A few of the tribe come together, the warmth, the laughter, easy sharing, caring, catching up, so good, so good.

What does the tribe do? Some how through some magic, a sense of belonging, knowing, acceptance, concern. It fortifies, reassures, comforts.

My tribe? At least two. SCHS85, SCU89. When I’m with these people the thick thread rises up from the ground, pulls taught, a line from then until now. In this moment, I know this, I’m better with them, for them, the tribe, my people, stories, lives lived, it gives, power.

The tribe gives power, the tribe let’s love shine through, let’s love shine through.

Consider The Porch Stoop

How often do I sit there, and just consider the day? Not so often.

How often do I sit there, on this stoop I’ve lived behind for half my life? No often enough. I’ve lived in this house, on this street, longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in my life.

And how often have I sat on the stoop, listening to the cars up and down Winchester, listen to the birdsong from the bushes and trees, watch the day wane to the west.

Not often enough. But I did today.

The Morning Dove sat on the street light. The ants crawled across the brick. The wind gently moved the high grass under the Maple.

And I was just there. So thankful to just be there.


Right up on the face of it, transition. Feeling eerily calm with it, transitions, sometimes.

Sometimes it washes over me like a giant wave, transition, flips me on my head, lying on the ground, dropped, wondering, transition.

How to handle the upside down? Keep your bearings when what was is suddenly not, how to?

Like Jesus riding in on the palms, a week later supper, a few final lessons, then face like flint, and then hanging from a tree, transitions.

No kids around today, solo, lots I could do, feeling it certain just now, reclining, reading, writing, dosing, you know this, in the transition just now.

Be with it, ok with it, sure of it, it demands the moment, a few more maybe, certainly more, transitions.

Freestyle Love, G.M.D.

GMD, why do I think of him like that? My family, big on initials of names, for some reason.

GMD, my maternal grandfather, George M. Downing, not frowning, just thrownin’ words down,

For him on his birthday, 107, not here anymore, still deep within me, spirit living on, as it should be.

A doer, a leader, an educator, a learned man, number guy, Doctor of Ed. after his name, dedicated career, then shifted,

Rancher, cowboy, great grandpa, through and through, hunter, fixer, not much of music mixer, read a lot, deep in it, ready to win it, or so it seemed,

Did, a solid vocation, then on permanent vacation, not relaxing, always working, making, creating, tending, mending,

What would he say about me now? Some how, I think he’d give a nod, not the form or the norm, my path different, yet the same, in the game, not backing down, like him, not backing down,

Grinding, making, creating,

Bobbing, weaving, some grieving,

Still going, somehow ever knowing, on the right path,

Loving nature, outside, words, ideas, going forward, ever-knowing, trusting,

in Him.

Happy Birthday, GMD.

Jerry Rig

Jerry Rig or jury rig, is the practice of making due with what you have on hand to repair something or otherwise solve a problem. Making due, that’s a good life lesson.

Things don’t always go as we’d like; sometimes to get some result close to what we want, we have to make due, make the best of the situation as it is.

Opportunities arose for this practice all the time. It promotes compromise and resilience and fortitude.

Don’t be afraid to jerry rig something if need be to accomplish your goal. Be resourceful. Make it happen.

Oh yea, and if you want to learn more about the term and it’s history, see below.

Lyrics Post: “Sloop John B”

How often have I heard the song? How often have I tried to play it? Clearly not enough…so here we go again.

“Sloop John B”

“We come on the sloop John B

My grandfather and me

Around Nassau town we did roam

Drinking all night

Got into a fight

Well I feel so broke up

I want to go home

So hoist up the John B’s sail

See how the mainsail sets

Call for the Captain ashore

Let me go home, let me go home

I wanna go home, yeah yeah

Well I feel so broke up

I wanna go home

The first mate he got drunk

And broke in the Cap’n’s trunk

The constable had to come and take him away

Sheriff John Stone

Why don’t you leave me alone, yeah yeah

Well I feel so broke up I wanna go home

So hoist up the John B’s sail

See how the mainsail sets

Call for the Captain ashore

Let me go home, let me go home

I wanna go home, let me go home

Why don’t you let me go home

(Hoist up the John B’s sail)

Hoist up the John B

I feel so broke up I wanna go home

Let me go home

The poor cook he caught the fits

And threw away all my grits

And then he took and he ate up all of my corn

Let me go home

Why don’t they let me go home

This is the worst trip I’ve ever been on

So hoist up the John B’s sail

See how the mainsail sets

Call for the Captain ashore

Let me go home, let me go home

I wanna go home, let me go home

Why don’t you let me go home”

By The Beach Boys

Full of Promise

Everyday is full of promise. A day that starts in the dark, maybe a little more so.

Feels that way, anyway.

Do a little more. Do things a little different, a little better maybe, if you can.

Your focus, your attitude, your resilience in the face of mistakes, obstacles, difficulty otherwise.

Make it GOOD.

Blog Post Like A Tweet: On-Sleeve

I prefer to have it out there, often times. Most often, I think.

Private journal or blog, blog’s my choice, increasingly so. Good or bad? Preferable or not so preferred? Not sure.

Heart on-sleeve, thoughts on-sleeve.

The main point of the blog is to share; the underlying motive, thinking others have some of the same things, thoughts, struggles.

Maybe it’s good to share. I’m thinking yes.



Another special day, 3/23, allow me to explain, if you please.

Our buddy Pat Welsh was born on this day, a gem of a guy, everyone would say. He left us three years back now, seems like yesterday, somehow, still celebrating his birth, his time on this earth,

Taken way too soon, did so much in the time he had, filled everyone around him with love, joy, light burning bright, even in the darkest night,

We are all better for knowing him, his family and friends proof-positive of the love we all shared, still share, because his light still shines bright, right in our hearts, heads,