement or otherwise positive change…all these fall into that same bucket.

My personal goal for 2015 is to turn up the engine on “content output.”  A couple bloggers I follow inspired me to reach further than I have thus far. They post regularly, nearly every day in fact, with some insight, story, thread that makes my day a little better. I want to do the same for others.

It’s really all about discipline at the core.  Write AND POST regularly, and especially when the spirit moves you, don’t ignore it.

Up to this point I’ve used other social media channels (twitter, facebook, instagram) to provide an “inspiration fix” when the GOOD comes across my path and I act to share it with the world. That practice will continue.   What will change is the regularity of posts on this blog.

Most every day I come across something, have some experience, witness some event or action, which reminds me that life is in fact “half full.”  My aim now is to turn that witnessing into regular content, to help others realize it can be “all good”, if only we see it that way.

Get Ready…Get Set…and once again, ONWARD.

Two Examples for GOOD: Using Your Voice, Making a Difference

I’m a BIG fan of twitter.  There are two main reasons.

First, I love the twin effect of having an immediate voice to the world for anything and everything GOOD that comes to mind.  I also love the fact that I find SO much GOOD coming from every corner, including sources I know and of course, many more I don’t know.

Twitter is how I found the following two super-fine examples of good happening in the world.   Together they are a perfect example of the GOOD I’m talking about that I come across every day.

These two individuals are both women and both are Egyptian.

I don’t know if they know one another (via twitter or otherwise), but in my humble opinion, they should.   One is now living part-time in the United Kingdom as well as Egypt.  The other splits time in the United States.

They are two voices that resonate for women, for children, for freedom, for tolerance, for all.

First there is Mona El-Tahaway.  She is a feminist writer and public speaker on Arab & Muslim issues.

Mona has a massive 291k tweets, 208k followers, and 21.2k favorites.

Her twitter handle:  @monaeltahaway

You can learn more about her here:

And you can get a very compelling and engaging voice from Mona’s talk at TEDx Amsterdam here:

Then there is Nelly Ali.  She is researcher who strives (successfully!) to advocate for street kids and thus provide insights on education, society and culture in Egypt and beyond.

Nelly Ali has a more modest 22.5k tweets, 21.4k followers and 5,976 favorites.

Her twitter handle:  @nellyali

You can read more about her, and by her at:

The GOOD is out there.  It’s all about finding it and sharing it.

If any of this resonates for you, you can do the same.  Via twitter, or any other channel that suits you.