Why Blog?

Why blog?, it’s a simple question. And there’s a pretty simple answer. at least for me. Myriad thoughts and insights flow through my head near constantly. A lot of them are quite common, I imagine. But maybe some aren’t so common, I continue. And so to share them out well, that only has come to …

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Sweet 16

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge basketball fan or March Madness but, But truth be told it’s fun to see things shake out in the first weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney (fun on the Women’s Side too!). And being an alum of a Jesuit university, all the more exciting to see three Jesuit …

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Weekend done, staring another workweek down, not much rest, not much time to ponder, lots to do, lots to do, Simple primer, simply put, It’s just take a few deep breaths, reset your mind to the next right thing, and full gas, go, Primer, FULL GAS, GO…!