Let It Flow, Let It Go

The new year beginning maybe has a special magic power to make new beginnings. Time flows like a river that never runs dry. We humans like ritual, maybe that’s part of it too.

I’ve had this underlying, mysterious anxiety that’s been flowing through me for much of the last few years. I’ve done my best to lean into that struggle; I’ve gotten mixed results.

After all this time I’m certain that it’s not the things around me, but how I respond to them that drives the anxiety. It runs deep within me, an almost instinctual reaction to new or difficult – to worry, “to be scared” , as my son says.

Here’s to letting go, and letting it flow like a river, washing away the anxiety, the fear, and just being, and doing, just loving and living each day.

Here’s to that. Here’s to making it GOOD.

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