Good Everywhere

I continue to be humbled, inspired, motivated to do good things by seeing good things happen.  It’s absolutely the case.   I feel better when I take this approach, realize its value, and perpetuate it throughout my day.

One of the mantras I’ve adopted and share often is “Good begets More Good.”  I say it via twitter pretty regularly, like to a guy I’ve never met in person, @DaddyisBest – I love this dude’s energy.  He gives me props from time to time, and I tell him, “Good begets More Good.”  BOOM.

I saw a colleague in the hall earlier this morning…he looked a little spun up already — before 9:00am  — and I thought a little “Hello” would do him good.  His face lit up just a little when I say, “Hey Andrew!  GOOD MORNING” — Good begets More Good.

Then I saw a piece about Anja Ringgren Loven who changes lives one child at a time through her own personal efforts, and those of the group she founded to save abandoned children in Nigeria.  Incredible Good.  Her philosophy is simple and straight forward and awesome:

“We work on the human nature that every child in the world has the right to food and education, and to live a dignified life.

“Our values consist of showing sheer compassion, care and love for those who need it the most and through that create confidence.”

I can’t help but try to do a little more good when I hear about people like Anja, and see the effect of her efforts.  They’re good.  And good is everywhere.

“Find it. Share it. NOW.”  That’s another mantra I repeat often.  And one more?  #worthit

18 Days

Well imagine that. After my “effort post” 18 days ago I’ve written a total of zero posts. Apparently efforts have been focused elsewhere! No matter. Back at it again now.

Back at it to share thoughts with everyone else. Back at it to stir my mind and all the thoughts that jumble around.