Society of Jesus

Mission Santa Clara, on the campus of Santa Clara University (SCU). The mission was founded by The Franciscans in 1776; the university (a college to start) was founded by the Jesuits in 1851. I was lucky enough to go to school there.

The Jesuits, members of the Society of Jesus, still run the university today. Those “Jebbee’s”, as my grandfather called them, gave me much of the foundation that still grounds me decades after attending: critical thinking, questioning, studying, being compassionate, trying to help those in need, love of all people, a deep faith in God.

The biggest collection of good people I know were SCU classmates. I’m damn lucky. Damn lucky too (ironic?) to still hear God’s encouragement in many Jesuit prayer and reflections.

1,500 years after Jesus died, his vision and teachings spoke anew to a small group of men, lead by Ignatius of Loyola. Five hundred years later, that Society, now more than 16,000 strong, from all over the world, still teach and inspire.

Thank You Ignatius, Thank You Society of Jesus, Thank You SCU, Thank You Jesus.

Double Check

It’s always better to double check: your homework, the arithmetic in your checkbook ledger, your shopping list, your car lock.

Yesterday I went back twice to check my car door lock, because my work bag was in the back seat, and I wasn’t sure if I’d locked all the doors.

Better safe than sorry. That’s certainly cliche, and for good reason.

It’s true.

Not Always Straight

That’s how life is. We try hard, real hard sometimes, to draw a straight line between where we are and where we want to be. Often times though, things go sideways.

Planned to get work early, car troubles slow you down.

Intent in eating healthy, the pie called you from the fridge.

Set to finish your report, the math didn’t look right.

Ready to do the presentation, your computer crashed.

And on and on and on. The best laid plans of mice and men sometimes (often?) go awry. We’ve all been there.

Keep going forward. You don’t have to go in a straight line. Just keep going.

Keep Learning (Redux?)

Love this.

Seen at one of our local parks yesterday.

This play structure has been there for years. What a simple, great addition these two modules are.

Understand a bit more about what Braille is, hear the ring of a basic scale (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti), it’s all GOOD.   Might just spark something more.

Keep learning. Opportunities are everywhere.  For little kids.  And everyone, really.

Alt Monday

Kick starting the summer, the week, and this blog again today. Things have seemed to in flux these last several weeks; I’m trying to reset and find a good groove and provide a baseline, all at the same time. It’s been a mixed bag of little successes, and results otherwise too.

Some friends in town have provided a nice break and big breath of fresh air. They’ve got three little kids like we do, so there’s good symetry and we share similar struggkes.It’s really nice.

Today I decided to take an impromptu day off and hang with the folks one more day, together with my family (who are all off for summer break). One highlight  for today. We went to the park a d hung out, midday. The kids played, the adults enjoyed the shade and the breeze. After that, we had a late lunch. Some of the kids took a nap. Some adults did the same.

To wrap it up, we had take out burgers and apple pie, with the kids watching marathon Power Rangers episodes.

Nice to have a little bonus day tacked onto the weekend. Unexpected soul time. Soak it up.

Alt Monday: GOOD.


Anthony Bourdain. It’s been a month since he took his own life. Another great cultural influencer gone by the way side.

His story was inspiring. His writing was entertaining, his reporting was full of color and depth and scope.

His experiences were as admirable as they were diverse. Hell, he had lunch with Obama at a lunch cafe in Vietnam [good story on that here].


He was a chef turned writer turned foodie global travelogue guy. Great insights, good humor.

His death is sad, but also instructive. Even, and maybe especially, at the top of your game, you’re vulnerable. We are all vulnerable.

The demons are out there, and we must remain vigilant to our own care, our own well-being. Attend to it daily. Take care of yourself. First. Always. Or you won’t have anything to give.

Bourdain. Rest In Peace.

My Country ‘Tis of Thee…

The discourse in this land is pretty rough right now. Seems that there’s more extremism, and much less willingness to compromise. And policies we would have previously not thought within the realm of reasonable are implemented to “get tough” and “act as a deterrent.” The decision a few weeks ago to separate children from parents when they come into the country under questionable circumstance is a glaring example of our society’s diminished humanity.

I side with Brene Brown’s approach:

I often think about what the United States means to me, what my impressions are, compared to my fellow Americans, and the rest of the world.

As for me I want to live in a place that offers the basics, not just to those who were born here, but to everyone who is here.

Life, liberty, justice, the pursuit of happiness, safety and security for the persecuted, and the poor, for those trying to make their lives better.

On this day we celebrate Independence Day for the United States, when we declared America a country free from British rule, I’m thinking about those early American attitudes that shaped our country. Fighting the power, striving to live the lives they want to live, striving to have compromise and tolerance and inclusiveness be the guiding themes we live by.

I’m IN.