Tdap Boost

Had it over the weekend; the once every ten years booster for Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, “Tdap”, they call it.

A little unexpected, aches and pains, knocked a little off kilter. Whatever, I believe in the science and medical conventional wisdom of vaccines and boosters.

Get the flu shot every year, maybe since college. Early on, in. All for it. Help me stay healthy? A resounding yes.

Give me the jab, the poke the shot. Not throwing away the shot. Taking it every time. Good practice, listen to the experts, and take the sound advice.

Achy, feeling a little run down? Body getting stronger. Push through.

And I’ll teach my kids the same. Give me the shot.

“I’m Vaccinated”

Not sure who scribbled this one together, but it’s gone viral, and more important, it’s GOOD.

“I’m vaccinated and, no, I don’t know what’s in it – neither this vaccine, the ones I had as a child, nor in the Big Mac, or in hot dogs, or in other treatments…whether it’s for cancer, AIDS, the one for polyarthritis, or vaccines for infants or children. I trust my doctor when he says it’s needed.
I also don’t know what’s in Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or other meds, it just cures my headaches & my pains …
I don’t know what’s in the ink for tattoos, vaping, or every ingredient in my soap or shampoo or even deodorants. I don’t know the long term effect of cell phone use or whether or not that restaurant I just ate at REALLY used clean foods and washed their hands.
In short …
There’s a lot of things I don’t know and never will…
I just know one thing: life is short, very short, and I still want to do something other than just going to work every day or staying locked in my home. I still want to travel and hug people without fear and find a little feeling of life “before”.
As a child and as an adult I’ve been vaccinated for mumps, measles, rubella, polio, chicken pox, and quite a few others; my parents and I trusted the science and never had to suffer through or transmit any of said diseases … just saying.

I’m vaccinated, not to please the government but:

  • To not die from Covid-19.
  • To NOT clutter a hospital bed if I get sick.
  • To hug my loved ones
  • To Not have to do PCR or antigenic tests to go out dancing, go to a restaurant, go on holidays and many more things to come …
  • To live my life.
  • To have kids/grandkids go back to school and play sports.
  • For Covid-19 to be an old memory.
  • To protect us.
    Text copied, you can too.”

Oh yes, so SO agree. And so GOOD.

Get vaccinated.

A Fine Line

Often a fine line, the gray area, in between.

Therapy or Vice?

How do you cope?

Exercise, Eating, Substance Use, Gaming, on and on, you name it…anything that takes up your time, distracts you, helps you balance, provides comfort, or escape…or both. When is it ok? When is it too much?

Which is it? Vice if it’s harmful, Therapy if it’s “healthy”? Is it that simple?

What options do we have for coping, dealing with stress, struggles, what helps us go forward, mediate the day to day?

Choose carefully, choose wisely, and be open to adjusting as you go along. Remember, it’s the journey, and staying well along the way.

Let it be, may you be well.

The Creative Spark

Decades in, the one big area of “life” I turn my focus to now, turned it to a while back, the Creative Spark.

Maybe a luxury, having time and energy to pursue such endeavor, or is it rather, essential? Maybe not optional, but required, maybe that’s what it is; certainly in my life now, that seems to be the case.

It seems cast in stark terms, “I must do this before I die”…it seems sometimes that urgent. Though while I could die any day (like anyone), I should be around a few more decades, anyway.

All the same, I search. I find myself searching for the creative spark. How is that? It’s even just what I do in this blog space each day, putting it out there, something out there, the stream of thought. Does anyone care? That’s only part of the point.

The spark that comes to mind that I feel compelled to share, I just need to let it out; I need to put it out there, let the thought not to the ether, but to the internet instead.

Wander. Be. Out there. Thinking. Trying. Working. Experiencing. Sharing therein.

Look for the spark, then let it alight, and let it shine bright…!


Church. Haven’t been in a while. Been with God pretty well every minute of every hour of every day, that’s the flip side. Through the last year, the last fifty-four, leaning heavy on God’s presence, the idea, the support, the release.

Talk to God, it’s a healing, freeing, release. Release from the bondage of worry, of doubt, of dread. It’s so simple, really. Let God’s Will be done. I pray that frequently. Began decades ago, that simple prayer: “…thy will be done….” Such a simple but basic release that provides relief.

So easy to say, so much more difficult sometimes to do.

Maybe that’s what Church helps us with; getting to the mindset; remembering that mindset; finding solace and joy with others. Church. But we haven’t been in a while, a long while. But have been with God often; reaching out to God often. Seeking the solace and comfort and certainty. Fleeting certainty, is that possible?

I hope God understands. Wait. I’m sure God understands.

Sing Along

Enjoy the music? Sing along, the best way to feel it.

I was in the kitchen with my younger daughter the other day, and she was quietly singing a song from the movie, Trolls.

Can you guess which one?

Yep, the same one I posted the lyrics for this week…”Get Back Up Again”…

Such a good song, such simple, powerful, uplifting words…no lie.

And then a day later?

My son sang along, too.

I love listening to them sing along, an honest connection with and simple expression of what they hear.

The muse, the lyric, the magic of music, the song, let it sing from your mind to your voice to your soul, and out to the world.

It’s maybe the most human of actions, words to music and the joy and feeling and expression that comes forth.

Let it be, let it be me, let’s sing along…!