Lyrics Post: “Alexander Hamilton”

[Aaron Burr:]
How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a
Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten
Spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor
Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?

[John Laurens:]
The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father
Got a lot farther by working a lot harder
By being a lot smarter
By being a self-starter
By fourteen, they placed him in charge of a trading charter

[Thomas Jefferson:]
And every day while slaves were being slaughtered and carted
Away across the waves, he struggled and kept his guard up
Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of
The brother was ready to beg, steal, borrow, or barter

[James Madison:]
Then a hurricane came, and devastation reigned
Our man saw his future drip, dripping down the drain
Put a pencil to his temple, connected it to his brain
And he wrote his first refrain, a testament to his pain

Well, the word got around, they said, “This kid is insane, man.”
Took up a collection just to send him to the mainland
“Get your education, don’t forget from whence you came, and
The world’s gonna know your name. What’s your name, man?”

[Alexander Hamilton:]
Alexander Hamilton
My name is Alexander Hamilton
And there’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait, just you wait…

[Eliza Hamilton:]
When he was ten his father split, full of it, debt-ridden
Two years later, see Alex and his mother bed-ridden
Half-dead sittin’ in their own sick, the scent thick

[Full Company except Hamilton (whispering):]
And Alex got better but his mother went quick

[George Washington (Company):]
Moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide
Left him with nothin’ but ruined pride, something new inside
A voice saying, “Alex, you gotta fend for yourself.”
He started retreatin’ and readin’ every treatise on the shelf

[Burr (Company):]
There would’ve been nothin’ left to do
For someone less astute
He would’ve been dead or destitute
Without a cent of restitution
Started workin’, clerkin’ for his late mother’s landlord
Tradin’ sugar cane and rum and all the things he can’t afford
Scammin’ for every book he can get his hands on
Plannin’ for the future see him now as he stands on (ooh…)
The bow of a ship headed for a new land
In New York you can be a new man

[Company (Hamilton):]
In New York you can (just you wait) be a new man
In New York you can (just you wait) be a new man
In New York you can be a new man
[Women:] In New York
[Men:] New York
[Hamilton:] Just you wait!

Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton)
We are waiting in the wings for you (waiting in the wings for you)
You could never back down
You never learned to take your time!
Oh, Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton)
When America sings for you
Will they know what you overcame?
Will they know you rewrote the game?
The world will never be the same, oh

The ship is in the harbor now
See if you can spot him ([Men:] Just you wait)
Another immigrant
Comin’ up from the bottom ([Company:] Just you wait)
His enemies destroyed his rep
America forgot him

[Mulligan/Madison and Lafayette/Jefferson:]
We fought with him

Me? I died for him

Me? I trusted him

[Eliza and Angelica and Peggy/Maria:]
Me? I loved him

And me? I’m the damn fool that shot him

There’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait!

What’s your name, man?

Alexander Hamilton!


And so in honor of “Hamilton” coming to the screen, a little twist to the blog this week.

The next few posts, some of my favorite songs from the 46 that make up this musical, the lyrics that tell the story.

These lyrics, the music, the story unfolds, again and again and again.


Hamilton. GOOD.


Soon a treat, soon we’ll have the chance to meet that amazing cast, mostly the original cast, of HAMILTON.

The story, the songs, the message, the meaning, the timelessness of it all, soon to arrive.

Five years running on the stage, several stages, many. And now coming on the screen, more access to more people. More people to listen and think and know and understand:

“It’s not a moment, it’s a movement.”

Was then. Is now. IS NOW. The revolution is now. IS NOW.

“I am Not Worthy to Have You Under my Roof”

These words from the centurion in Capernaum speaking to Jesus give some pause. “I am Not Worthy to Have You Under my Roof.” Should we think we are not worthy?

In the account from the Book of Matthew it seems to say that the soldier leader was more being humble and deferring before Jesus. The centurion’s servant was deathly sick; and so he asked that Jesus heal him. The centurion believe Jesus could help.

And this faith the centurion displayed, even though he wasn’t a traditional believer, even though he had great earthly power, Jesus praised that faith.

I think this is the core message Matthew is conveying: be humble; have faith; believe honestly, in whatever manner you are able. I think this is what we are called to each day.

Let it be so for each of us, each day. We are in fact worthy; in fact, by being humble, we model the very attitude Jesus praised. Have faith, believe, and you are, worthy.

Amen AMEN.

Ref: Matthew 8:5


40 & FREE,

40 & FIERCE,

40, half-way, how do you feel?

How’s it been, how’s it gonna be?

Today we celebrate the fun & fabulous, fierce & fantastic, Susan Carroll Ludlum – my partner and inspiration in keeping this family going strong and together and forward – truly our superhero! 40 today, and you’re on your way, honey! May the second half be even better! We love you! Happy Birthday !!!

What ever you want to be, what ever you choose, let it be so,

40 & FIERCE,

40 & FREE.

Lyrics Post: “Bravado”

Yet another RUSH song, yet more sounds and words the soak deep into me over and over again. It fortifies me.


“If we burn our wings
Flying too close to the sun
If the moment of glory
Is over before it’s begun
If the dream is won
Though everything is lost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost

When the dust has cleared
And victory denied
A summit too lofty
River a little too wide
If we keep our pride
Though paradise is lost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost

And if the music stops
There’s only the sound of the rain
All the hope and glory
All the sacrifice in vain
(And) If love remains
Though everything is lost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost”

Writer(s): Neil Peart, Geddy Lee Weinrib, Alex Lifeson


Considering the heat of the day lately, I’m pretty comfortable working in the garage. Glad there’s a fan blowing.

Considering how long we’ve had our refrigerator, pretty stoked the ice maker started working again.

Considering these old boots, they still come on handy when I’m working around the yard. Not the best traction, but they protect my feet really well. And with new laces? Snazzy.

And with new laces? SNAZZY. You know, for old boots.

Considering it all? I like old things.

Summer Solstice, Downhill

From here on out in the year, the days get shorter. It’s downhill to year-end, good momentum now.

Let this fact be a spark for you, for me, that we will see, make the most of each hour, each day.

Listen to the birds sing a little more. Worry a little less.

Let gravity do its thing, pulling you along, give in to the good around you.

Sit in the yard, on the curb, a little more with your friend, your kids, think about productivity a little less.

Don’t let the ruckus, the chaos, all those things you can’t control, overwhelm.

Roll down the hill head over tea kettle, laughing and feeling you insides spin. It’s ok.

Let it all fall aside, let your breathing slow more often, enjoy more often, just be, a little more often.

Another Go, Remembering Howie

He’s been gone a little more than two years now, my old man, Howie Lud. Seems like it’s been closer to four years tho’, after he stroked on New Years Eve 2015.

I miss him a lot.

So as I look back on Father’s Day 2020, I hope I’m doing right by him; I hope I’m doing him proud.

I think back to my childhood, and it was filled with a sense of love and security because of my dad.

I hope I’m doing the same for my kids. I pray that every day. Amen AMEN.