Painful, Perspective, Prayers Up

It happened in an instant. Monday Night Football. The Cincinnati Bengals versus the Buffalo Bills. Two teams at the top of their devisions, battling for conference ranking going into the NFL play-offs.

First quarter, routine play, Bills Safety Damar Hamlin makes the tackle near mid-field. He gets up after the play, takes a step, then collapses backward to the grass turf.

This happens on live TV. Happens all the time, players go down during a game. Almost always the eventually get up; maybe helped off the field, but they give some sign they’re ok.

Not this time.

Player down. Trainers and other medical personnel come to the field. Then there’s a stretcher; and an ambulance comes on the field.

Within thirty minutes of going down he’s on the way to a local hospital. Reports say his mom came to the field to go along with him. Subsequently we learn CPR was administered, and then he was intubated, as he wasn’t able to breath on his own.

After he leaves in ambulance, through whatever decision-making process went on, with whomever, the game is suspended; both teams leave the field.

It’s evident they are all distraught, in shock, and supporting one another: and fans from both teams are scene later arriving to the hospital, praying together in front of the hospital.

And through all this we’re reminded what matters most. Human Connections; and supporting each other, on whatever field we play on; and remembering each other’s well being is primary; and we need to take care of each other.

BIG Prayers up for Damar Hamlin.

Following is a piece published by ESPN late last night.

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