Where We Are

God finds us where we are. Wherever we are. Whatever we are doing. God is there.

We might prefer to ignore the presence; it might be inconvenient for the moment. But God is there.

I remind myself of this belief, this fact (in my view), more and more, as I get older. As I struggle more, as I feel I’m not doing enough, as I make the wrong decision, as I work to be better today than I was yesterday, inside where no one sees.

I remind myself as I enjoy being with my kids, as I still feel excited to be married my wife, as I look for joy in the ordinary, as the sun shines bright and the rain falls again, as I live day to day, as I thank God again today that I am alive.

I remind myself that God is here; right here with me, ready to listen and help and support and forgive and rejoice with me.

If only I let it be so. If only I let it be so.

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