Yesterday was Black Friday? Nope, FAMILY Friday

All the pomp and hype, and anticipation of discounts and deals...and I find myself pretty far afield. Not shopping; not at all. Instead? We had a slow start to the day; we rallied up and headed out to the central valley to see my wife's family, her brother and sister, specifically.   Her sister is married, …

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“Chain Of Gratitude: Ari Shapiro Interviews 4 Musicians For Thanksgiving : NPR”

You had me at "chain of gratitude." Ari. Thanks for this piece! -jeff. Ari Shapiro names The New Pornographers as a musical act he's thankful for in 2019. That gratitude is passed forward to nêhiyawak, then Leikeli47 and finally to Chick Corea. — Read on

Take a listen: Pain Management, Hospice Africa, Worth Your Time

Consider people in constant pain.  Perhaps from a chronic disease; maybe even a terminal disease.  Consider the decision patients have to make transitioning from Curative Care to Palliative Care:  not trying to cure a condition, but rather manage the pain and suffering. Then consider not having the medicine to cope with the suffering. Here's one …

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Helping Others: Do The Work

Nothing more satisfying than knowing someone else is better off because of your efforts. Simple stuff, really. Do the work. Dishes? Do the work. Fold your clothes? Do the work. Feed those who are hungry? Do the work. Someone needs a boost? Do the work. Chores to do? Do the work. It's just effort. At …

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Feed the People

It's a practice born of our very species. Help each other. We would not survived as long on this planet without helping one another; considering the collective's well-being; lending a hand to those in need. Across cultures, across religions, across time, this practice has been at the core of human existence. I accept this behavior …

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