A few of the tribe come together, the warmth, the laughter, easy sharing, caring, catching up, so good, so good. What does the tribe do? Some how through some magic, a sense of belonging, knowing, acceptance, concern. It fortifies, reassures, comforts. My tribe? At least two. SCHS85, SCU89. When I’m with these people the thick …

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Freestyle Love, G.M.D.

GMD, why do I think of him like that? My family, big on initials of names, for some reason. GMD, my maternal grandfather, George M. Downing, not frowning, just thrownin' words down, For him on his birthday, 107, not here anymore, still deep within me, spirit living on, as it should be. A doer, a …

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Full of Promise

Everyday is full of promise. A day that starts in the dark, maybe a little more so. Feels that way, anyway. Do a little more. Do things a little different, a little better maybe, if you can. Your focus, your attitude, your resilience in the face of mistakes, obstacles, difficulty otherwise. Make it GOOD.


Another special day, 3/23, allow me to explain, if you please. Our buddy Pat Welsh was born on this day, a gem of a guy, everyone would say. He left us three years back now, seems like yesterday, somehow, still celebrating his birth, his time on this earth, Taken way too soon, did so much …

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