Plugging Along In Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been the recent salvation for my days, and my nights. Juxtaposed to nighttime, to rest and slumber, interesting to apply it to the workday tho’. Frenetic pace of the business world, the changing demands, dynamics pressing nearly every moment, what to say? Say that mindfulness helps either way. Centered, focused, distractions recede, how, …

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Sleep Is IMPORTANT As An Activity

I've always enjoyed sleeping. Now more than ever I'm intent on getting sufficient rest; Now more than ever I'm embracing what sleep does for me in the immediate -- coping, stress relief, recovery -- And what (I hope!) it does for me in the long term. Live to 100? Gonna try! Read article below for …

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Road Trip, Make it GOOD

Saw this on a hill near Willamina, coming from the Oregon coast , through Yamhill County, heading southeast on Highway 18. This image captures the spirit of the Spring roadtrip with my kids: make it GOOD. Long travel? That’s part of the fun, enjoy the new and varied scenery. Kids sparring repeatedly? That’s how kids …

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Extraneous, Receding

Extraneous: not forming an essential or vital part Receding: to move back or away : WITHDRAW Interesting and magical, the way vacation, retreat can remove the extra in your life, the non-essential. Being near the ocean has this effect for me. I am grateful for this effect. A very busy life responds to the insistent, …

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In the dark again, Seeking good rest, fleeting, Thoughts spool up quickly, random, My choice, what to do what to do, Assert, ascend in the moment, Take back the mantle of control, insist, Scribble down Reese words, way forward, Adjust in the dark, eyelids flutter, better, Let the moment pass, let the moment pass~~~