Lyrics Post: “Presto”

This song is one of my favorites from what I’d call the “Third Wave” of RUSH’s music…at least it feels that way to me.

And PRESTO!, more magic, song, lyric, GOOD.

“If I could wave my magic wand
I’d make everything all right

I’m not one to believe in magic
But I sometimes have a second sight
I’m not one with a sense of proportion
When my heart still changes overnight

I had a dream of a winter garden
A midnight rendezvous
Silver, blue and frozen silence
What a fool I was for you

I had a dream of the open water
I was swimming away out to sea
So deep I could never touch bottom
What a fool I used to be

If I could wave my magic wand
I’d set everybody free

I’m not one to believe in magic
Though my memory has a second sight
I’m not one to go pointing my finger
When I radiate more heat than light

Don’t ask me
I’m just improvising
My illusion of careless flight
Can’t you see
My temperature’s rising
I radiate more heat than light

Don’t ask me
I’m just sympathizing
My illusions a harmless flight
Can’t you see
My temperature’s rising
I radiate more heat than light”

Writer(s): Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson

Summer Solstice, Downhill

From here on out in the year, the days get shorter. It’s downhill to year-end, good momentum now.

Let this fact be a spark for you, for me, that we will see, make the most of each hour, each day.

Listen to the birds sing a little more. Worry a little less.

Let gravity do its thing, pulling you along, give in to the good around you.

Sit in the yard, on the curb, a little more with your friend, your kids, think about productivity a little less.

Don’t let the ruckus, the chaos, all those things you can’t control, overwhelm.

Roll down the hill head over tea kettle, laughing and feeling you insides spin. It’s ok.

Let it all fall aside, let your breathing slow more often, enjoy more often, just be, a little more often.

Not As Planned

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. We have to adapt in those instances.

Example: Trying to get enough steps in every hour. I failed Monday; at least the activity was spread out a bit throughout the day. Tuesday was worse; my work sank me throughout the morning; I didn’t make my hourly goal until after Noon. Thursday? Similar.

Overall Activity Level? Not great. Reduced. Feeling…sloth-like. :-/

But then, whatever. They are only goals, after all.

There are streaks — long streaks sometimes — when we don’t reach our goals.

Think losing streaks in sports. Like hitting slumps in baseball; consider crappy free-throw percentages; ponder golfers not making the cut in tournaments week after week after week.

It’s in such times that we have to dig deep. It’s in those times that grit is formed.

It’s from those struggles, those dark times, that we can best see the light.

So let us fix our gaze anew.

Let’s try again, tomorrow.

Lyrics Post: “Shimmer”

This one by Shawn Mullins…from early in has career. It speaks to me every time I hear it. Listen, enjoy…!


Sharing with us what he knows
His shining eyes are big and blue
And all around him water flows
This world to him is new
This world to him is new

To touch a face
To kiss a smile
And new eyes see no race
The essence of a child…..the essence

He’s born to shimmer
He’s born to shine
He’s born to radiate
He’s born to live
He’s born to love
But we will teach him how to hate

And true love it is a rock
Smoothed over by a stream
And no tickin of a clock
Truly measures what that means 
Truly measures what that means

And this thing called our time
I heard a brilliant woman say
She said “you know it’s crazy
How I want to try to capture mine”
I think I love this woman’s way
I think I love this woman

The way she shimmers
The way she shines
The way she radiates
The way she lives
The way she loves
The way she never hates

Sometimes I think of all this that surrounds me
I know it all as being mine
But she kisses me and she wraps herself around me
She gives me love
She gives me time
And I feel fine

But time I cannot change
So here’s to looking back
You know I drink a whole bottle
Of my pride
And I toast to change
To keep these demons off my back
Just get these demons off my back

Cause I
Want to shimmer
I want to shine
I want to radiate
I want to live
I want to love
I want to try and learn how not to hate
Try not to hate

We’re born to shimmer,
We’re born to shine,
We’re born to radiate,
We’re born to live,we?re born to love
We’re born to never hate

He’s born to shimmer
He’s born to shine
He’s born to radiate
He’s born to live
He’s born to love
But we will teach him..”

Hot Seat

A couple warm days, over 90 F, here where we live. In my garage office, the fan gives just enough breeze to mediate the heat, but still it’s a little rough.

The warm days will cool end of week though, and it will be a little more bearable.

But in America right now, there’s a different kind of heat we can’t see the end to; in the world right now we’re coping with a pandemic that spans the globe.

Politics and protests, COVID and other diseases wash over the world, how to cope?

I’m not sure, quite frankly. But I know we have to; we have to cope and work to make it safer and better, our lives, together. We have to find new ways to fix old problems, and new ones too.

We’ll get out of the hot seat eventually.

Mean time?

Patience, Fortitude, Grit.

Well applied each day.

Haiku Start: He Loves You

Amen amen, He loves you,

Because you have loved me,

Love begets more, amen.

This choppy phrasing, a glimpse into reflection on A passage from the Book of John, 16 by chapter: “…For the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me…”

In the most fundamental way I think this says, if you love others in the way He taught us, then too it follows that we are living God’s love.

I guess it’s all about that, it’s all about love. I recall a license plate frame on a car I’d see at church frequently. It read “God is Love.”

Yes, I think that’s true. That’s why He came. YES.