Camaraderie First

What matters most at work? I mean, besides doing the tasks you’re paid to do? I think it’s the relationships we have at work. I think it’s the camaraderie.

What do I mean by that? I think it boils down to common purpose, and people working together for the common cause and getting better together. Of course, not everyone works in the same way, not everyone puts in the same effort, not everyone has the same opportunity to contribute, but…

everyone can get better; everyone can do their job the best they are able; everyone can support each other with a good attitude and sense of teamwork; everyone can add positive energy to the collective.

That’s what I think it’s all about. Find a place like that, it’s the intangible that provides the glue and the energy and the cohesiveness for the long haul. And anything worthwhile? Yep. Business plans and changing forecasts and new product launches and audits and everything in between.

It’s a long haul. Stick together along the way? GOOD.


There are a thousand things I like about San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of them.

I grew up visiting SF often as a kid. The bridge was always there in the background. A stalwart symbol of the city by the bay. 

SF was the big city to me. Still feels that way. The bridge is one of the timeless icon’s of the city. Thankful it’s right there, always present, timeless, cool.

So What’s With The Home Page Pic, Anyway?

Looking at the home page picture I’m using for this blog, it occurs to me that most (all?) everyone probably looks at that image and wonders, “What’s up with that picture, anyway?  Where was it taken?  Why the fountain?  Who’s the little kid?

So to clarify, there are several things going on at once that are either symbolic or personal or both, as to why I decided to use that image on my home page.  If you’re curious, read on…

First, I really liked the colors.   I like the way the blue looks extra bright coming through the water.  I like the contracts of the red in the sweater against the blue fountain basin. I like the shimmer and the shine of drops of water in the upper left corner, I just like the whole image collectively.

Next, I like having the bit of mystery to the person in the frame.  You can’t see the face, you’re not sure why the kid’s there or what the kid’s doing.  I remember several vinyl album covers growing up that had such a feel, and when I found this photo, that’s what came to mind.

I like the relationship between the fountain basin and the title of the blog, “Half Full, All Good.”  The basin’s not full (not even half), and yet the image is cool.  It’s good.  Maybe the kid just tossed a coin in the fountain with a wish for something good.  What else would the wish be for?  And what do I wish for that kid, if I could?  All GOOD.

Finally, the fountain just happens to be in the central square of my hometown.  So paying homage to that place, to where I come from, with that picture…that just seemed like the right thing to do.

The whole picture together conveys for me the feeling I try to nurture with this site.  Cool, a little different, real-life examples of good, wonder, lessons and inspiration in the seemingly mundane everyday, from anywhere.  Find it. Share it.  It gives me peace and some inspiration.  Hope it does the same for you.

And Voila!  There you have it.