A recent realization: I prefer audio.

The sounds, the stories, the crackles and pops. and slips and slops, the scratches and screeches, the imagination, the subtleties, it all gets me, grabs me,

When I consider it deeply, this is really no surprise. I’ve come over to the radio versus TV mostly — I listen to the radio every day, watch TV maybe twice, thrice per week, and everything else follows suit…

Classical music in the morning, jazz in the evening, rock ‘n’ roll sprinkled anytime throughout, and NPR, always NPR, National Public Radio, most everyday.

Then also the sound of the wall heater when it turns on, and slowly heats the room, the sound of rainfall,

I seem particularly drawn to all of the sounds, and so many more, so much more in all those sounds.

Let’s hear it.

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