Reach Out, Push Through

Recently shared a little about inertia; I told a friend after that post it was actually more accurate to call it “emotional inertia.”

That’s where I’ve been the last few days, for some reason. You might call it a funk. I’ve probably called it that here somewhere before.

And so what to do? Another common theme comes up: persevere; teach out to others; push through the sledge; keep going until you get to the other side.

I think expectations have something to do with it, where this funk comes from. More precisely, my own (unrealistic?) expectation on what’s possible to get done during any given time.

And then when I fall short, don’t do what I expected to do? FUNK.

And that’s when the perseverance mentality has to rise; and reaching out to others becomes even more critical. Sometimes it takes a while; and so the funk gets more powerful; maybe a wallow even commences; and if it’s really strong, I wake up in the middle of the night, mind immediately racing.

And so?

Reach out to others, and PUSH THROUGH.

And I am.


I found myself deep in it this past weekend. Inertia. My particular case was mental inertia.

High minded goals stalled out. Some things completed, but much still to do.

With a little faith and patience and some love too, I came out the other side. Then I fell back in again, into the funk.

When you find yourself in that mindset it can be tough. And it can ebb and flow; a subtle yet teal challenge to wade through and overcome. But you CAN get through it.

Do the next right thing. And then do it again. And again. That’s the path forward. And be patient, even as it’s uncomfortable and maybe frustrating. Be patient. And do the next right thing.

You’ll get through it.

Get Some: Early Morning Peace

This road, so busy during the day. A road running from the east foothills all the way to what was orchard lands, a hundred years ago. Now home of The Spaceship.

I walk this road most mornings, heading west, only a couple of blocks, with a couple dogs. It’s the perfect way to start the work day, maybe any day, really. On weekend days I opt for more sleep, slumber longer past sunrise.

But during the week, it’s up early well before the sun breaks, walking west, seeking peace, finding peace. Walking prayers, Faith Time, Good Time.

Grateful for that time. Time to get settled. Set for whatever the day’s going to bring. At peace.

“White Noise”

I’ve relished it since I was a kid.

The National Sleep Foundation defines “white noise” as that which reduces the difference between background sounds and “peak” sounds.

Whatever you call it, I love it. As a kid it was the central air system fan in our house running in the early morning. Now it’s the heater coming on at my house during the night or early morning when it’s cold.

I like music quietly playing in the background. I like the sound of the ocean waves crashing over and over at the beach. I like the sound of rain.

Even now as I write this, I hear the highway traffic off in the distance. Sort of sounds like the ocean. 🙂

White Noise. I love it.

What brings you calm in an unexpected way?