Painful, Perspective, Prayers Up

It happened in an instant. Monday Night Football. The Cincinnati Bengals versus the Buffalo Bills. Two teams at the top of their devisions, battling for conference ranking going into the NFL play-offs. First quarter, routine play, Bills Safety Damar Hamlin makes the tackle near mid-field. He gets up after the play, takes a step, then …

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Inspiration, 1, TdF2021

Surprised to even be in the race. Many successes past, what would come of this edition? Cavendish, 31 stage wins in Le Tour, second all time… He would end up tied with Eddy Merckx, epic company. And this pic attached, also epic, the World Champion working for Cavendish in the final stage. Inspired. GOOD.

Lyrics Post: “Back to the Bay” by Daveed Diggs

Pretty well can't say enough good things about this dude, Daveed Diggs. Beyond his beats, his words, his Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson...I just pretty well love everything I've learned about him. He inspires, plain and simple. And he's a WARRIORS fan from Oakland, California. All the better, dig it, dig Diggs, Back to the Bay... …

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Up and Down

Up and down things go, every hour, every day. Moods, fortunes, progress, or lack there of. Sometimes, maybe frequently, the best we can do is keep going. Sometimes the best we can do is take the step forward. Let’s do that today. Up or down, when things settle, go forward. Let’s go forward together.