A Tribute to David Greene

I remember when David Greene was a correspondent in Russia… That’s when I first heard him and learned his name associated with NPR.

I remember I bought his book about travels and reporting in Russia.

When he came back to the states and began his time with the NPR radio show, Morning Edition, and then too the NPR podcast Up First, life got even sweeter listening to the radio.

And now he’s leaving NPR, on to new adventures. Today is his last day. This tribute as spoken by his friend and colleague, Rachel Martin:

“As much as I’ve been dreading this – the time has come. @nprgreene has just one more day @NPR. His departure is going to leave such a big hole.

David is the heart of @MorningEdition. He is the guy who can tell in two seconds if you’re having an off day and when he asks how you’re doing – he really wants to know the answer.

His work is some of the best to come out of this network. His powerful interview with gay rights activists in Chechnya just one example. He approaches every story with diligence and respect for those trusting him with their stories.

But he himself travels lightly through this world. He understands the trauma seeded in so many corners of our lives but he finds the good everywhere. It’s what draws people to him. His open heart and open arms and his open imagination about what could be.

David is adventure and possibility and goodness and working with him has been a wonder. Counting him as my friend – an even truer gift.”

Godspeed, David, hope to hear, read, see you again!

This image courtesy of One of David’s NPR producers, on a reporting road trip in Montana.

And this montage of photos posted on Twitter through out the day…I’m a little fired up about David Greene…

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