What is bliss?

How do we find it, make it, let it be so?

It’s a leisurely day unfolding. It’s holding two of my favorite people as the early morning light seeps in through the windows. It’s a warm house.

It’s putting things away and sipping hot coffee. It’s a second bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar. It’s my daughter sitting on my lap half telling me a story, half watching a cartoon.

It’s cozy pants and clean teeth and sitting on the kitchen stool. It’s having stuff to do and the time to do it.

It’s another slice of pie because it’s a holiday weekend. It’s being dry and thankful on a rainy day.

It’s right now.

[Disclaimer: After I wrote this piece I did a search on this blog; I wrote another bit with the same title two years back. Must be a common theme often on my mind: How to be happy. How to find bliss. GOOD.]

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