Friday Faves, Issue #42

This Memorial Day Weekend List is primed for remembering and making the GOOD happen.    ENJOY!

Destination of the Week: Margaritaville, Key West.  Or really anywhere in Key West.  Everything slows down to GOOD there.

Quote of the Week: “Changes in latitude, changes in attitude…”

Band of the Week: The Coral Reefers de Jimmy Buffett — here’s a sample.

Meal of the Week: Another burger.  A Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Website of the Week: P.A.C.E. — making a difference for folks with autism in Silicon Valley.


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Enjoy the weekend!

Homework In the Backseat

I was talking to a good friend last night about his two boys — his kids are several years older than my little three.  In particular we were comparing and contrasting the way the two approach school, homework, sports, and…time management.

One tidbit really rang true for me, and I think it will for most people:  the realization (reminder!) that focus is the key to productivity.

My buddy was telling me how his younger son typically will start doing his home work while he’s in the backseat on the drive home after school.  Lots of times, by the time they’re home, he’s finished (or nearly so).  Ridiculously productive kid.


Pick your most important task, and DO IT.  The pick another, and DO IT.  And another, and…wait for it…and DO IT.

I’m going to be like my buddy’s ten year old today.  Give it a try.  You’ll be glad you did.


GOOD Lists

Ideas come from anywhere and everywhere.  Sort of like the GOOD I talk about so often.

One way I like to gather collections of good ideas is via lists.  When I find ’em and I like ’em, I copy them into my journal.  When I go back and review them is another  thing!

Need to do better in that category.  All the same, here are a few list I’ve come across just today that I think are worth jotting down and circling back to.


6 Plus 1 Cool Tactical Products
1. Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight
2. TrackR Bravo
3. Inferno Dual Beam Lighter
4. TL900 LED Headlamp
5. Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser
6. Everstryke Pro
BONUS: The Hoffman Richter Tactical Stinger Spy Pen

10 Foods Good for your Gut
1)  Bananas
2)  Jerusalem Artichokes
3)  Chicory Root
4)  Leeks
5)  Whole Oats
6)  Honey
7)  Dandelion Greens
8)  Whole Grains
9)  Asparagus
10) Garlic & Onions

Ten Tips on How To Be More Productive
1)  Have a consistent bed-time.
2)  Review your goals first thing in the morning.
3)  Make being more active a given.
4)  Do an efficiency check-in to see how it’s going.
5)  Know if you’re an “early bird” or a “night owl”.
6)  Designate “no-technology” time.
7)  Prepare the night before.
8)  Start off calm.
9)  Take regular breaks.
10) Do NOT multi-task.

Some Universal Values to Live By


Friday Faves, Issue #41

This week’s list is in honor of an old friend who’s getting married this weekend.  ENJOY!

Destination of the Week:  Los Gatos, California.  The first trendy, awesome little town in the Santa Clara Valley.  Pricey place, but doesn’t cost a thing to stroll the streets and enjoy the vibe.

Quote of the Week: “I do.”

Band of the Week: Gotta be The Kinks.  Gotta be “LOLA”.

Meal of the Week: Jumbo Burger with Cheese at Helvetia Tavern in northwest Oregon.

Website of the Week: For Dads everywhere. Encouraging Dads.


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Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Faves, Issue #40

Continuing with the theme established last week, let’s take it the next step.  What does the interwebs have to say about each of these tidbits…? Read on to find out.

Destination of the Week:  The baseline. Greenwich.

Quote of the Week: “…we shall never surrender!”

Band of the Week:   Jet – “Are you going to be my girl?”

Meal of the Week: Bangers and Mash – classic comfort food.

Website of the Week: Bloomberg “Markets” – every workday.


REMINDER:   Your comments are always welcome.  Love to hear what you have to say, GOOD or otherwise.  If you fancy twitter, you can follow more of the muse there. My handle is @jhludlum ~

Enjoy the weekend!

Never Give Up!

So many situations as we go through in life, with work and friends and kids and family and love.

So much struggle to figure it out, to make it work, to get it right.

So many lessons to be learned, to be better for yourself, to be better for others.

Never give up. Never Give UP!

Friday Faves, Issue #39

Family crisis has things a bit a swirl today, so trying a new approach to the Faves to get ’em done speedy-like.  Google and/or Wikipedia the tidbits below to get some fresh insight on GOOD.

Destination of the Week: “Red Rocks, Colorado” – Beauty, Spiritual, Rocking Good Spot for a music gig — Get There !

Quote of the Week: “Fight the Good Fight” – Good to live by, EVERY day.

Band of the Week: “Oingo Boingo” – Danny Elfman and crew — awesome sounds!

Meal of the Week: “Roasted Brussels Sprouts” – Don’t be afraid, try them!

Website of the Week: “” – for yourself, and loved ones, this is essential.


REMINDER:   Your comments are always welcome.  Love to hear what you have to say, GOOD or otherwise.  If you fancy twitter, you can follow more of the muse there. My handle is @jhludlum ~

Enjoy the weekend!

Built for Distance, Built for Struggle, Built for GOOD

The past week’s been particularly bumpy in a variety of ways.  Somehow though, my attitude hasn’t waned much.  With effort, I’ve been able to get back to GOOD, and things have worked out ok; I’d even say, pretty damn well.  Here is a suggestion and a couple related insights that have helped me this week.  I hope they’ll help you too.

First, you have to believe in YOU.  What I mean by that is, believe you are worthy and able to persevere through difficulty.  This is super important.  You can handle whatever comes your way.

It may not be easy, it might even suck and be really painful, but YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH.  How do I know?   Here’s my thought-thread this week.

We humans are built for distance foot travel.  That means endurance and unplanned difficulty and danger and pain.  To keep going, to keep moving forward.

As we evolved tens of thousands of years ago, we became good at covering long distances in search of food.  There’s a ton of evidence behind this thesis.  There’s also all the recent literature around the importance of getting UP, and being more active throughout the day. There’s Paul Salopek’s 25,000 mile Out Of Eden Walk.

No doubt about it, we are built for distance.  I think it follows pretty closely that our species is also built for struggle.  We are hard-wired to persevere and overcome difficulty and never give up and make it to the end.  We have a tremendous capacity to suffer.  But here’s the thing.

Rather than think of this fact in the negative, think of it in the positive.

We CAN suffer, and survive, to live and love and fight another day.  This fact can be extremely powerful if you let it.  That ability is inside of YOU.

Does that mean suffering is something we should look forward to?  Not exactly.  But it does mean that when you find yourself in a difficult situation, when you’re in pain physically or mentally or emotionally or all of the above, that doesn’t have to be the last word.  YOU decide how you’ll respond.

You can handle it, you can make it through the darkness, through the difficulty, through the pain, to the GOOD.  And that’s the other insight.

We all benefit from doing good things for others.  No matter how small, how seemingly trivial, when we do something good for others, it makes us feel good too. And that’s the other essential part of coping and persevering and overcoming.

You’re built for distance, and struggle, and GOOD.  And you’re not alone.