Lucky for the little things. Lucky to be married to a great human, smart and patient and beautiful and thoughtful. Eleven years married, a mark we just passed.

And so we’ve got a little gettaway planned. Nothing fancy, but it happens to be my favorite format: short escape to a place not far away, but quite different than the usual, all the same. In the shadows, to the north, looms gray-green San Pedro Mountain and inland hulks pristine Montara Mountain.

And it’s a chance to be just the two of us, rather than we five as we usually are, when we’re with our three kids too. Lucky to have this little escape.

An overnight on the coast, a couple hikes, a nice dinner, just the two of us, so fortunate, so blessed.

A gettaway, what a nice treat.

Sky, Clouds, Trees

Friday Light

This day feels light. Fridays often do.

Weird really, it’s just another day. But it feels lighter some how, more relaxed, more at ease.

The routine much the same, still plenty to do. A busy day on the calendar, and still somehow not the same.

So I’ll leave it right there, rather than drilling on down. I’ll leave it right there and not overthink. I’ll just be grateful for that little bit of magic,that easy feeling to start the day.

But what I will do is this: I’ll try a little harder to make it an extra good today; for myself and for those around me, a little extra good. An extra smile, some extra effort, extra kind of given the chance.

A little more magic if you please. Yes. Yes! YES.

Hold On

One of many songs by the Canadian trio, Triumph, that lifted me up, kept me going, as a youth…and still today.

“Hold On”, from their 1979 studio album, Just A Game, let it lift you up too!

“Music hold the secret,
To know it can make you whole
It’s not just a game of notes,
It’s the sound inside your soul
The magic of the melody
Runs through you like a stream
The notes the play flow through your head
Like a dream
Like a dream
Like a dream

I sing this song for the common man
For the people in despair
I bring my song into the world
And I sing it everywhere
The simple truth lies waiting here
For everyone to share
So hold on, and I will take you there
Hold on and I will take you there

The daily routine takes your soul,
Lost without a trace
It hold you down and turns you ’round
And puts you in your place
Another day, another dollar
Another pretty face
Another chance to lose yourself
In the endless race


Hold on, hold on to your dreams
Hold on, even though it seems
Everyone around you has their little schemes
Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams

Can’t you feel the magic
Feel it everywhere
Can’t you hear the music
There’s something in the air
There’s a celebration
Deep within a song
Celebrate this feeling,
You know it can’t be wrong


Caught up in routine,
You got to break it
Time won’t wait for us,
We got to make it
Fate gives you the chance
You’ve got to take it
Take it

Hold on


Commitment to Serve

Continuing to think about our veterans this week.

I didn’t grow up in a military family.  My dad and grandfather got lucky; neither had to serve during the draft years of WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

I was lined up to enter an ROTC program when I headed into college, but then declined the offer. I wasn’t too keen on what I imagined the chain-of-command would be like.

My father-in-law was in Seaman in the US Navy.  He has an uncle that served as well.

I’ve got a few cousins that served.  One was overseas in Vietnam in the US Navy.  Years later, his son did four years after high school as a US Marine.  He’s served his community his whole career in transportation work and law enforcement.

I have another cousin who served as well, in the Air Force.

My AF Cuz, he shared this piece on Veterans Day.  I love these succinct words, spanning his years of military service and further service as an officer in the fire department.

“Then, and now,” he says, “So I ride…”

“And so, I ride. As I head home from an overtime shift downtown on this Veteran’s Day, I reflect on the many rides to and from work over the past 30 years; in 1989 it involved crossing over taxiways on an Air Base, waiting as fighter jets passed before we headed out on training sorties. As I continue to serve in my community, I think about those who I served along side over the years. I am glad to have had the opportunity that allows me to be a veteran. Enjoy your Veterans Day- go for a ride today – enjoy that feeling of freedom you get on two wheels.

And, so I ride.”

Veterans Day, Every Day


Thinking about the Veterans Day holiday yesterday, and sharing these thoughts intentionally today, the day AFTER the holiday, to make a particular point.

In this day and era, when the United States has Volunteer Service to maintain our military readiness and service;

In this day and era when social media and 24-hour news cycle and instant communication saturates us with circumstances and conflicts around the world;

In this day and era when the US Military is active in multiple conflicts and crises in more than a dozen countries around the world, on just about every continent;

I want to remind myself and everyone else that we need to be mindful and grateful for the women and men who serve our country, and the ideals our country strives to live by, each and every day;

Let’s not just honor our military on a particular day, but every day; and especially those who have been wounded or killed in service, let us be eternally grateful and humbled by their sacrifice;

Regardless of any politics behind the circumstances, we must first honor and be grateful and be humbled by their efforts, and their lives.