Lonely Is The Night

“Lonely is the night, when you find yourself alone,

Your demons’ come to light, and your mind is is not your own…”

These are not just great lyrics from Billy Squire, but a sentiment that often rings true for me, especially these last couple of years.

These last couple years I find myself waking up in the wee hours, brain suddenly on, mind filling up, speeding up,

Doubts, worries, reminders, recollections, possible futures, mistakes, uncertainties,

It becomes quickly daunting, overwhelming, but then but then,

I recall what I say all the time to my kids, when they’re having trouble falling asleep, the virtual “ thought box”, metaphor I suggest to help control the mind, clear the mind,

Clear the mind in these moments of struggle, bouts of angst, don’t let the bad thoughts win,

Each of us, we control our thoughts, we have to make that effort, and not give up, keep working, to clear, control,

Like now, just now, as I scribble down this reminder for you, for me,

Remember we control, must control our thoughts, it takes effort, much effort sometimes, but we can, yes we can.

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