Lyrics Post: “Back to the Bay” by Daveed Diggs

Pretty well can’t say enough good things about this dude, Daveed Diggs. Beyond his beats, his words, his Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson…I just pretty well love everything I’ve learned about him.

He inspires, plain and simple.

And he’s a WARRIORS fan from Oakland, California. All the better, dig it, dig Diggs, Back to the Bay…

Nestled in an enclave in Cali
Where demonstrations and rallies
Have a long history of making waves and tastes
Shaping language and style substantially
Standing for the best in the wake of the worst tides
We’ve seen in a long time

From a long line of lyricists, linguists, and yes, panthers
Not to mention regular people so inundated with game
That the slang rivaling Shakespeare seems common
As it should
Here where Gertrude Stein claimed there was no there
Has grown a scene which has newcomers clamoring to understand
And get a piece

And they holler at fever pitch
And confidently riding the crest of this epic sound wave is a team that in true Bay fashion redefined the rules of the game
And then made the new ruler undeniable
And as a new season begins we prepare to bring it back
Bring it back, back, back, back

Back to the Bay
Finna bring another one back to the Bay
Show the whole game how to act in the Bay
Squad stacked in the Bay
You can hate but you can’t ignore the facts in the Bay

Look the earth we stand on is Klay
And the turf we claim is carefully placed
On a strong foundation, a nation
And watch us paving away in amazement
And the sweat breaks out with a smile and a head shake

You can taste the spice
Chef Curry, cooking up look at em shook as they know their ankles may break
And they could rant all day
Got Durant comin’ over to play
But real talk? Who wouldn’t want to live in the Bay

Best place in the Golden State
Face the music, hyphie
But never lost the blues and the polka
The gospel of Matt Barnes
Yeah, we still believin’
Stand tall, stay centered
That JaVale McGee

But they key thing, no matter what their eyes seen
They can’t see us, we dream in Draymond Green
Cooler than Pachulia’s stare, we gets busy
But stay calm and drop bombs like Iggy
We way too Jiggy, we way too focused

You know this, from the O to the So’ to the Valley Jo’ to San Jo’, this
Isn’t metaphorical around here the town and the crowd gets
Call it Roaracle how loud is the town business
Loud enough to shut ’em down
Loud enough you feel it every time we come around
Loud enough to shake the ground and still keep ’em flocking to Oakland
Keep talkin’ while we win another trophy

Back to the Bay
Finna bring another one back to the Bay
Show the whole game how to act in the Bay
Squad stacked in the Bay
You can hate but you can’t ignore the facts in the Bay

And if you want to hear it? HERE.

Up and Down

Up and down things go, every hour, every day. Moods, fortunes, progress, or lack there of.

Sometimes, maybe frequently, the best we can do is keep going. Sometimes the best we can do is take the step forward.

Let’s do that today. Up or down, when things settle, go forward. Let’s go forward together.

More Props

I just heard a piece on the radio about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the diversity of their coaching leadership. It’s expanded my appreciation for the team and my attitude about that team, Tom Brady joining the team, and their victory in Super Bowl LV.

Listening to Rod Graves, executive Director of the Fred’s Pollard foundation, it all comes quickly into focus. Lots of good from the Tampa Bay organization, their approach, their leadership, their victory.

Some of the insight came from this piece:

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers And Diversity In The Upper Ranks Of An NFL Franchise”

And here, the proof in the staff:

Then more insight from Rod Graves, ED of the Pollard Foundation, and about them, here:

Bottom line?

More props, more GOOD. Let the colors wash together, let the very best rise to the top.


Props to them Bucs, bravo.

Props to Brady, bravo.

Super Bowl LV Champions.

You can read all his stats as you like. Believe he has the most regular season wins, yards, touchdowns, Super Bowl wins as a quarterback in history.

He’s from the San Francisco Bay Area, from which I hail and still reside, too. Hmm, I wonder, does Brady have a home here?

No matter. Props to you, man, props.

You inspire. Rock on.

Change Up

A little like a pitcher to a catcher, right by the batter, WIFF!

My older daughter applied that sorta magic earlier today, when my son was going sideways. It was super to watch, super thankful was I for the magic.

I had run up against it, unable to sway his mood, still looking at a couple hours of work from home, a co-worker waiting for my call.

A change-up, tone, topic, tempo, and he was out of his rut and following her down the hall.

So SO thankful.

On the mound and certainly in life, sometimes the situation you’re in calls for a change-up.

Inspiration Everywhere: Nick Chubb, Running Back, Cleveland Browns Football Team

Baller. Grinder. Fun to watch. Brings it on every down. Inspired player.

Pretty quick, all these thoughts came rushing in when I watched the Cleveland Browns game Sunday night.

Nick Chubb was inspiring, the way he ran. And it came to mind, gotta share that simple thought: be inspired by the simplest of things.

I mean, I’m not a huge sports fan; and in football I’m really a San Francisco Forty Niners fan, having grown up and still living just down the road in San Jose.

But Chubb inspired, so I’m sharing it, it’s that simple. Allow yourself to be inspired.

What’s Fair?

I listen to my kids talk about what’s fair, what they want, what they prefer.

I hear my friends talk about much the same, what’s fair? The problems they have at work, in their marriage, and so on, why isn’t it fair?

Funny thing about fair…

at our best I think we strive for fairness, but shouldn’t expect it; in fact, I think we should expect things not to be fair. We should prepare in such a manner that we are ready when things don’t shake down fairly.

I think that’s the lesson I want my kids to learn. That’s the lesson we all need to learn.

Strive for fair,

Work for fair,

Even insist on fair,

But when it’s not, be ready for that too.

That’s the lesson. Learn it. And then apply it, refine it. Every day.


A Grinder is person that doesn’t give up. A Grinder just keeps at it, no matter the failures, the struggles, the obstacles that present themselves. It’s hard to be a Grinder.

On my best days I think of myself in this way. Actually, that’s not true.

On some of my worst days I think I’m a Grinder. I’ve had some successes for sure, and I live a blessed life, all in all. I have it far better than most. But I’ve also struggled mightily. I’ve had some epic fails. They’ve nearly, silently, gently crushed me.

Lately I’ve been feeling that a lot. A LOT.

But then at some point I get through the dark thoughts, and I shift. And I think, “Ah well, press on, try again, don’t quit, keep going, NEVER GIVE UP.”

It’s like being 0 for 15 from the free-throw line. It’s like being on a ten-game hitting slump. It’s like dropping every pass thrown to you. It’s like coming in dead last. It’s like struggling with algebra, or statics, or the bar exam. It’s like a million different things people struggle with.

The truth is, we all struggle. The other truth is, we all need to be Grinder sometimes. What’s more? If you’re a parent, teach your kids to be the same. It’s a trait that will serve them well throughout their lives.


Courage, Strength, Trust

These traits emerge anew. Found in words from Psalm 33. I discovered the verse via my cousin who lives in western New York. I think I need to read the whole psalm; thanks for the inspiration, cuz.

“Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.” – Psalm 33:20.

So simple; and sometimes easy to feel, and follow; and sometimes so damn hard, so fleeting.

When we can find that trust, that faith, everything else follows; we are stronger, we have more courage, going forward is easier.

Faith and trust, let it be. Let us be stronger too, in that trust. And thus, easier.

Just easier.