Learn to Cut Bait

The phrase is well known, “Fish, or Cut Bait”…and the message is straight forward:  Either you’re in, or you’re out.  Either you continue doing what you’re doing, or you stop.  It’s a decision that repeats itself over and over and over again.

It applies to actions and emotional connections alike.  And emotional connections aren’t just with people, they’re with things and situations too.

Learn when to cut bait and move on.  Your happiness…indeed, your sanity, depend on it.

Balance ?

Sad comes with happy, dark comes with light, bad comes with good.   It’s a matter of balance.   Finding it, then maintaining it as long as you can.

Sometimes you can’t control things, and you get out of balance.

That’s ok.  That’s called “LIFE”.  Keep going.   Because no matter the circumstance, you hold one trump card in your pocket.  It’s all you need at the end of the day.

What is that trump card?  Happiness is a choice.  We choose to be happy.  We have the power to let the sadness and anger and frustration go.

Being happy, that’s up to you.  We can choose.  Do so.  That can bring back the balance, and make the scales tip in your favor.  That can make it GOOD.

The Path of Totality

A week ago, we had a big solar eclipse. The Path was the area on the earth that was most directly effected by the event.

What’s your “Path of totality”? Who do you effect? What’s your area of influence?

Consider it. At home. At work. With new friends, and old ones too.

You might be surprised.

My Stove

The stove, metaphor for my life.

Four burners equals four priorities:

Children, wife, work. Wait, that’s only three? The fourth burner is for everything else: my elderly parents, the Lions club I serve community thru, my extended family, my friends.

Sometimes one of the first three get moved off, but I try not to let that happen. When I die I don’t want to regret short-changing those I’m most responsible to.

God and faith are the fuel for that stove, the natural gas that keeps me going.

Take care of your stove.

Bicycle Race

I heard this song when it first came out in 1978.  I listened to it a lot.  All this time later, I’m still not quite sure what it’s really about.  But I still love it.
Thank You, Freddie Mercury.
“Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like
You say black I say white
You say bark I say bite
You say shark I say hey man
Jaws was never my scene
And I don’t like Star Wars
You say Rolls I say Royce
You say God give me a choice
You say Lord I say Christ
I don’t believe in Peter Pan
Frankenstein or Superman
All I wanna do is
Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle races are coming your way
So forget all your duties oh yeah
Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today
So look out for those beauties oh yeah
On your marks get set go
Bicycle race bicycle race bicycle race
Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle bicycle
(I want a) bicycle race
You say coke I say caine
You say John I say Wayne
Hot dog I say cool it man
I don’t wanna be the President of America
You say smile I say cheese
Cartier I say please
Income tax I say Jesus
I don’t wanna be a candidate
For Vietnam or Watergate
‘Cause all I want to do is
Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle (c’mon), bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like”
Song and video?  You bet! Here.

Stop Terrorism


Easier said than done, comes to mind immediately.

So much focus in the last fifteen years in the “West” on Jihadists, extremists, Muslims, Wahhabism ~ but it’s just not that simple.

At war for sure, but it’s more nuanced.  There are clean and clear lines in some cases, but there’s often more grey than black and white.

Especially lately.  France, Spain, Germany, England, Russia, the United States — all these countries have seen terror acts in the past many months.  And these incidents say nothing of the on-going conflicts throughout much of North Africa and the Middle East countries.

Hatred, extreme attitudes and violence seem to be the order of the day.  Human lives seem to be worthless to these many bad actors, humanity frayed, torn down, cast aside.

We cannot let that darkness have the last word, We cannot let that evil settle in. This is the very time when our strength, our resolve, our resilience must win the day.  This is the time to say STOP to the madness.


Blue Bikes and Buses


My company is pretty close to the facebook headquarters.  As such, we see these bikes everywhere.  The facebook employees use these bikes to ride around between the many buildings of their expanding campus.   Google has similar bikes all over it’s sprawling campus to the south as well.

There are big coach buses running around the streets near work too.  Those are for facebook employees too.   They shuttle people from San Francisco and San Jose to and from the facebook headquarters.   Google has similar buses running its employees from their residential areas to work and back again.

These bikes and commuter buses represent two of the many traits of more and more companies these days.  They give their employees more perks, like meals and exercise facilities and the like, to keep their people happy.  These things also tend to keep people at work for longer hours each day.

Bikes and commuter buses may be part of the cool, hip trends in the corporate world, but whether you get on or not is up to you.  Like in lots of life situations, actually. Get on when you want to; and be sure you know how to ride.  But be sure you know how to get off too.