“Love Never Fails”

This Good Friday, I feel pretty far from the usual church ideas and rituals around celebrating this day.

For us Christians, today is one of the most important days of the year, when we remember the execution of Jesus of Nazareth.

The darkest day gives way to the brightest, a couple days following.

It feels distant to me this year, the rituals of the day. All the same, I’ll remember his suffering and death; I’ll remember his courage, and resolve.

And I’ll remember his love.

Back To Early

If all went well, by the time this blog post is up, I’ll have been up and working for an hour or so.

First day back yesterday after two week hiatus with 2/3 kids and me down with COVID.

Glad to be back at it, and early is a good time get things done. So…

Get after it. And you know, regardless of what time you’re working,

When it’s time to work,


Easing Back, Back to Front, No Grind

After two weeks healing myself and my girls up from COVID, I’m logging back on to work life. Not on-site just yet; gotta solve this cough problem.


Back to front? It basically means, my intent to start work again with a fresh, healthier, balanced approach, retaining my sense of self and priority.

My goal? Give the full measure, but not lose myself along the way.

My work is important to our group and the company, but I can only do my best each day, respond to the inevitable ups and downs,

And that’s it.

Goal to give my best, but not my soul, no slave to the grind.

Giddy up.

Pull Down The Curtain. Again.

More than thirty years back the Soviet Union dissolved…or so we thought.

Fifteen republics broke up into separate countries. But much of the underlying control structures and mentality and motos operendai remained.

We see it functioning just under the surface even today.

For there to be true progress now, the underlying framework and attitudes must be addressed, it all must be dismantled, and the attitudes and approaches must be changed.

Vladimir Putin and his ilk have brought us to the brink of World War III.

We cannot let evil, authoritarian ways prevail. We must stand for freedom and democracy and peace.

We must stand up, and stand together. And pull the curtain down before it goes up. Pull it down for good. Let the Russian people, let the Ukrainian people show us the way.

As a political scientist and historian, I know this is a complicated path, and I know it’s not likely to play out in the manner we want.

As an optimist I can’t hope for any other outcome.


I can’t really explain it very well. I feel like there’s a LOT going on…

That in some (many?) cases I have to let things fall away…

And sometimes in quite messy form, unfortunately,

And yet I think I’m keeping the main priorities squared away, plates in the air,

And then I wake up, mind spooling up quickly like a turbine,

And I’m awash with anxiety,

In the dark,

At 2 am.

Just saying, just sharing,

Because that’s my way.

And ever more I will go forward,

With the downs and the ups,

The Good and the not so good,

Awash unexpectedly,

But forward all the same.

Come, join me~~~

Flow State

In many facets of life, find the flow state,

Find harmony,

Find peace.

Don’t need many words, works to get there,

And when you do,


Not sure how, not sure the definition,

Especially as a parent, especially as a single parent,

How to find that groove, flow,

But when you do, even just a glimpse,

Moves you forward, aware, appreciative, glad,

In that space, mindset, BLISS.

Channel The Earlies

I work for a bio tech company. We manufacture right here in good ol’ northern California, San Francisco Bay Area.

You might have heard we have about 9 million people in the metro area. Our company is sorta smack in the middle of it. That is to say, there are a LOT of people on the roads, especially during commute hours.

So this post is to some of my co-workers who rally to work in the early hours. I do it on occasion.

If I pulled the lever correctly, I’m already at work when this post hits.

Get after it early, like my man Bob, Dennis, Ty, Ricky, and others…

Much respect. Making it GOOD.

Two Minutes

A lot can happen in two minutes…make the most of it.

Two minutes is the duration of a round in a high school wrestling match.

Sometimes a football offensive team can score a touchdown in two minutes (or less).

Two minutes is a good buffer for winding something down,

like playtime for kids, or finishing a piece of work, or leaving for a trip, or getting ready for dinner.

Take two minutes to pause for yourself, rinse the dinner dishes, reset after an intense effort.

It’s just two minutes. Make the most of it.

Respect and Gratitude

In the midst of the violence and horror at the core of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have to step back to express gratitude and a ton of respect.

For Volodymyr Zelenskyy ? Without question.

His whole leadership team, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian PEOPLE? For sure.

For the European countries that have rallied to the cause to support Ukraine? A resounding YES.


This simple post is meant to shout out from the roof-tops for the many journalists risking life and limb to bring the stories out of the conflict zone…

I want to express major respect and appreciate to the NPR journalists / correspondents — many of whom have “normal beats” here in the US, but also great international experience — getting back on the road, in a war zone, to do this important, vital work:

Ryan Lucas

Leila Fadel

Tim Mak

Rachel Martin

Lauren Frayer

Eric Westervelt

Ari Shapiro

Mary Louise Kelly

Joanna Kakissis

Eleanor Beardsley

Frank Langfitt

And anyone I have not listed here, all people supporting the stories, telling the stories, risking their own lives to bring the information out to the world in Ukraine, from Ukraine…