Nighttime Banter

Nighttime banter, what’s the answer? Three little people, come alive, chase the steeple, as the nighttime wanes to bedtime,

What’s the right time to drop the hammer? Enough of the clammer, time for sleep, TIME FOR SLEEP.

Banter defined might inform, what’s the norm?

“the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks” ~

~ let them run a little as sleepy washes into the room, playful teasing, just a bit, then they’re easing off to sleep, then they’re easing off to sleep.

Nighttime banter, that’s the answer, off to sleep, off to sleep.

Lyrics Post: “Me In Honey”

Another one that spoke truth to me somehow; not sure why; but from the first time until right this moment, this song, speaks.



“Me In Honey”

I sat there looking ugly, looking ugly and mean
I knew what you were saying, you were saying to me

Baby’s got some new rules
Baby said she’s had it with me

It seems a shame to waste your time on me
It seems a lot to waste your time for me
Left me to love
What it’s doing to me

There’s a lot of honey in this world
Baby this honey’s from me
You’ve got to do what you do
Do it with me

It seems a shame to waste your time for me
Left me to love
What it’s doing to me

Knocked silly, knocked flat, sideways down
These things they pick you up and they turn you around
Say your piece
Say you’re sweet for me

It’s all the same to share the pain with me
It’s all the same, save the shame for me
Left me to love
What it’s doing to me

Baby’s got some new rules
Baby says she’s had it with me
There’s a fly in the honey
And baby’s got a baby with me
That’s a part, that’s a part of me

Left me to love
What it’s doing to me
Left me to love
What it’s doing to me

What about me?
What about me?

Writer(s): Berry, Mills, Buck, Stipe

Write. Almost Never Wrong.

Writing is fundamental; indeed, it’s a life skill we need in human society to strive and thrive and flourish. Writing is almost never wrong.

Trying to unravel thoughts? Write them down.

Have ideas to share? Write them up, get them out in the world.

True, writing pamphlets of hate, not so good. Spreading lies, promoting violence, evil dissent through the written word, no thank you. But that too tells you the power of writing.

The power of writing is what it does for yourself and for others too. Pour out the ideas, pour out the experiences, share the words, share the love.


Listen, Lean-In, Love

Listen to the voices you trust, to those that inspire you, each day. Learn the lessons being offered if they resonate with you. Learn them well.

Lean-in to hard things when it makes sense. We can do hard things . You can do hard things. We humans, we are built for struggle, to overcome difficulties, to persevere. That’s you, too!

Love yourself; at the same time, as you hold yourself accountable, remember to also love yourself.

And love those around you who love you; and love those who need love; let the love you are blessed with power you forward. Accept it when it is offered; give it as often as you can.

Let it be so: Listen, Lean-In, Love.

Plod, Pause, Progress

These three “P’s”…something to be said for them…

We plod through day-to-day, not always completely inspired, not always completely focused, but overall, if we’re going forward, I’d call that, I DO call that, GOOD;

Sometimes the best thing to do is pause, right where we are, and take stock; take an extra deep breath or ten; take a moment or ten for yourself to look around, reset, remind yourself that you’re enough, just as you are; you’re GOOD;

And maybe through those two actions, maybe that’s the foundation of progress. Of course there’s also the “big moves”, the revelations, the quantum leaps…but I think often progress is the simpler version; one foot in front of the other; doing the work; being present in the here and now, and doing the…next…right…thing.

I’d call that progress.

Other Side

On the other side of the headache, is the comfort and calm and peace to think clearly;

On the other side of releasing the angst and the pain and the toil is the certainty that you can take the next step on that ten thousand mile journey of life;

On the other side of the anxiety that spins you around and flips you upside down is the sense of serenity and peace that you are living exactly the life you’re meant to live in this moment,

And the clarity to change the things that need changing to align your head, your heart, your soul,

Starting now, on the other side.

Anxiety: Release Me

There’s a great Pearl Jam song…from their first album, I think…”Release Me”…

I think that phrase captures a place I come to with my anxiety, sometimes.

So spun up, extended, stretched, tired, spent. I stare at it, waiting, not blinking. Will it consume me? Will I disappear into its frazzled, jagged, frayed folds of angst and despair…? I get to the point where I don’t care, I’m tired of trying…

And sometimes, just then, it releases me…

Or do I release myself…? Maybe therein the magic lies, the trick to be played.


Just let yourself be. Release the expectations and the mistakes and the fears and just…be you.

Come on. I’ll join you.

We can do it together.

Thought Box

The Thought Box.

Have I mentioned before? Not sure. If not, it’s high time. If I have brought it up before, well, worth exploring a little once again.

The central idea of the Thought Box…just what is it? It’s a concept, that can also be made into a visual reference, a model, a thing to hold and touch.

It’s for the kids; at least that was the original idea.

And how do I suggest they use it? I came up with the box for our kids as a way to clear the mind when trying to go to sleep.

It could be imagined two ways: either a box to put your bad thoughts in, or a box to be imagined as your mind, and this the space to push all the bad the bad thoughts out from. I’ve used the concept many times myself over the years to clear my mind and keep it that way as I go to sleep.

The physical box came to mind when I wanted to give the kids something to help them visualize.

But really, it’s a good way to focus the mind generally. What’s more, it’s not just a way to deal with nightmares, thoughts about bad guys, scary shadows, noises you think you hear down the hall…

Maybe the Thought Box can even be helpful to calm anxiety. Clear your mind of that…pick the color of your anxiety…maybe it’s like green slime…and you push that slime out of the box in your mind; just don’t let it in. Maybe easier said than done; but that’s coping in your mind generally, I think. It takes practice, but these sort of techniques can help.

Go ahead, give that ol’ Thought Box a try ~ you have nothing to lose but your anxiety!

Anxiety: Fight it with Music, with Song, “The Next Right Thing”

Sometimes simply listening to a song over and over can help stave off anxiety, turn your frown upside down, make all the difference.

Give it go, this is a good one for those moments. Just do…

“The Next Right Thing”

(from “Frozen 2” soundtrack)

I’ve seen dark before

But not like this

This is cold

This is empty

This is numb

The life I knew is over

The lights are out

Hello, darkness

I’m ready to succumb

I follow you around

I always have

But you’ve gone to a place I cannot find

This grief has a gravity

It pulls me down

But a tiny voice whispers in my mind

You are lost, hope is gone

But you must go on

And do the next right thing

Can there be a day beyond this night?

I don’t know anymore what is true

I can’t find my direction, I’m all alone

The only star that guided me was you

How to rise from the floor

When it’s not you I’m rising for?

Just do the next right thing

Take a step, step again

It is all that I can to do

The next right thing

I won’t look too far ahead

It’s too much for me to take

But break it down to this next breath

This next step

This next choice is one that I can make

So I’ll walk through this night

Stumbling blindly toward the light

And do the next right thing

And with the dawn, what comes then?

When it’s clear that everything will never be the same again

Then I’ll make the choice

To hear that voice

And do the next right thing

‘Frozen 2’ Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez

Anxiety: A Continuum

I don’t know what the experts say for sure, but I believe anxiety, like a lot of feelings exist on a continuum.

Maybe all feelings are like this? Probably so.

In this way then, part of coping with anxiety is realizing this common trait exists, and then you can identify some lessons that might be useful.

Anger, Happiness, Frustration, Excitement, Fear, Calm, Anxiety. These are some of the feelings that come to mind; powerful indeed, feelings that can drive us forward, slow us down to “smell the roses”, or stop us cold, frozen in our tracks.

It comes to mind for me that the different feelings, the different emotions have varying affect on us; perhaps it’s more the negative feelings — or those generally thought of as negative — are the ones that stall us out, freeze us…and then the thought follows…

Why do we let the “negative” feelings affect us differently…? Why not just recognize it for what it is, process it, and then move on?

Why indeed…easier said than done. But it’s worth a try, right? It’s worth a try to NOT let the anxiety and the fear and the self-doubt get the better of you. I am filled with those negative feelings at times, seemingly to the very brim, and it’s up to ME to change how I deal with it.

These negative feelings, they are on the continuum with all the other emotions. And if you’re like me, for some reason, we give them more power over us…but we don’t have to.

So let’s try that simple strategy, and master lesson of how to cope with the anxiety and the fear and the doubt: Recognize, Acknowledge, and Go Forward.