Rest: Full Stop

It’s been a busy week; after a busy weekend; in the beginning of a busy year ahead; after a busy year last year.

So it’s busy.

On top of the usual routines I also got a Shingles Booster this week. They warned me about side effects. Most all my life I haven’t worried much about those as long as I wasn’t “in danger”, which I’m not with this vaccine .

But I do feel really tired; and achy; and it’s going to be a busy Friday. And I’ll have my kids this weekend.

So at 742pm, I’m getting ready for bed after I finish this piece. Shoot, just sitting in the rocking chair in my room feels good.

So yea.

Rest. Full Stop. Sometimes ya just need it. I do. Now.


[Bonus: link to CDC Info on the booster, if you need it: ]

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