Haiku Start: Steadfast In Faith

Psalm 98, 2,

Kindness and faithfulness, good,

Hard, steadfast in faith,

Having faith and trusting in the path before you, trusting in God’s plan, staying true to your beliefs FIRST, and taking steps forward from there…well, that is the foundation. That is the foundation to live by, to trust; that is the bedrock on which you rely each hour, each day.

At least, that’s my belief. Act with kindness and rely on faithfulness. And if you stray from those tenets? STOP. Adjust. Return to the good and just path, and then take the next step. Most all of us stray, at least on occasion.

Do not dismayed by your failures; believe you can recover. Believe you can be better. And then take the next step in that direction.


Why Haiku?

Yes indeed, why Haiku? Here’s a little of why. Not in that form, but following the theme all the same.

Reminded of this format, this genre last week. Spill Rage Against The Machine, music I was listening to in full last weekend, spark! The inspiration.

And so in this shortest-word month of the year, in this time of special chaos and change, change it up, write different, right now,

And so I am, and sharing, still good. For me, for you too. GOOD.

[Post Script:

If you’d like to read a little about Haiku, the very special genre of Japanese Poetry, see the link below.]