Stop Terrorism


Easier said than done, comes to mind immediately.

So much focus in the last fifteen years in the “West” on Jihadists, extremists, Muslims, Wahhabism ~ but it’s just not that simple.

At war for sure, but it’s more nuanced.  There are clean and clear lines in some cases, but there’s often more grey than black and white.

Especially lately.  France, Spain, Germany, England, Russia, the United States — all these countries have seen terror acts in the past many months.  And these incidents say nothing of the on-going conflicts throughout much of North Africa and the Middle East countries.

Hatred, extreme attitudes and violence seem to be the order of the day.  Human lives seem to be worthless to these many bad actors, humanity frayed, torn down, cast aside.

We cannot let that darkness have the last word, We cannot let that evil settle in. This is the very time when our strength, our resolve, our resilience must win the day.  This is the time to say STOP to the madness.


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