Discipline Versus Motivation

Not my comparison, but one I heard recently as discussed by retired Navy SEAL and now leadership business coach.

He’s a HUGE advocate and believer in discipline. In one discussion of comparing discipline and motivation, he talks about one of his classic examples, getting up early.

Willink is typically up between 330a and 430a, every day.

He says something like, “… if I waited for the motivation to get up early, I might never get up early… I rely on discipline. When the alarm goes off, I get up. That’s it.”

I wake up pretty regularly about the same time as Jocko, during the work week, anyway — something I’ll share more about at another time — regardless, I usually stay in bed until 500a, or 530a.

Gonna try the “wake up get up”, see how that goes. Stay tuned. Hoping for GOOD.

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