Salad and Spreadsheets

What did I wake up to yesterday? Salad and spreadsheets on my mind, and thus the day began. And a pork chop, couldn’t forget the pork chop I was to make that evening. My mind was clicking from the moment I woke up. Lots to do, lots to do.


The salad turned out to be tasty. The spreadsheets did what they were supposed to.

All good. And that’s…?


Finally, twelve hours later, the pork chop turned out to be muy delicioso…first time making it too. NICE.

Lesson? Don’t fret if your mind starts racing. Pull it back with a few deep breaths and maybe a list if needed.

And then? Ah yes, that common refrain:


Simple Suggestions

Boiling life down into bite-size bits and basic ideas we can learn and hold on to day-in, day-out? Might just be a superpower secret to living a good and happy life. These are concepts we should not only live by everyday, but pass along to those around us, especially our children, if we have them.

One of my favorite people and friend for more than 30 years lives by simple principles. He’s the father of five kids. He’s a successful business person, self-made.

These simple suggestions can make a big impact, if you remember to follow them, apply them each day.

“Life is easy,” he likes to say to his kids (and others)…

1/ Make a friend.

2/ Stand up for someone who needs it.

3/ Smile.

And then there are three more below from my kids’ elementary school. The ethos of the school might be summarized thus; it lists what should guide the students’ behavior everyday.

They call them “The Three B’s:”

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Safe.

Remember Your Tools

What lessons, what lessons? There are always new things to learn, old things to remember.

When doing inventory work, here are the basics you should have, beyond your digital or paper reference:

1/ pen

2/ marker

3/ blade (to open the box).

4/ packing tape, tape gun (to close said box).

Be methodical; always methodical. Don’t rush. Take your time.

Things may not be obvious. Items may not be where you expect them.

Stay with the count. And remain humble.

Is This What it Means to be White?

Two white journalists consider their journey, exploring the murder of a white minister by group of white men in the segregated deep south of Alabama, United States, in 1965.




What We Do

What do we do when we’re married? What do we do when we’re parents? What do we do after a long day, a long week?

We take care of business, that’s what we do. We go to the practice, we wash the dishes, we’re sociable, even if maybe we’re not feeling it. Who knows, it might be a good conversation…

It’s how we act, the choices we make when we’re tired, when we’re done, when we’ve had enough, or maybe too much, when the decision’s hard, what do we do?

Sometimes we fail, maybe more often than not. We make the wrong choice, we’re lazy, we give in, we take the easy path, selfish and weak.

But maybe, just maybe, if we really dig in, we can make that tougher choice now and again. We can do the chore, talk the talk, walk the walk right down that ol’ path, the higher road waiting if we give it a chance.

If we make that tough call at the moment of truth, have the courage to face that fear from our youth, that thing we thought gone, but waiting instead, ready to blow up inside of our head…

If we face that fear, if we set in to do what we know we should do, we might just find then, that we can do it again. And again, and again, and again, AMEN.

In Wisdom, In Trust

Once again for further GOOD, sharing this insight from a reading prescribed for Saturday.

It is from the Book of Wisdom, Chapter 3;

There are readings too from the same day, from Romans and John also, but this passage from Wisdom is what stands out for me.

“Those who trust in him shall understand truth, and the faithful shall abide with him in love: because grace and mercy are with his holy ones, and his care is with his elect.”

Time and again we are called to trust and have faith. This approach is really central to our beliefs.

Trust in God. Trust in the good you are called to do. Trust in love. Trust in love we are called to give; trust in the love we receive.

It’s central to faith, and to our American history. “In God we trust” is printed on our currency. It’s a fundamental trait we are called to, it’s a fundamental instruction:


Ok. I will try again today. To trust.