Presidents and People

It’s a big world out there: more than 7 billion people, on 7 continents, more than 200 countries all told.

Who leads? It depends. In the United States, we have something like a democracy. And so in this political system who leads formally? Depends on who wins the election.

Who follows? Everyone else.

The thing is, at least in the United States, those who become president, he or she, has pretty close to an ultimate power while in office,

And then they become regular citizens again, once the term is completed.

Presidents, and all leaders, in the US and everywhere, they should be, and are, just people like everyone else.

Presidents in their best moments, give themselves to their office, to their people who they are elected to serve.

That ultimate power, it’s to be used to serve, to further the common good.

Let it be so. Let it be so.

Kids Do The Darndest Things

Freestyle flow, how does it go? Got kids, don’t ya know…

They’re so dialed in, some of the time, paying attention most all of the time.

Early morning up, blanket in the hall, that started this rant,

A couple more coming, to round out the chant.

“Dad I got no where to keep this stuff. How about your room, is that ok, you like the lava lamp, right? And this chair doesn’t fit in my room, but I really like it, how about you keep it?”

[End the rhythm, ain’t got the time. 🙂 ]

Particular habits and patterns and frustrations, all part of growing up, becoming an adult human. How to adjust and modify and focus your interests and energies, all good stuff.

Maybe that’s one of the best parts of being a parent: the simple, sustained intimacy of witnessing and helping your kids grow up.

It’s the darndest thing. Like that blanket in the hall.


Today’s her day, what to say? She poured herself out in a particular way.

Salt of the earth, that’s part of her core, foundation of family right down to the core.

She gave herself to us until we were grown, then shifted to pour herself into other work, ever caring for others.

She and Abe Lincoln share the day, what traits might they share along the way?

Patient, straight-forward, committed to right, believing and living that path as best she could; until she couldn’t in the same way.

Not cut down by bullet, ‘twas’ a stroke instead, the bullet a clot, into her head. And so struck down, but not out, she’s lived a third of her life a survivor; a stroke survivor; struggling to move and speak, but no shortage of love and belief in what’s right.

Would that I could be as stalwart as she, would that I could be as certain, and let that manifest as love for my children, as she has for us.

Still showing us the way somehow; still showing us enthusiasm, contentment when together, a simple belief in together, family first and together.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Write Anywhere

As I continue my writing work, striving to capture the daily voice, a few things come to mind.

I write to share what comes to mind, to share, to inspire. That’s my mission.

I’m grateful for the means to scribble down and publish whenever it comes to mind, to capture the muse in the moment.

Sitting on the stool in the kitchen, in the car in the parking lot, on the couch, in the rocking chair, just about anywhere.

Inspiration really is like a good attitude – it’s a choice. How? Quite simply, be open, choose to be inspired, to find the spark, the good, in the moment. That’s the foundation; it’s there for you, for the taking.

Write anywhere, be inspired everywhere.

Hmm, yeah, I think I’ll write tomorrow; like I just did.

More Props

I just heard a piece on the radio about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the diversity of their coaching leadership. It’s expanded my appreciation for the team and my attitude about that team, Tom Brady joining the team, and their victory in Super Bowl LV.

Listening to Rod Graves, executive Director of the Fred’s Pollard foundation, it all comes quickly into focus. Lots of good from the Tampa Bay organization, their approach, their leadership, their victory.

Some of the insight came from this piece:

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers And Diversity In The Upper Ranks Of An NFL Franchise”

And here, the proof in the staff:

Then more insight from Rod Graves, ED of the Pollard Foundation, and about them, here:

Bottom line?

More props, more GOOD. Let the colors wash together, let the very best rise to the top.


Props to them Bucs, bravo.

Props to Brady, bravo.

Super Bowl LV Champions.

You can read all his stats as you like. Believe he has the most regular season wins, yards, touchdowns, Super Bowl wins as a quarterback in history.

He’s from the San Francisco Bay Area, from which I hail and still reside, too. Hmm, I wonder, does Brady have a home here?

No matter. Props to you, man, props.

You inspire. Rock on.

Me & Dad

Back to back tribute, Howie Lud.

Three years gone, though his memory lives on,

On in what he thought, what he taught, what he was,

Was so much, to so many, still that today,

Filled up, love, gotta say,

The math and the sport, the way, and music too, not afraid, come what may,

he remains alive, memories of his fatherhood, trying to carry it on with my daughters, son,

He was Gramps too, four times on,

And his wisdom, patience, love, live on.

Much love, much love, Dad, and too must say,

Thanks, Howie, every, every day.

Remembering Howie, Thanking Vitas

My dad died three years ago this week. Super Bowl Sunday morning, 2018. Remembering him a lot lately; when even I need patience, he comes to mind. Steadfast? Yep, that too.

This year I’m also remembering the great care he got, we all got, through Vitas Healthcare. They provided solid hospice care to him; they also took good care of us as a family. Made it easy all the way through. They even sewed “memory bears” from my dad’s clothes for the grandkids, and my mom, after dad passed.

Remembering my dad helps me carry on through the struggles life presents. Remembering the care Vitas provided, makes me want to help others all the more.

Thanks, Vitas; Love you, Dad.