Funny thing, the beach.

Timeless, the waves, the sound, the water never stops.

Here with family, a little break, celebrating birthdays. Time with the kids, our reduced family, COVID-style. Would that we could be a bigger group, but the pandemic demands a different path.

All the same, the beach is our friend. The ocean is our friend. Magical friends, they are. They create this simple yet so special, wondrous place, space.

The beach, the ocean, it’s one of those places that might bring us a little closer to God, if you let it, if you’re open to it, if you believe in that sorta thing.

I believe in that sorta thing. With my family, in nature, all the more aware of the infinity of it all.

The beach. Family. Timeless. Joy.

The Campers In The Shadows

Down Garcia Drive, and South / East Bayshore Frontage Road in Mountain View, amongst the many buildings that house the likes of Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, there are campers after campers after campers.

A long row, on the east side, the industrial side.

In the shadows of so many tech companies. I sit writing this in the same shadows, watching, wondering. Not all the buildings are full; some seem empty. But I bet these campers aren’t empty.

Who lives here on the shadows?

Where do they go?

Where do they come from?

Here in the campers, here in the shadows…

Nature Finds A Way

“Nature finds a way.” This line from Jurassic Park rings true for me.

We humans, like most all of the 7.8 billion on the planet, don’t think much day-to-day about the natural world around us.

I don’t say this to disparage; life is busy and hard often times, so we likely are distracted a lot of the time.

But nature goes on around us. Even in our urban centers — like where I live — nature pushes and prods and finds room to insert.

Like the time my dogs somehow got a hold of a mother possum and it’s babies in our backyard.

[Rest Assured: The dogs didn’t hurt the possum family, and we were able to re-locate to a near-by park.]

Or it’s like the raccoons I see on occasion on pre-dawn walks in the neighborhood.

Or feral cats, or the song birds on our bird feeders or,

The hawk that flew into our tree Sunday morning. I think it was a Copper’s Hawk. Also known as a Chicken Hawk.

Whatever the name, whatever the circumstance, I love seeing wild creep into our human spaces. Good reminder that in the end, Nature wins. Nature finds a way.

Original Shot
Up Close

Work Spaces

Early Arrival or Late Departure?

Where do you work? When do you get there? When do you leave?

One space

What does your work space look like? How does it make you feel?

Another space

Does it reflect who you are? Or is it neutral? What does it do for you?

And another space

Is it a place you enjoy? Do you like being there?

And yet another space

My two cents? Be content to work wherever you can, where ever you can find space. But given the opportunity, make it your own, however humble, leave a bit of yourself there, welcoming to you, to all.

Do What You Can Do

Two examples here I’d like to share. Two men who believe in taking care of the planet: Doing the right things around that every day.

The first guy I know; he’s family. He’s a dad and a public servant and a bike rider and an outdoorsman.

And he picks up the trash when he’s out in nature as well.

This next guy I know only by what I read and podcasts I’ve listened to. Similarly, this guy is a dad, public servant, and outdoorsman.

And he picks up the trash when he’s out in nature as well.


What fills the void?

Not sure, what do I mean?

In your personal time? In your work time? In your soul? The times when things seem unsettled, uncertain, a little {or a lot} empty.

I find it’s things, the little things, day-to-day, these are the things that fill the void, that make it all worth while…

Early mornings.

Time with family.

Finding the reminders of good in the world.

Listening to music.

Being creative.

Focusing on the little things that make each day a little better.

This we pray. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Just enough. Finding it. Making it. Sharing it.

A Week In Pictures

What a week; so many different aspects; here are some of the highlights.

Early up, more often; helps sooth the anxieties of the day.
Halloween is coming; decorations in the neighborhood.
One of my favorite bands from long ago; listened anew; it was great.
That debate; WOW; I wish I’d had a bit of whisky like David Brooks did; good call, David.
Another beauty in the neighborhood.
It was a good month for the blog; thanks for that.
The moon’s been spectacular all week.
The air’s gotten worst; another wild fire burns in the region.
As the weekend begins, we ponder the Trumps testing positive for COVID.

And that’s a wrap. Onward and upward, peeps.

Find the Wild

Go to the wild, it’s waiting for you.

It’s a place to pause, to return to the beginning.

It’s a place that’s easy to get to; it doesn’t take much.

It’s a place where we can experience a touch of the Devine, maybe more than a touch.

It’s a place to find God, if you listen, and you’re patient, and you pay attention.

These pictures, from a bit of wild tucked in the midst of 2 million people, all shapes and sizes.

It doesn’t take much.

As Francis says, “…life is grounded [in part] to our relationship with the earth.”