Remembering Grandma

Funny what comes to mind in the middle of the night, Remembering Grandma, my mom’s mom, Crossword puzzle doer, pie maker, diligent life-long partner, Tiny Italian from The Indian Territories of what became Oaklahoma, Middle of the night waker-upper, Person to write about at 1 AM… Miss you, Grandma.

Straight Comfort: Ramen

Ramen fits the bill on many an occasion, versatile, yummy for sure. As a stir-fry, soup, or garnish, it’s an inexpensive, go-to item for everyone’s pantry*. Also, there’s so much variety in Ramen: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, all good. Ramen provides a terrific base for left-over vegetables of all kinds. Chop them up fine, toss them …

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Feed the People: Last Entry 2021

Here’s how it ended up, 42nd Annual DeAnza Lions Club Thanksgiving Food Drive 2021: 7 stops, 220 families, 460 boxes of food, maybe 900 (plus) people served, about 30 Lions and Friends/Family of Lions, much GOOD… #WeServe #LionsClubs Boxes stage for packing Food Boxes loaded for deliveries Last Delivery, Watsonville Baby Strollers Turned Shopping Carts …

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Feed The People: Part Three

It’s all been gathered. It’s all been done. About 30 volunteers. About 300 miles in loops shuttling food to sort center and cold storage. Now it’s time to execute. Now it’s time to feed the people. Turkeys reign supreme in the freezer truck Ready for final load Left over, won’t go to waste Two of …

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