Lyrics Post: “Gratitude” Oingo Boingo

As we round out this whacky crazy Covid-filled 2020, let’s not let the negative have the last word. Let’s sign off with an attitude of gratitude fir what went right, what we have to be thankful. And let’s let this Oingo Boingo song lift our spirits and tap our toes as 2020 draws to close.

“Life’s been so good to me
Has it been good to you?
Has it been everything
That you expected it to be?
Was it as good for you
As it was good for me?
And was it everything
That it was all set up to be?
(Now, is that gratitude?)

Now, is that gratitude?
Or is it really love
Some kind of reality
That fits just like a glove
Now, is that gratitude
For everything I’ve done
Or is it something else
That’s got me on the run?

In the middle of a big tornado
On the tip of everyone’s tongue
In the belly of a giant whale
All the girls just wanna have fun
In the look of a frightened neighbor
In a big, warm bed at night
In a broken elevator
In the teeth of a dog that bites
In the middle of a revolution
In the look of a child’s face
In the silence of the dinner table
In the stillness of disgrace

I used to eat little girls I knew
For breakfast
I used to fly high up in the sky
I used to chew up rocks and
Spit out gravel
I had a heart as cold as ice

But when I think of you
And what you’ve done to me
You took away my hope
You took away my fantasy
I once had lots of pride
The world was in my hands
I lived way at the top
Of castles made of sand

I dream of you sometimes”

Music and Lyrics by Danny Elfman & Oingo Boingo


One of my favorite things, my true joys and foundations for a happy life is connecting with people from around the world.

I’ve been fortunate to visit maybe a dozen countries in my life so far. Super blessed. I’ve been lucky to also meet folks through work from maybe a dozen more countries.

I love this.

What else do I love in this similar, international manner? I am stoked and grateful for the global reach of this blog…SUPER stoked, and thanks for the visits, the interest, the support…you all are good for my head, heart, soul…!

Christmas Dinner Menus 2020

Our buddy Mark said it for all of us:

“To my fav peeps…

Thank you for your friendship…

Thank you Santa Clara [University]…”

That last reference, to the college where we all met and somehow were blessed with a life-time bond.

I sent out a text asking about Christmas menus, to these men I’ve been blessed to call friends for decades… what I got back from various locations in the west follows…love the yummy…and I’m sure it was…!

The dinner menus broken down thus.

From Long Beach, CA

Tri Tip marinated in teriyaki, mashed potatoes,


salad and

really tasty wine with homade Christmas cookies by the girls.

From Neskowin, OR

Salmon with siracha sauce….

wild rice and broccoli…

and home made cheesecake…

From Masula, MT

Beef tenderloin,

mac n cheese.

Clara mashed potatoes, green beans,

1999 hess reserve,

caramel cake.

And from my house in San Jose, CA

Ribeye Roast with butter and garlic,

Honeybaked Ham

Potato mash,

Baked beans,

Cheesy broccoli casserole,

Med. Green salad,

Dinner rolls,

Layered jello and homemade cookies


And the friendships…timeless.

A Tribute to David Greene

I remember when David Greene was a correspondent in Russia… That’s when I first heard him and learned his name associated with NPR.

I remember I bought his book about travels and reporting in Russia.

When he came back to the states and began his time with the NPR radio show, Morning Edition, and then too the NPR podcast Up First, life got even sweeter listening to the radio.

And now he’s leaving NPR, on to new adventures. Today is his last day. This tribute as spoken by his friend and colleague, Rachel Martin:

“As much as I’ve been dreading this – the time has come. @nprgreene has just one more day @NPR. His departure is going to leave such a big hole.

David is the heart of @MorningEdition. He is the guy who can tell in two seconds if you’re having an off day and when he asks how you’re doing – he really wants to know the answer.

His work is some of the best to come out of this network. His powerful interview with gay rights activists in Chechnya just one example. He approaches every story with diligence and respect for those trusting him with their stories.

But he himself travels lightly through this world. He understands the trauma seeded in so many corners of our lives but he finds the good everywhere. It’s what draws people to him. His open heart and open arms and his open imagination about what could be.

David is adventure and possibility and goodness and working with him has been a wonder. Counting him as my friend – an even truer gift.”

Godspeed, David, hope to hear, read, see you again!

This image courtesy of One of David’s NPR producers, on a reporting road trip in Montana.

And this montage of photos posted on Twitter through out the day…I’m a little fired up about David Greene…

Dropped to the Ground

At the store, recent afternoon, saw a guy drop his disposable orange mask on the ground as he walked to his car. He was with his daughter.

Humf. At least he had a mask, I suppose.

We’d be a lot better off if folks didn’t take that approach. In public health, in personal responsibility, in parenting…maybe in a lot more.

I see people at work drop things. I see our political leaders drop things, I see our society drop things. And when it’s on purpose, and really you shouldn’t drop something, well, well that’s bullshit. If you drop it and you shouldn’t, PICK IT UP.

Don’t drop things to the ground. Stand up. And pick up. And teach your kids to do the same. Wear a mask. Pick up your trash. Put down the seat. You get the idea.

If you drop it to the ground, pick it up. We’ll all be better off.

How Do You Feel?

Dawning reality as the year winds down, maybe I’m not as in touch with myself as I think I am.

Harsh awakening. Sorta. Not really harsh maybe, but a personal wake-up call for sure.

A therapist I saw earlier this year, he observed I talk about my feelings, but maybe I don’t feel them so much. Or express them fully. Hmm.

Talking to a few old friends just the other day, they observed some of that about me too. Or at least that I spin things to the positive, finding the silver lining. “Well, yeah…” I think, “that’s maybe the hallmark piece of me.”

Hearing my friends share their observations, it spurs me to consider my hallmark, my basic life strategy anew.

Quite a revelation, I must say. Also, it’s an invitation. It’s an invitation to consider how I feel, how I go about feeling, and if I’m actually living in deep denial.

But then I think, I’m not sure what I’m denying. I feel deeply a lot of the time; I feel so much I think, it freezes me, most days; I start most days that way.

I feel deeply, the uncertainty, the doubt, awash in worry. I have to push through those feelings to the other side, to function, to cope.

I believe happiness, like love, is a choice. And my feelings are the medium, continuum through which I live out each day, they are the foundation that I respond to each hour, each day.

All that said, maybe this sounds like some sort of defense of me I put up; not meant to defend, but explain, and reflect on how I am and why, out loud.

Yep. quite an invitation before me, quite a revelation: to peel back more, more to the core, core of me, inside, feeling, what am I feeling?

Not sure, exactly. But it’s something like relief I’ve come this far; and who I am, and how I am, and how much better I can still become.


The excitement has ebbed. The presents have been opened. Good times and love and too much yummy food shared.


Dishes done mostly, house mostly quiet, now an old Barenaked Ladies concert plays on the screen.


The kids went home with their mom a while ago; I think they had a good Christmas. I think we all did, mostly.


No lie though; if we were all still together, I’d welcome the lull a little more. We’d all wake up together tomorrow; as it is, I’ll seem them tomorrow night.

Hmm, this not so welcome lull. I’ll make the most of it; wind down; chill down; not be too down; I’ll see them soon.


God Is With Us

On this day, “Christmas”, we celebrate many things. Mostly it’s about being together with those we love, and maybe exchanging gifts.

If you’re a Christian, you might (or should?) believe that today is the day we celebrate the birth of he we call the Christ, a man we know as Jesus of Nazareth.

As for me — and full disclaimer, I am a Christian — I believe in this day as one to rejoice in the hope and belief in the person of Jesus, the human being who was also somehow infused with Divinity, one with The Almighty, one with God in a unique and holy manner.

As for me, I believe that as we celebrate Jesus coming into the world, we celebrate God coming into the world to be with us, to show us his love and purpose for us, and the relationship he wants with us.

As for me, I believe in that intimate relationship, and am grateful for that very idea. To be closer to God. We celebrate that beginning, that new beginning, that new love, that eternal love.

EMMANUEL. He is with us. God is with us.

Merry Christmas.