Stutter Step

Sometimes the right thing to do is change it up. External forces might require it. Or you find yourself in a bit of a rut, might need to find your way out of a funk.

The stutter step means you  apply a  momentary pause to your forward progress, adjust, and go forward again towards your objective. I’m in that boat currently.

The halffullallgood blog has stalled out of late. Work, home life, and periphery demands have pushed daily post to the side.

I mean to change that with this evening post prior to kids’ bathtime.

[Pause to clean tub.]

For rest of the month/year, here’s the Plan of Record (as we say at work): micro-blog. From the mobile phone, if necessary.
Believe I’ve been here before actually with this blog. Very consistent string, some good content, then…BOOM. Stop. 

I’m back at it now. 

The take away for everyone else? Find a way to keep going forward. This post started in front of a pizza line last week. It’s finishing  in front of the bath tub. Halffull. All GOOD.


Up, DOWN,…Up Again


A good man left this world last night.   Called home way too early, just four months after he got sick.  We don’t know the details, but it doesn’t matter.  He’s gone.  PW.

PW was my neighbor at work, the first friendly face I met when I started my new job a year or so back.  He was a great conversationalist, reader, musician, professional, human.  PW.

He leaves behind brothers he was close to, and a wife he loved dearly.   PW.

When news comes like this, there is little one can do.  Acceptance is the only path to sanity.  But cursing and anger and denial and sadness and a great sense of loss have to be waded our way through first.  It’s thick.  It’s slow.  It sucks.

But on the other side?


Find your way there.   You have to.  I’m trying to right now.

My method is prayer and reflection and quiet and interaction with some of the folks around me.  And some more prayer.

Give it up.  Give it up to God.  You have to. I’m trying to right now.

PW, we’ll all miss you.  See you on the other side.


One of the fundamental components of American culture is the Thanksgiving holiday. 
More than the feast or the Macy’s parade, or watching football or a turkey trot, expressions of gratitude for what you have is woven into our national fabric. It’s there, and there ought to be a renewed focus on that core value.

Let’s sound off. Here, I’ll go first. Here’s what I’m thankful for…  

My wife,

My three kids, 

Food to eat,

Clothes to wear,

A roof over our head,

My job,

The friends I have,

Hot coffee,

Our two dogs,

Loose leaf tea,

Old favorite tunes,

Newly discovered music,

A good read,

A fresh battery charge,

Some chocolate found in the pantry,

My in-laws,

Just enough rain,

A billing issue resolved,

A little break in the routine,

An unexpected smile from a stranger…

…and on and on and on.

Let today be a fresh start at an attitude we should strive for everyday.

Let’s fill each day this way. 

Let’s fill it with THANKSGIVING.

Micro Hiatus: Feed The People

Blurry picture, but a crystal-clear purpose:  FEED THE PEOPLE.

Since 1979 the Lions club I belong to has conducted a Thanksgiving Food Drive. It’s the most basic of efforts to fulfill our Lion Motto:

“We Serve.”

It started with ten people receiving the generous donations for others so that those ten folks could have a proper Thanksgiving meal.  Near forty years later, the food drive collects the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner — including a whole turkey — plus other food staples, for 160 or so families.  Call it 600+ people, more or less.

There are a lot of mechanics to the operation, many people doing many key tasks, planning and coordination, and three long days to make the food drive a success.  In the end, we feed the people, and that’s what it’s all about.