Travel Realm

On the road for the week, four days travel for three days on the coast,

Mixed bag of attitudes and circumstance make it a week to remember,

Movies and meals, some contrived, some on the fly,

Common Cold put a damper, but did not derail the week, soldier through, soldier through,

Gamut of rain, hail, drizzle, then clear and blue, all the while brisk, refreshing,

So long to get to this place, not miles but years, a family trip a decade to come together.

How to make a Spring Break fun? Focus on “A” for Adaptability, “A” for Adventure, sprinkle in a generous amount of “C” for Choice.

Mind, Soul reset, Body to follow another time,

Place and People, Family and Fun the focus for the week, getting on together, adventure together,

Better Together, BETTER TOGETHER.

Last Day, Neskowin

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