Sleep, Humor So Good

Sleep, so good? Is that what we want?

For sure, for sure, this is what we strive for each day, month, year…

Numerous studies outline, detail the many benefits of getting enough sleep. Experts promote sleep as a key indicator and driver for good health, from infancy through adulthood. get sufficient sleep, live happier, and longer too.

“Son sus deseos web a eso del Break lavabo VoiceOver, y se devolvieron las horas en las obras.”

Wait, what ???

That quasi-Spanish above is from the funny circumstance of these modern times. Speaking English into a phone that’s set in the Spanish language. Ha! Silly silly.

But, BUT, it does bring up and demonstrate another good point. The power and importance of humor for good health too. Humor is a great way to relieve stress and cope with difficult circumstance, difficult times.

Find a chuckle, live a little better. Maybe live longer too.

And so, and so, Sleep and Humor, (Spanish, or English!)


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