Feed the People: Last Entry 2021

Here’s how it ended up,

42nd Annual DeAnza Lions Club Thanksgiving Food Drive 2021:

7 stops,

220 families,

460 boxes of food,

maybe 900 (plus) people served,

about 30 Lions and Friends/Family of Lions, much GOOD…

#WeServe #LionsClubs

Boxes stage for packing
Food Boxes loaded for deliveries
Last Delivery, Watsonville
Baby Strollers Turned Shopping Carts
Strollers Lined Up For Pick Up

Feed The People: Part Three

It’s all been gathered. It’s all been done.

About 30 volunteers. About 300 miles in loops shuttling food to sort center and cold storage.

Now it’s time to execute.

Now it’s time to feed the people.

Turkeys reign supreme in the freezer truck
Ready for final load
Left over, won’t go to waste
Two of many that have given of time and talent

Feed the People, Part One

42 years and counting, the Cupertino DeAnza Lions Club have made this effort,

Gathering food to provide Thanksgiving Dinner for families in need, those who might not otherwise be able to celebrate this holiday.

And so it begins again, 3 days, 30 plus volunteers and countless donors, to bring it together…

Boxes purchased
The Odd Fellows provide the sort center

For 340 boxes? These tape guns just won’t do.

Boxes delivered, ready for the prep: 340 boxes of food, 170 families, maybe about 700 people benefiting … GOOD.

Tasty Weekend Treat

A little more time on the weekend,

A little more time to make something tasty,

A little more time to give a little more thought, a little more consideration of what’s possible,

Give yourself a little time to pause,

a little time to create,

A little to enjoy,

An example? Give yourself permission to do something good, make something good,

This this this…

BBQ Respite

Doesn’t take much to find a little respite. Old BBQ fired up, coals burning hot, does the trick.

Chicken Thighs and Broccoli on the grill tonight.

Day on the wane, weekend eve, late start to dinner, no problem at all. Evening breeze, kids in the yard, sun sinking low, all good.

Thankful for the weekend. Thankful for the food to cook. Thankful for the backyard. Thankful for the ancient BBQ.